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OfflineTV Roster:
Scarra | scarra
Pokimane | pokimanelol
LilyPichu | LilyPichu
Disguised Toast l DisguisedToast
Michael Reeves l michaelreeves

Produced / Directed by:
Brodin | brodinplett

Shot by:
Brodin | brodinplett

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Dunois | DunoisKR

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Dunois | DunoisKR

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  • Peter Kremer
    Peter Kremer2 timer siden

    evryone: vibing michle:axe

  • Grace Smith
    Grace Smith5 timer siden

    I’m hoping one of these times people are gonna send Michael tasers

  • Toby Brown
    Toby Brown8 timer siden

    He's gonna make a taser spear sooner or later. It's only a matter of time before it happens.

  • Owl Tactics
    Owl Tactics8 timer siden

    I think scarra would be really good at Pokémon unite and there is even a perfect main for him

  • Sadad Erlangga
    Sadad Erlangga9 timer siden

    "Are these drugs?!" Michael : I've been called, I must answer, It is a great honor

  • Manuel Caranay
    Manuel Caranay10 timer siden


  • GenJockey26
    GenJockey2613 timer siden

    15:01 Go, go depression rangers

  • anonymous
    anonymous13 timer siden

    damn. brodin at least 6’4

  • anonymous
    anonymous13 timer siden

    lily saying “my man” 8:03 in that raspy voice 💀

  • jackie marquez
    jackie marquez18 timer siden

    Not toast reading off his phone for the scripts

  • Amanda Pommerenck
    Amanda Pommerenck20 timer siden

    I can see that toast is reading a script for the racons

  • Setsuko
    SetsukoDag siden

    that scared the shit out of me when i heard my name, because my names josephine too lmao

  • Apogee
    ApogeeDag siden


  • Rodrigo Leal
    Rodrigo LealDag siden

    Man: shoots his shoot poki: haha I like that that’s funny

  • Lean Dankr
    Lean DankrDag siden

    Imagine being one of the unlucky souls who decided to break in their house

  • Eien Takara
    Eien Takara2 dager siden

    I love how much weapons they get haha

  • Dylan Stephenson
    Dylan Stephenson2 dager siden

    8:43 Michael reeves has unlocked his final form!!!

  • Benito Gallardo
    Benito Gallardo3 dager siden

    I have that dragon sword

  • Kono dio da---------------------------------------
    Kono dio da---------------------------------------3 dager siden

    "So how did you survive this apocalypse Offline TV?" "Well we had a shit ton of weapons and we just threw them at the dead, but later on we pick them up" "And also our friend Michael is a literal demon at this, all we had to do is to tell him that they are turtles in disguise"

  • RASinco
    RASinco3 dager siden

    Hm I just realised half the things Scarra says is just a repetition of what someone else said 2 seconds ago

  • Gogo2
    Gogo23 dager siden

    12:12 Toast: this warning says "cancer and reproductive harm" Poki: they got us cancer and reproductive harm? LMAO

  • Dax Mchaffey
    Dax Mchaffey3 dager siden

    Michael way of unboxing weapons is me cause I will point the pointy side at me but I'll actually unbox it without hurting me

  • Sci heni
    Sci heni4 dager siden

    15:38 best clip

  • yort atagan
    yort atagan5 dager siden

    8:41 ree-reenoa zoro

  • JacobAires0
    JacobAires05 dager siden

    Anyone else strongly dislikes pokis personality

  • Mad Man
    Mad Man5 dager siden

    Your cat is suicidal

  • The God of Shinobi
    The God of Shinobi5 dager siden

    9:22 that's fucking Awesome

  • Tyler Beddoes
    Tyler Beddoes5 dager siden

    why every video micheal looks like he's being used as a drug mule

  • baconh8ter4222
    baconh8ter42225 dager siden

    It ant robodog no more

  • StormRyder Gaming
    StormRyder Gaming6 dager siden

    Miachel is now dio

    THE STARING CAT7 dager siden


  • RoastaToasta
    RoastaToasta7 dager siden

    Whats the music at 0:47 when toast is running on the treadmill?

  • DylanR
    DylanR7 dager siden

    3 minutes of Michael unpacking the worlds longest dil- I mean spear

  • The Little Pantomath
    The Little Pantomath7 dager siden

    The way Lilly summons Michael from anywhere "Are these drugs?"

  • DipDatChip 030
    DipDatChip 0308 dager siden

    "charmander for Michael" *throws charmander*

  • thevex9
    thevex98 dager siden

    Love the pokemon gen 3 music in the background

  • Gary Melly
    Gary Melly8 dager siden

    Michael legit became Edward Scissorhands

  • Lost Soul
    Lost Soul8 dager siden

    2:59 nah bro✋😭

  • Delta_glitch sans
    Delta_glitch sans8 dager siden

    "Are these drugs" Michael "DrUgs

  • tree music
    tree music9 dager siden

    my black medium hair cat looks exactly like your dog. like,, the way the tail curls up, the stance, the walk

  • I'm Bored
    I'm Bored9 dager siden

    at 10:51 lily is reading the note and micheal is playing the flute in the backround😂😂

  • Brady Goodwin
    Brady Goodwin9 dager siden

    Really turtle jerky :( I like turtles

  • 折木 奉太郎
    折木 奉太郎9 dager siden


  • Joey Tribbiani
    Joey Tribbiani10 dager siden

    Lily:Are these drugs? Michael: DRUGS? 2:58

  • tffddhfg hossain
    tffddhfg hossain10 dager siden

    We wànt Michael more.please?

  • Pedro Varunca
    Pedro Varunca10 dager siden

    Poki doesn't need packages, she gets thousands from her prime lvl3 simp army

  • Turto Blade
    Turto Blade11 dager siden

    Them: eats turtle jerky Me: Unsubs cause im very triggered

  • Geck Goes
    Geck Goes11 dager siden

    Cancer and reproductive harm normally means something is radioactive

  • Ripoff cat
    Ripoff cat11 dager siden

    I’m only getting ads in Spanish please help

  • Ripoff cat
    Ripoff cat11 dager siden

    Basically offlinetv : 4 Asians and 1 insane guy that gave a lady oil

  • Jäger569 Yeet
    Jäger569 Yeet11 dager siden

    Me and M have 3 things in common 1.doing Radom things 2.well being a crack head 3. Inventing Radom things

  • Aqua
    Aqua11 dager siden

    Scarra I am so fucking sorry. Do NOT include me in that… this disgusting

  • Teppo Multimäki
    Teppo Multimäki11 dager siden

    4:54 michael's face

  • Zyronelus
    Zyronelus11 dager siden

    Toast and Michael are my favourite people to do sponserships

  • alex searcy
    alex searcy12 dager siden

    adults laughing at nut

  • Leif Abrahamson
    Leif Abrahamson12 dager siden

    12:07 my family has one too

  • Logan C
    Logan C13 dager siden

    Micheal was built like Edward scissor hands

  • Hadley Young
    Hadley Young13 dager siden

    Every time Toast gets a letter from a girl and has her Twitter at the bottom he just disappears

  • Callsign Phoenix
    Callsign Phoenix 13 dager siden

    8:15 why the Halo music?

  • Callsign Phoenix
    Callsign Phoenix 13 dager siden

    4:29 Why the Jedi were not fit to lead.

  • Alex Farar
    Alex Farar13 dager siden

    Brodin: there is no God up here... other than me

  • Sadebiru
    Sadebiru13 dager siden

    "i heard you guys had an empty room" me: that didnt age well me: checks post date me:

  • Kevin Gonzalez
    Kevin Gonzalez14 dager siden

    The dragon vile theme really hits different

  • Georg Oiesvold
    Georg Oiesvold14 dager siden

    Love the Skyloft theme in background

  • Chris Summach
    Chris Summach14 dager siden

    Snorlax is an absolute beast if u have a good move set and there are different reasons to have a snorlax like a special defense tank or just a tank in general to heal up the rest of your party by spamming rest when ever snorlax wakes back up to heal again. My point is that I don't just put a snorlax in the box and forget about him

  • Mafin990
    Mafin99014 dager siden

    i am the 6,666,665th viewer... i guess it's time to die\

  • Farah Roslee
    Farah Roslee14 dager siden

    The jerseys are awesome! Wonder where the sender got it made

  • waterz
    waterz14 dager siden

    2:57 _Michael got the longest package

  • Roseanna Dobbins
    Roseanna Dobbins15 dager siden

    Is the music in the background pokemon

  • mitchell moroni
    mitchell moroni15 dager siden

    i love how during the sponsor you can tell he was reading a script

  • gammingfox13 xd
    gammingfox13 xd15 dager siden

    broden 8 foot, rest of otv 6 foot

  • Mark jay Martin
    Mark jay Martin16 dager siden

    Otv will be our weapon supply when zombie apocalypse happen😂

  • EZ Living
    EZ Living16 dager siden

    Legit surprised no one died

  • Bored Potato
    Bored Potato17 dager siden

    I love how there michal was just in the back opening his spear in the beginning

  • Anonymous 07
    Anonymous 0717 dager siden

    15:40 "mAriO-!" "AAAAAAAAAA-"

  • ZONX
    ZONX18 dager siden

    10:32 naruto music intenceafies

  • Stx4zy Official
    Stx4zy Official18 dager siden

    Is that pokimane

  • Logan JamesonHatch
    Logan JamesonHatch18 dager siden

    The time it took to unpack that spear

  • JaySchway
    JaySchway19 dager siden

    Just give michael all the weapons i wanna see what he does with them

  • Deadshot22lucas _
    Deadshot22lucas _19 dager siden

    rhe height difference between them and brodin

  • John Doe
    John Doe19 dager siden

    NOprojects unboxing videos are basically just Christmas for grown adults

  • Anson 0458
    Anson 045819 dager siden

    4:13 ohh it’s the keycaps AAA

  • George Saab
    George Saab19 dager siden

    15:14 im dying for no reason

  • frederik 5.c åbyskole
    frederik 5.c åbyskole19 dager siden

    "Some Things Just Stay The Same"

  • Mochi Dude
    Mochi Dude19 dager siden

    Toast literally just be reading off a script lmao

  • Captainfundy☻シ
    Captainfundy☻シ19 dager siden


  • An actual Space potato
    An actual Space potato20 dager siden

    Lily: "are these drugs!?!" Michael: "D R U G S ? ? ?"

  • John Gabriel Taroy
    John Gabriel Taroy20 dager siden

    3:01 Lol Michael i almost spit all my food in my mouth hahahaha

  • Korichii
    Korichii21 dag siden

    I watch this many times and 11:20 is still my favorite part XD

  • PlayerChef
    PlayerChef21 dag siden

    I tho that package of michael, the long one was haunted or something by looking how wrapped it was and how many layers of shit

  • Drak3n8r
    Drak3n8r21 dag siden

    Wish I could get a Daedric blade…

  • ThugzKing
    ThugzKing22 dager siden

    I have that black sword! The one after the reproductive harm. It’s actually incredibly sharp LOL

  • John Smith
    John Smith22 dager siden

    Is it weird that I own every single weapon shown in this video, minus the handmade spear

  • John Smith
    John Smith22 dager siden

    He isn’t wrong about Michael being a fucking big brain

  • Xswords
    Xswords22 dager siden

    In my opinion Michel is smartest

  • Alijah Gurule
    Alijah Gurule22 dager siden

    Why the fuck is he so tall

  • Plane Jester
    Plane Jester23 dager siden

    yeah Micheal can survive in the stranded in an island

  • Avian Torres
    Avian Torres23 dager siden


  • GrantLindsey
    GrantLindsey23 dager siden

    Who else noticed that the shirts have Spotify codes on them

  • FanTamango
    FanTamango23 dager siden

    i didn't know micheal reeves drinks fanta 13:13