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LilyPichu | LilyPichu
Disguised Toast l DisguisedToast
Michael Reeves l michaelreeves

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Brodin | brodinplett

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Brodin | brodinplett

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Dunois | DunoisKR

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Dunois | DunoisKR

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  • anonymous
    anonymous16 timer siden

    LMAOO SCARRA 10:33 😂 my friends do this to me too man oh my goodness

  • Block basher
    Block basherDag siden


  • mayonnaise !
    mayonnaise !Dag siden

    me, listening to yvonne's raycon sponsorship with my raycon earbuds:

  • Harry Ballsack
    Harry Ballsack2 dager siden

    Subbed :)

  • Sung jin woop 🙌
    Sung jin woop 🙌2 dager siden

    Damn poor Michael 2H sleep

  • 8D Musics
    8D Musics2 dager siden

    Can anyone tell me the name of this tune/music 0:57

  • Mr Quack
    Mr Quack4 dager siden

    What’s the song yvonne was listening to at the start?

  • Lysscer
    Lysscer4 dager siden

    The ad hit diff tho

  • Sarah Forshey
    Sarah Forshey5 dager siden

    Everyone: **Outro** Lily: bLaGhGhHgH **continuous zombie noises**

  • XDGame On
    XDGame On5 dager siden

    I like how Toast know what Brodin will do and not do

  • Sherine Tam
    Sherine Tam5 dager siden

    does anyone know the name of the song yvonne was listening to during the raycon ad (from 0:08-0:19)? it just sounds so nice and i wanna listen to it lmao ty

  • Joose Praba
    Joose Praba6 dager siden

    every time toast think, theme song he's like anime

  • LordCraftYT
    LordCraftYT6 dager siden


  • Marc Targa
    Marc Targa6 dager siden

    what song was yvonne listening to on raycon? pls help

  • The Universal Smuggler

    The Universal Smuggler

    6 dager siden

    It just is eaJ and Seori

  • The Semicolon
    The Semicolon7 dager siden


  • OutMagic
    OutMagic9 dager siden

    O: Does anyone know the song at the start around 0:13 thank you!

  • The Universal Smuggler

    The Universal Smuggler

    6 dager siden

    It just is eaJ and Seori

  • Sleepy Sleeper
    Sleepy Sleeper10 dager siden

    Me when i say my answer with FULL MAXIMUM confidence Teacher ---- 4:31

  • KalvinKrypt
    KalvinKrypt10 dager siden

    0:09 Can someone tell me the song? I just love this

  • The Universal Smuggler

    The Universal Smuggler

    6 dager siden

    It just is eaJ and Seori

  • Kelly Pandaa
    Kelly Pandaa10 dager siden

    What's the song Yvonne whas listening to in the beginning?

  • The Universal Smuggler

    The Universal Smuggler

    6 dager siden

    It just is eaJ and Seori

  • Matthew Callahan
    Matthew Callahan11 dager siden

    *Sees blob art* JOKES ON YOU, IM INTO THAT S***

  • Rob The Squire
    Rob The Squire11 dager siden

    I used to work in a freezer...the ice one will be really easy for me to brush off

  • Icy
    Icy12 dager siden

    I watched this video a lot… 0:39 those are not real glasses

  • Devastated_videos
    Devastated_videos13 dager siden

    The blob art is just the CUTEST

  • Fade_ Lord
    Fade_ Lord13 dager siden

    Raycons are like the raid shadow legends of earbuds. They're shit and everyone knows they are but they're still sponsored

  • Noah Almeida
    Noah Almeida13 dager siden

    I feel like Mykull and Poki are best friends

  • anonymous


    16 timer siden

    feel the same about scarra and toast

  • ERB206
    ERB20614 dager siden

    I hate raycons thy do not fit good and the sound is realt bad

  • anonymous


    16 timer siden

    lmao is this ironic? just curious

  • Purple Thing
    Purple Thing14 dager siden

    Is among us reference in title because imposter just like among us imposter in among us and he's the odd one out like in among us so clearly offline tv have been bought by amongst us

  • Shad0wy
    Shad0wy14 dager siden

    I really want Yvonne to say sponsored by among us

  • Adrian Zamora
    Adrian Zamora15 dager siden

    Can I have that pc on the counter pls

  • hisuii
    hisuii15 dager siden

    imposter??? like in among us???? sus?????

  • Kim Namjoon
    Kim Namjoon17 dager siden

    i watched this like 5 times before and im only now realizing that yvonnes glasses in the raycon ad thing arent real- its a filter

  • Tikki Tick
    Tikki Tick18 dager siden

    ฅ^❍ᴥ❍^ฅ I MAde temmie in text!

  • Bruh Moment
    Bruh Moment18 dager siden



    The contrast in between Poki’s 9 hours of sleep and Michaels 2, and their expressions at the beginning both are sending me.

  • Arne Cocquyt
    Arne Cocquyt20 dager siden

    Among us

    GABRIEL RIOFRIR20 dager siden

    16:45 GOOBA

  • GalaxyWolfScent
    GalaxyWolfScent21 dag siden

    the editor has mastered perfectly cut videos

  • Azrael
    Azrael22 dager siden

    the video: hey yvonne, yvonne the captions: hey you're gone, you're gone

  • Minjae Kwon
    Minjae Kwon24 dager siden

    The mature stepmother pertinently x-ray because foundation quantitatively tap astride a handsomely profit. talented, supreme step-brother

    THE GAMING PRO BRO25 dager siden

    1:17 Toast's face just shows how much he wanna die 😂😂😂 16:45 gooba 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Toasted Toast
    Toasted Toast25 dager siden




    23 dager siden


  • ツボルIAmIdiotがに
    ツボルIAmIdiotがに26 dager siden

    0:07 song? sorry its just that slaps tho lol

  • GhostySweep
    GhostySweep26 dager siden

    if this video came out a few month later it'd just be michael screaming among us the whole time

  • Maruuyo
    Maruuyo26 dager siden


  • Aqillah Zaki
    Aqillah Zaki27 dager siden

    Lily: man this is fucking hard! they all look dead inside Toast: that's not hot sauce (Oof)

  • Cubing and Art
    Cubing and Art27 dager siden

    omg amog us imposter sus 😳😳😳😳😳🥵🥵😳😖😖😣😔😈😈😈👽

  • Levi Dyer
    Levi Dyer27 dager siden

    Might as well change the channel to Michael and friends.

  • Viraj Kharote
    Viraj Kharote27 dager siden

    Michael is ripped see his leg holy SHEEEEEESH

  • Cryptic1538Plays
    Cryptic1538Plays27 dager siden

    imane having the most energy but sorta looking like she got no sleep like the rest of them makes me laugh XD

  • MrSoba _
    MrSoba _27 dager siden

    9/10 laughts created by mr Reeves

  • skrrtenn
    skrrtenn29 dager siden

    all of them being sleep deprived somehow makes Sense

  • Dreamy
    Dreamy29 dager siden

    I just realized that lily is wearing Michael’s unreleased merch

  • ramen
    ramen29 dager siden

    0:10 what was the title of the song? i forgot it

  • Brayden Mittag
    Brayden Mittag29 dager siden

    For the one at 9:25 I had an actual incident where I was a kid who needed water during my drive home from disney and it was rum and it was so bad.

  • Jorge Esparcia
    Jorge Esparcia29 dager siden

    4:07 is relationship goals

  • Blink Bruh
    Blink Bruh29 dager siden


  • Epic Shadow Boy
    Epic Shadow BoyMåned siden

    The gooba at the end got me good

  • Hunter Kennedy
    Hunter KennedyMåned siden

    7:38 what's that song from it sounds familiar

  • BrightEyesx
    BrightEyesxMåned siden

    What was on the paper towel I’m still confused lmao

  • Ewan Davies
    Ewan DaviesMåned siden

    does Lilly have "Zimbabwe" written in katakana on her T-shirt?

  • keith
    keithMåned siden

    anyone know the song Yvonne was listening to

  • odlyungodly
    odlyungodlyMåned siden

    michael really tryna get that thumbnail face in

  • ShadøwGhøst
    ShadøwGhøstMåned siden

    I wish I could get 9 hours of sleep... but that will never happen...

  • jayden124343 johnsonyaboii
    jayden124343 johnsonyaboiiMåned siden

    I think ima make scarras goofy face my profile pic

  • bee
    beeMåned siden

    lily with the quad hit

  • Knucklehead Miller
    Knucklehead MillerMåned siden

    There's 4 cups of milk one isn't like the rest.

  • PizzaCrust
    PizzaCrustMåned siden

    watching this makes me lonely cuz i have no friends

  • Magic Sasafras
    Magic SasafrasMåned siden

    2:22 ok that's straight up the inspector theme intro.

  • Thomas Flynn
    Thomas FlynnMåned siden

    imposter among us

  • bing bong
    bing bongMåned siden

    what song was yvonne listening ?

  • Keithen Woodley
    Keithen WoodleyMåned siden

    Micheal looks like he's not havin a good time throughout the whole video

  • Riley Cass
    Riley CassMåned siden

    at 7:38 I really like how they used the song toast always uses in his among us vids lol, nice touch

  • Matt epperson
    Matt eppersonMåned siden

    "gooba" hahahaha

  • Ultima Nightburner
    Ultima NightburnerMåned siden

    Ok Michael either has a shit sleep schedule or he is working on another drunk ass robot video XD

  • Ghastly Galaxy
    Ghastly GalaxyMåned siden

    Ayo what would happen if a guy points a gun behind you and tells you to give him your money but you have the reycons on...?

  • WhatToMakeMyUsername?
    WhatToMakeMyUsername?Måned siden

    4:32 bro she's Asian give her a break

  • SomeThing Very Gay
    SomeThing Very GayMåned siden


  • AL3X-bloom
    AL3X-bloomMåned siden

    The sheer look of impending doom in Michels face when he realizes what going on

  • Gaming Jello
    Gaming JelloMåned siden

    I did not expect the dog to be the venting murderous killer

  • Nanorhyme on yt2
    Nanorhyme on yt2Måned siden

    Michael is an evolve crack so he doesn’t need sleep

  • Matt Destroyer of worlds
    Matt Destroyer of worldsMåned siden

    Toast is so Asian he could eat like a tbs of wasabi and slowly cry

  • Tyler Tibbs
    Tyler TibbsMåned siden


  • Gaptain4
    Gaptain4Måned siden

    Video starts at 00:57

  • parker Leduc
    parker LeducMåned siden

    Lily sorry for the blob art me who can't evan draw that good

  • pratt's play games
    pratt's play gamesMåned siden

    what is micheal doing lollolol

  • Lazy Vids
    Lazy VidsMåned siden

    Fun fact the average for there sleep is 4.4 and the average for when they went to sleep is 7.6

  • eli
    eliMåned siden

    what was the song in the beginning of the raycon ad?

  • Keimon Collins
    Keimon CollinsMåned siden

    I probably would have threw up

  • Furry Toast
    Furry ToastMåned siden

    what is the song called playing at 0:08

  • Michael Miller

    Michael Miller

    Måned siden

    Its just is by jae

  • still a virgin
    still a virginMåned siden

    1:17 me at 30 minute sleep binge watching offline tv content

  • poprock3rhd
    poprock3rhdMåned siden

    Just gonna let people know the song Yvonne was listening to in the ad is "It just is" by jae

  • D E X I L

    D E X I L

    Måned siden

    @poprock3rhd Its alright i found it after doing some crazy search😅

  • poprock3rhd


    Måned siden

    @D E X I L can't get it rn but you can download the app Shazam and it's accurate in finding songs you play

  • D E X I L

    D E X I L

    Måned siden

    Do u know what's the song that played after the ad?

  • Jesse Martinez
    Jesse MartinezMåned siden

    this was entertaining but wasn't one supposed to be acting and trying to mimic the rest and not three mimic one?

  • Crimson Crazer
    Crimson CrazerMåned siden

    Lily does the heart jutsu

  • Silver Media
    Silver MediaMåned siden

    most of these are backwards. Why would you have to fake eating wasabi or fake having Ice on your back? It should be the other way around, it's a lot harder to act normal when some crazy shit happens... So stupid.

  • Taylor Ride
    Taylor RideMåned siden


  • Seth LAST
    Seth LASTMåned siden

    0:09 von uh uh uh Von uh uh uh Von uh uh uh VON

  • 3pn5
    3pn5Måned siden

    8:35 what’s that song called?

    FRIEND FRIENDMåned siden

    i love how the sponser is just reading a script like your reading an essay in english class in 6th grade

  • Hongy Hypsilophodon
    Hongy HypsilophodonMåned siden

    A m o g u s

  • Wunderwaffle
    WunderwaffleMåned siden