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Scarra | scarra
Pokimane | pokimanelol
LilyPichu | LilyPichu
Disguised Toast l DisguisedToast
Michael Reeves l michaelreeves

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Brodin | brodinplett

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Brodin | brodinplett

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Dunois | DunoisKR

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  • Adam
    AdamDag siden

    Lilly was just making the hellscape from berserk

  • ThePhantomDX
    ThePhantomDX3 dager siden

    qeesn of the beech

  • Jokester
    Jokester5 dager siden

    When ur name is Anthony🤌 12:50

  • Lamba Churro
    Lamba Churro5 dager siden

    8:53 sus

  • Lached Spoon7
    Lached Spoon76 dager siden

    Having grown up in Maryland it’s weird seeing people be creeped out by crabs.

  • Site 13
    Site 136 dager siden

    Michael is built different

  • Hawkwing
    Hawkwing8 dager siden

    God Bless you! Amen!

  • Bryson Hamilton
    Bryson Hamilton8 dager siden

    Micheal won 1st poki is 2nd scarra is 3rd and lily is 4th

  • Nerd
    Nerd8 dager siden

    Woahh is this episode 12 cause I see beach

  • Anastasia Sheppard
    Anastasia Sheppard9 dager siden

    mickel the nickel

  • Nathanael M
    Nathanael M9 dager siden

    What music is that 0:20

  • Kbuit V
    Kbuit V10 dager siden

    The cocklegs

  • Evil Augustus
    Evil Augustus12 dager siden

    I swear I heard the wii play tanks theme during the first attack

  • Nickrenki
    Nickrenki12 dager siden

    Im surprised the internet has gone wild over the “aNiMaL AbUse” 😅

  • Dushane Palmer
    Dushane Palmer12 dager siden

    🤣🤣🤣🤣 lily to Michael: tht aint accurate

  • nico fernandez
    nico fernandez12 dager siden

    Michael is so artistic he made the "neo armstrong cyclone jet armstrong cannon" from gintama

  • Ant_Attack_07
    Ant_Attack_0713 dager siden

    Rip Michel

  • Mikko Laki
    Mikko Laki13 dager siden

    Scarra is so hot

  • Thomas Kjellberg
    Thomas Kjellberg17 dager siden

    Michael carrying the show as usual

  • timothy hair
    timothy hair20 dager siden

    How the hell did both michael and poki make vaguely penile sand sculptures 🤣

  • Val
    Val20 dager siden


  • HaN
    HaN20 dager siden

    Octopus: *Not cooked* Michael: Kawww? Kawwww? Kawww~

  • Yushido
    Yushido21 dag siden

    0:35 good to see Scarra is able to use his Kayak he got for Christmas

  • metal roganメタロガン
    metal roganメタロガン22 dager siden

    14:09 what manga is in the back?

  • Blouble
    Blouble23 dager siden

    Ever been on a beach before

  • Devilish Jester
    Devilish Jester24 dager siden

    Lily's "you're not gonna like honey" when Michael picked up the octopus was adorable

  • Madstr
    Madstr24 dager siden

    [1:35] I had to listen to this 4 times before i heard "pass". As you can tell, English is not my native language. XD

  • Madstr


    24 dager siden

    why can¨t she use her head. And why is the dress a problem, it's beach day.

  • linda black
    linda black26 dager siden

    I love how they used music from Wii games as background music

  • Rain
    Rain27 dager siden

    14:36 my brain

  • Shiny Jorso
    Shiny Jorso28 dager siden

    for the digging one they hadnt realized michael is a mole man

  • BrightEyesx
    BrightEyesxMåned siden

    I liked it better when yvonnie took part in the games too

  • Rico Li
    Rico LiMåned siden


  • LittleRedLion
    LittleRedLionMåned siden

    U know every frames a meme… every frames a renaissance painting

  • Gage Hatake
    Gage HatakeMåned siden

    COVID regulations have been lifted

  • ILikeTrees
    ILikeTreesMåned siden

    Lily: you should’ve made it accurate Mykull: IT IS

  • Rubin
    RubinMåned siden

    wtf is pokimane wearing

  • Luis Benarrosh
    Luis BenarroshMåned siden

    The fact that they are trowing dead boodies aroud is kinda creepy, but it was a fun video Edit: Just finished the video, cool that they at least cooked the fish

  • Ben Wilson
    Ben WilsonMåned siden

    We not gonna talk about the fact they were literally decorating those castles with dead animals...😂😂😂

  • Joseph
    JosephMåned siden

    Brodin is the person that everyone hates and loves and the same time but mostly hates

  • Carcool3710
    Carcool3710Måned siden

    the way Michael says "Why did i get a fuckin octopus?!" is funny as hell

  • kenthkun
    kenthkunMåned siden

    Michael really amazes me how he portrait every Filipino teenager with his artistic design of sand castle 💀

  • Giovanni Colon
    Giovanni ColonMåned siden


  • Ariastyx
    AriastyxMåned siden

    Micheal: "what is this what am i carying" Me: the show Lol

  • JustinLove
    JustinLoveMåned siden

    I think the girls were the true winner

  • Bret Barkley
    Bret BarkleyMåned siden

    Wii tanks music?

  • Angytheperson
    AngythepersonMåned siden


  • Brenna McAllister
    Brenna McAllisterMåned siden

    Don’t they have a pool?

  • Boxtopy
    BoxtopyMåned siden

    I haven’t started watching yet and I expect Micheal to destroy

  • Booker Erskine
    Booker ErskineMåned siden

    You forgot the best part of a beach day is diging a 20ft hole in the sand

  • Mark Meyer
    Mark MeyerMåned siden

    The Wii sports music had me happy for a second.

  • thatguynamedben
    thatguynamedbenMåned siden

    i’m dumb and confused... is it me or did yvonne say “yvonne” referring to poki?

  • no way
    no wayMåned siden

    the dead animals in the sand and fooling around with them, that aint it, was actually triggering. Even if they cooked some of it afterwards.

  • Amran Sandhu
    Amran SandhuMåned siden

    oh yay more health code violations

  • passerby B
    passerby BMåned siden

    I heard runescape background music I’m not alone here right wtf

  • Large Sarge
    Large SargeMåned siden

    I'll let you in on a little secret. You could have gone outside and been just fine.

  • sʜᴏᴏᴋᴛ
    sʜᴏᴏᴋᴛMåned siden

    16:45 *Crack Head Noises*

  • Rusticskull72
    Rusticskull72Måned siden

    Damnit i was hoping to see scara in a speedo

  • Mr Pandasian
    Mr PandasianMåned siden

    @9:56 hbox winning pound 2019 re enactment

  • Christian Castro
    Christian CastroMåned siden

    8:52 that close-up seemed a lil sus not gonna lie XD

  • Abhi The Knight
    Abhi The KnightMåned siden

    Disliked cause toast wasn't here!

  • Eric Perez
    Eric PerezMåned siden

    16:28 that’s goals right there🥺🥺🥺🥺

  • Roxanne Chong
    Roxanne ChongMåned siden

    I love the wii summer sports music at the start

  • not _ Frizzy
    not _ FrizzyMåned siden

    “Generating bullshit” 😭

  • Eric Bahng
    Eric BahngMåned siden

    "Every franchise has a beach episode"

  • MrHasNoLife
    MrHasNoLifeMåned siden

    Only OGs will recognise the tune played on 0:50 (runescape)

  • Andrei Ambil
    Andrei AmbilMåned siden

    Island of faces be like soul sand

  • Jade Go
    Jade GoMåned siden

    15:28 awww the support of ninja melk from ryan

  • Analysia Limon
    Analysia LimonMåned siden

    Cock infested with crabs. A piece to bring awareness to the importance of sexual health.

  • afk
    afkMåned siden

    Micheal: I got *34* Everyone: _w a t ?_

  • Jade O'Connell
    Jade O'ConnellMåned siden

    Where do you guys get your music from it's so good

  • Dian Ji
    Dian JiMåned siden

    When you try to film your kidnapped children and one of goes “We’re in the basement”

  • Zaki Bern
    Zaki BernMåned siden

    ofc course the first thing poki does is CHEAT , like the snake she is

  • Bvv Bbbb

    Bvv Bbbb

    Måned siden

    Everybody should have expected it

  • The Bone Man
    The Bone ManMåned siden

    5:35 Michael got the octopus because he yeeted his fish back into the ocean

  • BlackSmith
    BlackSmithMåned siden

    what's the song at 0:49 seconds

  • Lamchop29-_-
    Lamchop29-_-2 måneder siden


  • frost
    frost2 måneder siden

    14:35 best part

  • Joshua Farrington
    Joshua Farrington2 måneder siden

    I liked the N64 mario Kart music

    JOSE HERNANDEZ2 måneder siden

    Yes I agree Michaels castle is a masterpiece

  • ngullie benri
    ngullie benri2 måneder siden

    Love otv

  • Klo0z
    Klo0z2 måneder siden

    I'd like to see Michael and Poki team up for once, I think it can be a very interesting dynamic!

  • Comic Games
    Comic Games2 måneder siden

    Awesome video, explorers of sky music made it even better

  • Yo.
    Yo.2 måneder siden

    The animals weren't needed, that was straight up disrespectful...

  • Izzy S.
    Izzy S.2 måneder siden

    The wii resort music at the beginning is sending me

  • kelpu
    kelpu2 måneder siden

    The "generating bullshit" had me rolling my stomach still hurts

  • Tali Leo
    Tali Leo2 måneder siden

    Shame y’all been stuck inside for so long. But hey you live in California where it’s almost a socialist country so 😂😂😂

  • Tali Leo

    Tali Leo

    2 måneder siden

    Yet I see they still didn’t go out- their immunity is so dead smh

  • colton
    colton2 måneder siden

    the windows sound made me think my comp crashed

  • Thot Symmetra
    Thot Symmetra2 måneder siden

    yvonne: "Ah Great 11:51" lily: *INITIATE MICROWAVE*

  • Fahim Koehler
    Fahim Koehler2 måneder siden

    Song at 0:50?

  • Zur Einäugigen Katze
    Zur Einäugigen Katze2 måneder siden


  • unusual person
    unusual person2 måneder siden


  • Andotus
    Andotus2 måneder siden

    “Give scarra the attack fish”

  • Carissa Wong
    Carissa Wong2 måneder siden

    Truly beautiful chaos during the treasure hunt

  • wait wut
    wait wut2 måneder siden

    I kinda got spooked when lily said my name when naming one of the faces

  • Dane Roberts
    Dane Roberts2 måneder siden

    Michael shouldve put the attack crab's arms in the pp and called it "youve got crabs."

  • alex kernik
    alex kernik2 måneder siden

    Lol runescape music

  • Smiley
    Smiley2 måneder siden

    0:46 why did I get scared of this LMAO

  • Fuzzy Shady
    Fuzzy Shady2 måneder siden


  • Chace Atkinson
    Chace Atkinson2 måneder siden

    5:56 well one piece is over now

  • Maxim Calde
    Maxim Calde2 måneder siden

    I saw the octopus and i thought is it still edible?

  • Madison
    Madison2 måneder siden