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  • Kanade Tachibane
    Kanade Tachibane4 timer siden

    If Scarra only got 4 gifts, that means he got 0.006% of all the gifts. If only two of them were meant for him, that means that... 0.003% of all 655 gifts were for him.

  • J. Hide
    J. Hide18 timer siden

    6:36 im vegan now

  • Read this If your stupid xx’-‘ lol
    Read this If your stupid xx’-‘ lol19 timer siden

    Tampons are like parachutes they *Expand*

  • Logan862
    Logan862Dag siden

    Michael reeves lord of some random square foot of Scotland and a tree

  • Gingerhairman
    GingerhairmanDag siden

    Bueno does in fact mean good

  • hanta sero
    hanta seroDag siden

    did micheal get a fucking strapon? 21:08

  • hanta sero

    hanta sero

    Dag siden

    @Jacob Mighty i want to know the person that sent him a fucking strapon

  • Jacob Mighty

    Jacob Mighty

    Dag siden


  • Emery Trew
    Emery Trew2 dager siden

    holly shit bueno is so fucking good

  • Jay Thompson
    Jay Thompson2 dager siden

    pp poo poo

  • MysteriousMist 9
    MysteriousMist 92 dager siden

    Something tells me that someone will try to send a fully working gun

  • Soupersis190
    Soupersis1904 dager siden

    y the fuck duz otv only have 2 mill they got to have more they are the best

  • Cooking with Jojo
    Cooking with Jojo4 dager siden

    The top of the music box opens up it has writing in side

  • teriyak_E
    teriyak_E5 dager siden

    8:07 target acquired

  • Joseff Zerafa
    Joseff Zerafa5 dager siden

    It should have been Live Laugh Lase

  • OctoNinja
    OctoNinja5 dager siden

    some of these gifts are from vat19 i think

  • Madison Goodwin
    Madison Goodwin6 dager siden

    I’m bout to send something and drop a handle so that I get investigated by Yvonne

  • James J
    James J6 dager siden


  • James J

    James J

    6 dager siden


  • Phantom
    Phantom7 dager siden

    He’s got some leggggggggggggggggggggggs damn

  • Kave Johnson
    Kave Johnson7 dager siden

    It hurt me to watch micheal rub the oil off the sword, You're supposed to leave the oil on so it won't rust cuz it's made out of steel not stainless steel and it'll oxidize when exposed to the air

  • illustractory
    illustractory9 dager siden

    if its oiled it means its shit quality

  • TheReMorseCode
    TheReMorseCode10 dager siden

    shamelessly returning to this video just for toast in leggings

  • TheReMorseCode


    10 dager siden

    was not dissapointed

  • Brandon Perry
    Brandon Perry11 dager siden

    Is bueno really that hard to find in the US? I see it literally everywhere

  • Bombur The King Of FAT
    Bombur The King Of FAT11 dager siden

    poggers epic fortnite defaut dance gamer poggers poggers poggers nightmare kekw fortnite victory royal epic epic nae nae uh oh poopy stinky bts jimin epic pog

  • Vincent Prajogo
    Vincent Prajogo11 dager siden


  • Ant_Attack_07
    Ant_Attack_0713 dager siden

    When and how do I send gifts¿

  • y7o4ka
    y7o4ka13 dager siden

    Buenos are actually so good But they don't sell those in Russia anymore

  • Fre4ld
    Fre4ld13 dager siden

    19:46 is where the mess basically starts

  • The Striker Network
    The Striker Network13 dager siden

    20% of this video is just people simping for toast 🤣

  • Joshua Farrington
    Joshua Farrington14 dager siden

    When Scarra was reading that letter I thought it was gonna say,"and in a prosperous enough position to put wealth in the pockets of me down on their luck. You see that was my wife whom you decided to fu-."

  • destroyer playz
    destroyer playz15 dager siden

    I'm 99 percent sure i have the same birthmark as toast in the same area.

  • Sumair Kanwal
    Sumair Kanwal16 dager siden

    So you want me to rank the too, ya ya. This I why I love toast so much

  • Ryan
    Ryan16 dager siden

    4:50 “You have acquired a new fetish

  • Phantom Hawk
    Phantom Hawk16 dager siden

    Rudolf is gone no more Christmas

  • Dreamsmp Lover
    Dreamsmp Lover18 dager siden

    I’m going to use the tampon to obzorb the oil *lilly looks like why is he my bf*

  • Zucco
    Zucco19 dager siden

    Why isn’t temmie on the poster? :(

  • Mothdog47 Ruiz
    Mothdog47 Ruiz19 dager siden

    Bro sonic unleashed music is 🔥

  • Enzogamer 2805
    Enzogamer 280520 dager siden

    21:11 Lily: "is this what you think about us? Im tall like a giraffe?" Yvonne:" Im fat? "💀

  • Minecraft gamer
    Minecraft gamer20 dager siden

    hey does anyone know how I can end something to them?

  • Fade_ Lord
    Fade_ Lord22 dager siden

    Scarra doesn't get much but he gets the best gifts

  • Some Cat Lookin at you
    Some Cat Lookin at you22 dager siden

    BRRROOOOOOOOOOO THIS WAS 6 MONTHS AGO? damn time sure flies fast

  • シquackicloudy
    シquackicloudy24 dager siden

    do they not know how many kids watch the videos-

  • NotJJMadness
    NotJJMadness26 dager siden

    2.69m subs poggers

  • adithya roy
    adithya roy27 dager siden

    17:29 tammi is so cute

  • chase creegan
    chase creegan27 dager siden

    kinder is a german thing

  • FBI
    FBI28 dager siden

    4:58 ughh.... my fetis-- wait...

  • mctube videos
    mctube videos28 dager siden

    what if they just hide scarras gift in the closets

  • aris starr
    aris starr29 dager siden

    LMAO when scarra got his snorlax onesie i was wearing the same onsie

  • JumpingJacks
    JumpingJacks29 dager siden

    there are more people subbed to this channel than that live in my city

  • Jian Guan
    Jian GuanMåned siden

    The instinctive vegetarian aditionally fetch because plaster revealingly pack vice a bloody current. astonishing, tender tense swordfish

  • Jesse Zavala
    Jesse ZavalaMåned siden

    The Rich get Richer 😂

  • Jesse Zavala
    Jesse ZavalaMåned siden

    Not the table 🥲

  • Jesse Zavala
    Jesse ZavalaMåned siden

    Toast cat fishing 😂

  • Jesse Zavala
    Jesse ZavalaMåned siden

    Toast looks good in leggings? 😂

  • Jesse Zavala
    Jesse ZavalaMåned siden

    3 AM you see a dark figure across the door that’s opened. Start hearing music box besides your bed play

  • remastered games
    remastered gamesMåned siden

    Did anyone notice the nice fliping action o_0

  • Cxrsed Souls
    Cxrsed SoulsMåned siden

    Bro people need to give scarra some stuff he’s apart of OTV too

  • M B
    M BMåned siden

    Sykuno hahahha

  • firekidqqq
    firekidqqqMåned siden

    Holy shit a first grader watching this is messed up

  • MochaMocha
    MochaMochaMåned siden

    Scarra: we need a pile for sykkuno where’s the trash LMAO 😂

  • sunny b
    sunny bMåned siden

    the intro is like the "1.8 skeletons be like:" meme

  • ᲼Arsenalism ✓
    ᲼Arsenalism ✓Måned siden

    Yeah, I always wondered if women gets turned on when wearing a tampon

  • MangoTango123
    MangoTango123Måned siden

    2:22 Lilly once again being tired of Michael's shit

  • Justin Girgis
    Justin GirgisMåned siden

    Where could I buy those clear Poke balls?

  • Justin Girgis

    Justin Girgis

    Måned siden

    At 3:51

  • AntCamArtist
    AntCamArtistMåned siden

    Scarra The Dad is always underappreciated just like all dads

  • Damien Ilarraza
    Damien IlarrazaMåned siden

    21:24 michael in the left casually looks like a serial killer

  • Vax
    VaxMåned siden

    I feel bad scarra barely gets gifts

  • Colton Parks
    Colton ParksMåned siden

    Mxr Play

  • gnome
    gnomeMåned siden

    I smoke ketamine daily

  • Death Rez
    Death RezMåned siden

    Why does micheal have more subs then the house

  • LeviDa Ackerman
    LeviDa AckermanMåned siden

    "Do women get turned on when they put in a tampon?" Best Toast line I've ever heard.

  • Belo
    BeloMåned siden

    *lily feeling the blanket* Lily: We're gonna cuddle Poki: YEahhhhhh!

  • Turtlmatic
    TurtlmaticMåned siden

    Toast: Yes I look good I'm DAPPER AS FUCK !

  • SaryM
    SaryMMåned siden

    9:20 "Kowalski, analysis!" Literally the same energy

  • Isabelle
    IsabelleMåned siden

    dang...someday...I'll have a group of friends like this while we all live together lmao

  • RICE Godzilla

    RICE Godzilla

    Måned siden


  • Matt Destroyer of worlds
    Matt Destroyer of worldsMåned siden

    Me wanting to seen a piece of paper saying fuck you

  • Kusum Talwar
    Kusum TalwarMåned siden

    1:58 the fake laugh that people do to deny that people r talking about u lol

  • Mia Reichardt
    Mia ReichardtMåned siden

    18:12 JOHN kOoK

  • michael A.K.A ya boi
    michael A.K.A ya boiMåned siden

    everyone else: 34 boxes, thousands of dollars worth of merch scarra: potato

  • Issac Mendez
    Issac MendezMåned siden

    My favorite part is at 21:10

  • Davyd Rain Custodio
    Davyd Rain CustodioMåned siden

    Wish I can send them something from. Philippines 🥺

  • Hexe
    HexeMåned siden

    21:43 el sueño húmedo de un cartonero en Argentina

  • Luke Pagaran
    Luke PagaranMåned siden

    1:05 Poki looking at Lily like a whole snack

  • Bruh Momento
    Bruh MomentoMåned siden


  • CEO_of_Business
    CEO_of_BusinessMåned siden

    Lily with a katana, fedora, and a simp card made me laugh so hard

  • Liam Piper
    Liam PiperMåned siden

    Michael pulled the standard guy reaction man this sucks, here try some.

  • Simonator9000
    Simonator9000Måned siden

    Reindeer jerky how covid really started

  • Jaxson bell
    Jaxson bellMåned siden

    Where do I send stuff to them like what is the address to send it to

  • DepressingMcNugget
    DepressingMcNuggetMåned siden

    Otv has so many weapons they might as well open up a midieval weapon shop at this point "Welcome traveller, we sell weapons such as from swords to nunchucks take your pick"

  • sadify
    sadifyMåned siden


  • Fuckyou Bitch
    Fuckyou BitchMåned siden

    The video: "Fuck Scarra and Yvonne don't give them gifts."

  • Sussy baka noir
    Sussy baka noirMåned siden

    Everyone's talking about Yvonne and Scarra but what about Brodin watching this all happen :(

  • deezbnuts


    12 dager siden

    @Jade Young right!! I’m planning on making gifts for them if my mom lets me ship it to them

  • Jade Young

    Jade Young

    15 dager siden

    I know right!! I don’t usually comment but I feel so bad for the 3 of them! :( someone go get them lost of gifts!!!

  • BT 43

    BT 43

    Måned siden

    Everyone's talking about scarra,Yvonne and Brolin but no ones talking about the editor dunois

  • Sussy baka noir
    Sussy baka noirMåned siden


  • Naruto Uzumaki
    Naruto UzumakiMåned siden

    11:18 I’ll take that

  • Time-To-Die 'Fall'
    Time-To-Die 'Fall'Måned siden

    The intro literally not joking gave me a seizure. I’m fine now but I hope I can just say I hope I can meet you all one day and I would love to join your OTV crew

  • snugbeast
    snugbeastMåned siden

    7:10 Noooooooooooo

  • Andrew McCormick
    Andrew McCormickMåned siden

    i must know, i cant find it anywhere. what IS that song at the beginning of the video?!?

  • Trey
    TreyMåned siden

    Next video sykkuno better be there.

  • Z1_
    Z1_Måned siden

    As a Malaysian I would like to say that bueno chocolate is very common in malaysia

  • Kageツ
    KageツMåned siden


  • W
    WMåned siden

    Petition for Toast OnlyFans

  • Isaac McBain
    Isaac McBainMåned siden

    At 21:00 I reacted like in a millisecond and realized that it was not in my house lol 😅