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  • Draven Cheatum
    Draven Cheatum5 timer siden

    Havent seen offline in a while and wtf happened to Toast???

  • ‍
    7 timer siden

    Song at 15:49 ???

  • Munkz
    Munkz10 timer siden

    When will they drop this OTV merch? I'm feeling that toast tee.

  • Sonny
    Sonny22 timer siden

    300k likes, you are now trapped toast

  • Sonny
    Sonny23 timer siden

    Oof imagine all the fed shit they’ve gotten and just haven’t opened 😬

  • Kyle Haughie
    Kyle HaughieDag siden

    Michael needs a haircut, I can hardly see his eyes.

  • Doug
    DougDag siden

    Holy shit I didnt notice toasts new ink

  • Jalcome
    JalcomeDag siden

    I recognize Genshin OST anywhere

  • Endgame Spoiler
    Endgame SpoilerDag siden

    2:24 michael moment of the year

  • Mars
    MarsDag siden

    Oh god Whoever create that name Scatkunno is bad...

  • Spy Gaming22
    Spy Gaming222 dager siden

    Scarra is honestly so underrated, my fav in otv

  • Matthew Robertson
    Matthew Robertson2 dager siden

    14:54 this line out of context 😂😂

  • Iceblock
    Iceblock2 dager siden

    14:28 friends are like stars, they shine the brightest when the sky is darkest... *WELL YEAH WHATEVER TAKE A NUT*

  • nebula air
    nebula air3 dager siden

    11:05 song name?

  • Timda 9
    Timda 93 dager siden

    14:48 he described JaidenAnimations

  • grass block
    grass block3 dager siden

    Whoever edited this video and put the genshin ost ily man

  • Liciam
    Liciam3 dager siden

    already 300k likes, toast choose ur words wisely!

  • Christiaan Bleeker
    Christiaan Bleeker3 dager siden

    1 million pls

  • nicole kline
    nicole kline4 dager siden

    ok so im not asian, or a girl... or a cute artist BUT... i wanna join T-T tehee

    PHH0NKER4 dager siden

    only in the middle of the episode , have i realised micheals outgrowing hair and yes i have not watched offline tv for quite a long time

  • Nox
    Nox4 dager siden

    Why do Toast look like a mid of ''new justin beaver'', and some K-pop dude at the same time? What happend to this Hearth stone dude?

  • Sherman Douglas
    Sherman Douglas4 dager siden

    Someone really about to send Scarra a piece of shit

  • Sveltetread44
    Sveltetread445 dager siden

    I wonder if lily and poki actually DID take a bath together

  • Camix
    Camix5 dager siden

    I would like to know if toast actually follows up on the applications

  • stratasphere5 5
    stratasphere5 55 dager siden

    she was right about the 300k

  • HotPocket Central
    HotPocket Central5 dager siden

    20:52 the fact that as of now, the video has exactly 300k likes is kinda spooky

  • Dontay Weishaupl
    Dontay Weishaupl5 dager siden

    Hey.... hey we are at 300k likes

  • yeungscs
    yeungscs5 dager siden

    20:50 "I think we can do 300k if we really tried" well well well

  • Hasti
    Hasti5 dager siden

    300k done

  • István Szikra
    István Szikra5 dager siden

    So what I gather is that they not even going to do a xmas unboxing.

  • Dylan Bates
    Dylan Bates6 dager siden

    Me when they said Calgary HEY, THEY SAID IT, THEY SAID THE NAME OF MY CITY!!!

  • KAT MF
    KAT MF6 dager siden

    "China stole it from somewhere else"

  • Mimichu
    Mimichu6 dager siden

    20:52 Poki: I think we could do like 300k, if we really tried. Me: **looks at the like count**... 300k on the dot lmfaoo

  • flyingpanic 7
    flyingpanic 77 dager siden

    As a furry I find that a book like that being sent to these people is amusing, with that being said I hope Michael burns it

  • Jonathan Sorenson
    Jonathan Sorenson7 dager siden

    The guy who sent crinkle: "I'll f-cking do it again"

  • CaptainNavi
    CaptainNavi7 dager siden

    Did they actually use genshin music at 13:59 or am I going crazy from too much grind..

  • Shiro
    Shiro7 dager siden


  • Gameru zombii
    Gameru zombii7 dager siden

    Genshin songs

  • Paul Jacyszyn
    Paul Jacyszyn8 dager siden

    Oof calgary got abused :( I mean your not wrong though

  • Fandika Okdiba
    Fandika Okdiba8 dager siden

    Toast talked about girls in nursing school, little did they know that Sydney is going to nursing school....

  • Overseer599
    Overseer5998 dager siden

    Michaels bible is my communist manifesto

  • TheyFwTj
    TheyFwTj8 dager siden

    I don’t watch Offline Tv for months and Toast looks like he should be putting guns into fish and shipping it out to multiple mafia or sumthin bro wtf

  • CommonLogicArt
    CommonLogicArt8 dager siden

    18:01 oh sweet summer child

  • MatchC06
    MatchC068 dager siden

    Should we be aware that the imposter makeup is a thing?

  • ActualShaight
    ActualShaight8 dager siden

    2 month later toast go catfished and kidnapped

  • Servant
    Servant8 dager siden

    14:46 Tsundere Toast

  • Rocket Middlebrook
    Rocket Middlebrook9 dager siden

    I wanna donate tentacle monsters

  • Natanael Casanova
    Natanael Casanova9 dager siden

    THE MOST OTV thing Ive seen in a long time😂😂 14:48

  • Peregrine Hawk
    Peregrine Hawk9 dager siden

    They missed the manure I sent in.

  • Doctor Ouroboros
    Doctor Ouroboros9 dager siden


  • Opalised
    Opalised9 dager siden

    Kinda wish they showed the mtg commander decklists

  • Alon Yosef
    Alon Yosef9 dager siden

    Well... Scarra asked for shit... He will get SHIT (btw has anyone seen my jar?)

  • danni johnson
    danni johnson9 dager siden


  • zee Man
    zee Man9 dager siden

    19:55 I care about Calgary 😂 Considering I was born there…

  • Tate Nance
    Tate Nance9 dager siden

    I hope they know furries don’t actually read that shit, or wear diapers. You simply use the bathroom man

  • TYPHOON100
    TYPHOON1009 dager siden

    Toast: Imma make life harder *moves the pic at zig zag manner Editor: Hold my beer

  • Mason
    Mason10 dager siden

    I heard Genshin impact music

  • alcat102
    alcat10210 dager siden


  • ElfeN
    ElfeN10 dager siden

    Que cara bom, mandou só um BIS pro scarra, tinha q mandar o normal além do de oreo tbm.

  • Ramon Davalos
    Ramon Davalos10 dager siden

    Michael opens spider box has extreme shock and terror

  • Chubby GG
    Chubby GG11 dager siden


  • Net
    Net11 dager siden

    We need to send an elmo to Michael reeeee

  • Xx wolfpackleader xX
    Xx wolfpackleader xX11 dager siden

    ew protection poki - 2021

  • Iben Ellefsen
    Iben Ellefsen11 dager siden

    Why does dani davito do black face in the Mid of the video??

  • Sw1tch
    Sw1tch11 dager siden

    Toast with glasses lowkey looks like psy

  • Doctor 3vil
    Doctor 3vil11 dager siden

    I stopped watching for a while wtf happened to Toast, he went Daddy wtf👻

  • Zynorde
    Zynorde11 dager siden

    That furry book psychologically scarred me.

  • SwedishLeo
    SwedishLeo11 dager siden

    The fuck happend to toast wtf im straight as fuck but damn

  • Adeo Kodra
    Adeo Kodra12 dager siden

    Damn why you guys hating on my city Calgary

  • Canadian Parayeet
    Canadian Parayeet12 dager siden

    Calgary gang rise up, we’re the cleanest city. It’s boring but we’re clean so

  • YeetriDimitriResnovichi
    YeetriDimitriResnovichi12 dager siden

    You can tell either Lily or Pokimane chose the intro music

  • kirovx
    kirovx12 dager siden


  • MiniMans123
    MiniMans12312 dager siden

    15:53 - HE NEED SUM MÏLK

  • Pickledpeeper
    Pickledpeeper12 dager siden

    Day 389. still shipping toast and pokimane

  • Ant_Attack_07
    Ant_Attack_0712 dager siden

    How do we send box’s?

  • Ya boi Oli
    Ya boi Oli12 dager siden

    Only thing I could think about during the intro: “ *Dancing* DAYUM! *More dancing* SHIT! *Even more dancing* WOOO!” If you get the reference ily 😽

  • AP Ultra
    AP Ultra12 dager siden

    remember to send scara SHIT guys

  • Thomass Smitth
    Thomass Smitth12 dager siden

    The mammoth yugoslavian finally appear because lasagna relatedly afford including a tasteful oyster. abrasive, questionable chair

  • Rosethorn48
    Rosethorn4812 dager siden

    H E C C Y E A H M A G I C

  • Wii play Games
    Wii play Games12 dager siden

    Toast looks like Samuel L Jackson

  • Bento Gonçalves
    Bento Gonçalves12 dager siden


  • SkimWater 2617
    SkimWater 261712 dager siden

    I like seeing the other members get normal packages 99% of the time and then Micheal gets the weird stuff

  • KaosDragon_Br
    KaosDragon_Br12 dager siden


  • Adam Lu
    Adam Lu12 dager siden

    20:30 scarra's face lmao

  • Adam Lu
    Adam Lu12 dager siden

    so...uh Offline Tv...I'm placing my OTV application ok? :) - Im Asian - not a girl - still a shorty (5' 3)

  • Orlando West
    Orlando West12 dager siden

    Somone needs to send the dudes maid outfits🤣

  • Double AA
    Double AA13 dager siden

    thus team should be called 'partly asian persuasion'

  • Vibin Noodles
    Vibin Noodles13 dager siden


  • ᚱᛖᚪᛈᛖᚱ
    ᚱᛖᚪᛈᛖᚱ13 dager siden

    Oh you didn’t need to read it aloud, you didn’t need to do that, but you did

  • Mr Brazillian
    Mr Brazillian13 dager siden

    2 Million and counting Toast.

  • Hm
    Hm13 dager siden

    Me who's sister and mom are nurses: 👁️💧👄💧👁️

  • Rica Joy Dela Cruz
    Rica Joy Dela Cruz14 dager siden

    "Scatkunno" got me LMAO

  • Aces _
    Aces _14 dager siden

    Otv: fuck calgary Me: gee thanks for the city compliment

  • zara
    zara14 dager siden

    i feel like poki made a mistake saying she loved scrunchies all the retired vsco girls will send them in by the thousands

  • SpectrumTwelve
    SpectrumTwelve14 dager siden

    You should crush all five of the death nut things and make some kind of peanut brittle style thing out of them so that everyone gets the spiciest possible thing.

  • Daisho
    Daisho14 dager siden

    Toast is slowly turning into an e-boy.

  • Just the Meme Lords Next Door
    Just the Meme Lords Next Door14 dager siden


  • Skreamie
    Skreamie14 dager siden

    I'd watch the shit out of OfflineTV x Furry Convention, or Scarra & Michael reading both Crinkle Shorts by the fire in smoking jackets

  • Mertonderuru Mateo Alonso
    Mertonderuru Mateo Alonso14 dager siden

    remember milk and nut can be the same thing