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  • David Luis
    David Luis30 minutter siden

    What the fuck is yvonne saying at 6:20?

  • NSBP
    NSBPTime siden

    Ha jokes on you I have an abnormal heart rate

  • DoonGoon Bravo
    DoonGoon Bravo3 timer siden

    michael looking at his old videos is like him talking about a robot he made who utterly failed

  • Wells Derp
    Wells Derp4 timer siden

    Poki kinda like Harley Quinn in this video

  • Omega FX
    Omega FX5 timer siden

    get to folding boys, get that heart rate up haah

  • Darth_Rug
    Darth_Rug5 timer siden


  • Nicholas Dao
    Nicholas Dao5 timer siden

    I would love to see another Toast escape room

  • Jack Glesing
    Jack Glesing6 timer siden

    Poki trying to seduce lily made me feel the opposite of what I thought id feel when imagining that happening. Ive never cringed or felt so awkward in my life bro lol

  • jason buu
    jason buu6 timer siden

    outro name?

  • mycotyco
    mycotyco7 timer siden

    pokemon emerald casino music

  • alex robledo
    alex robledo7 timer siden

    Toast has like no shame at all when it came to going straight to that site

  • Vladolf_
    Vladolf_8 timer siden

    The person that Poki didn’t like very much looked liked Sykkuno trough the blurred image

  • Keito Taniguchi
    Keito Taniguchi8 timer siden

    Why does Michael kinda look like adult Harry potter

  • 40441gogo
    40441gogo10 timer siden

    Ninja Melk

  • Lily Moriya
    Lily Moriya10 timer siden

    whats music back end video at back

  • Yabsira Yezihalem
    Yabsira Yezihalem11 timer siden

    I didn't know they were thus close as friends

  • Collin Tong
    Collin Tong11 timer siden

    7:56 Wondering 🤔

  • Samurai Tuff
    Samurai Tuff13 timer siden

    Not the hub

  • Gavin Jacobs
    Gavin Jacobs13 timer siden


  • Ly Re
    Ly Re14 timer siden

    I need to know what that blanket thing that Lily has, cause I want it.

  • technicoloredzebra
    technicoloredzebra14 timer siden

    Lmao i think the seduction tactic would ve been more efective if it was Lily to Poki

  • Flaming Remy
    Flaming Remy14 timer siden

    2:23 that’s the “I’m a serial killer and trying to hide it with a smile” look

  • Felipe Castro
    Felipe Castro15 timer siden


  • Relja Isailovic
    Relja Isailovic15 timer siden

    Umm my average is 120 bpm soo...

  • KogiMod
    KogiMod17 timer siden

    whats the intro song?

  • president cat
    president cat18 timer siden

    Idiots, fastest and always saves way to put someone's heart rate up is with fear and the easiest way and always working way is with Co2 intake

    CUZ IM BATMAN19 timer siden

    7:53 , guesses on who this person is??

  • Łukasz Tokarski
    Łukasz Tokarski19 timer siden

    Umm, why did they react so strangely to those porn categories? Those weren't even extreme...

  • Kermit the frog
    Kermit the frog20 timer siden

    In a alternate universe yvonnie dies and goes to 0

  • MaxCE
    MaxCE23 timer siden

    "is that a fist" "is she using a leg in that one" "why does it look like a fucking octopus" "I don't think things are supposed to open like that" boys what the hell did they see

  • Goco


    5 timer siden


  • Firestarfish 762
    Firestarfish 762Dag siden

    1:30 My jaw Dropped

  • pitbully 6666
    pitbully 6666Dag siden

    Who does poki hate ??

  • AB
    ABDag siden

    Brodin got that uchiha clan drip

  • よしYoshi
    よしYoshiDag siden

    what is the song from the intro and the outro?

  • Kyler Holman
    Kyler HolmanDag siden

    I would of just brought out a syringe with a needle

  • ツN11KKU
    ツN11KKUDag siden

    What's the name of the intro and outro song?

  • Ahmed Y-T PLAYZ
    Ahmed Y-T PLAYZDag siden

    Play wolvesville play it please its basically mafia but better and it's on your phone

  • Clutch God
    Clutch GodDag siden

    9:59 poki looks like a psychopath lmao 😂😂

  • zodiac
    zodiacDag siden

    osu players: laughs in pathetic *dies from cardiac arrest*

  • Metalic Metal
    Metalic MetalDag siden

    Up the moment when toast get to the computer Everyone else:Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh while also trying to look away

  • Enhalo ex
    Enhalo exDag siden

    Things got pretty sus

  • Michael Kwon
    Michael KwonDag siden

    The common green aetiologically compete because vinyl systemically shave absent a rustic donald. alluring, highfalutin hammer

  • Dolofónos Esostrefís
    Dolofónos EsostrefísDag siden

    5:15 "Nah I'm with my BOOOOOIS"

  • Newrunamuck
    NewrunamuckDag siden

    i looked for a bit but couldn't find the outro song, anybody know the name?

  • qu3nt0r
    qu3nt0rDag siden

    Even though the inappropriate stuff is blurred. I think they should still age restrict it.

  • Hash Brems
    Hash BremsDag siden

    How do i get a taser

  • pew pew
    pew pewDag siden

    toast be looking fine af😩😩😩

  • Navman101gaming
    Navman101gaming2 dager siden

    Who does pokimane not like

  • Inan
    Inan2 dager siden

    Bro mine is 120…….. I need help

  • Barney The Pervatasaurus
    Barney The Pervatasaurus2 dager siden

    What was the outro music?

  • Eljatix
    Eljatix2 dager siden

    No poki we don’t think that watching a guy with a bigger one is fine, that’s gay.

  • k e l p
    k e l p2 dager siden


  • night falmfist
    night falmfist2 dager siden

    They have mykul ptsd

  • destinymusic
    destinymusic2 dager siden

    I Average 104 heart rate all the time because I suck at doing anything good for myself lol

  • Th eU nk nO wn
    Th eU nk nO wn2 dager siden

    Y do i fell like Yvonne would be good at toucher?

  • Viper
    Viper2 dager siden

    When he said what category he said he would be into I thought he would do something like league of legends rp

  • Yancey Wiser
    Yancey Wiser2 dager siden

    Anyone gonna talk about the soundtrack being from the $hittie.$t sonic game ever made?

  • Flame_ Venum
    Flame_ Venum2 dager siden

    Damn bro the fat guy has to change something about he’s resting heart rate, he looks like he can get a heart attack, not saying this to offend him, saying this to save him

  • IkImAwesome
    IkImAwesome2 dager siden

    7:53 good to see mizkif made it

  • Fancy Pants

    Fancy Pants

    6 timer siden

    who was it :(

  • ILiekFishes
    ILiekFishes2 dager siden

    does anyone know the song in the beginning

  • ANONYMOUS 0947
    ANONYMOUS 09472 dager siden

    Ok at 1:30 does anyone know the song that's playing?

  • lol karma
    lol karma2 dager siden

    "is that a FIST???????"

  • ItsBum
    ItsBum2 dager siden

    Funny how toast’s hair got longer and Michael’s got shorter

  • Dio
    Dio2 dager siden

    I need that intro song wth is the title?

  • M Zidane F A
    M Zidane F A3 dager siden

    Toast is a robot what do you expect from a robot?

  • Zain
    Zain3 dager siden

    *_"you can use the objects here. to fuck with each other...."_* - Brodin

  • Pikaboubou
    Pikaboubou3 dager siden

    Yo, my resting heart rate is 90 am I going to die? 🤣

  • Kai Wong
    Kai Wong3 dager siden

    This is just a thought but would making michael angry by showing him all of the comments asking him to build robots work

  • Ethan Alfonso
    Ethan Alfonso3 dager siden

    I didn't get an ad before this video. Weird...

  • Equinox
    Equinox3 dager siden

    I saw tazers and went “well micheals gonna be here”

  • Jonathan B
    Jonathan B3 dager siden

    Unsurprising this was demonized

  • Crablopster6t
    Crablopster6t3 dager siden

    Where is fed??

  • Ris


    Dag siden


  • Natrakarn Suanphon
    Natrakarn Suanphon3 dager siden

    Am i the only one who wants to be in this friend group

  • Lotus Saintcrow
    Lotus Saintcrow3 dager siden

    I just wanna know what video Yvonne is deeply ashamed of tbh

  • Creature X
    Creature X3 dager siden

    biggest brain idea what if they do a video that they do dodge ball with the human attacking drones that Michael made

  • IvborouKGG12 69
    IvborouKGG12 693 dager siden

    (Coughs) where’s fed

  • Avnir
    Avnir3 dager siden


  • Ijlal A
    Ijlal A3 dager siden

    whats the intro song?

  • Yeet Man
    Yeet Man3 dager siden

    Now I wanna know all the censored videos lol

  • Awesome SK55
    Awesome SK553 dager siden

    Am I the only who keeps rewinding the part where Toast says he likes being part of The Amigops and Lily's heart rises?!?

  • Senator Palpatine
    Senator Palpatine3 dager siden

    Used to play this at the elderly home, didn't end so well

  • Andy Tu
    Andy Tu3 dager siden

    Yvonne def visited phub that night after the shoot out of curiosity

  • ChristyTrusty
    ChristyTrusty3 dager siden

    michael was kissing in the background for the first 3 seconds that was the first thing i saw

  • CausticTitan
    CausticTitan3 dager siden

    Michael, can you make your own vod/second channel so that I don't have to sort through other people stealing your content to see highlights?

  • Pete bradford Achay
    Pete bradford Achay3 dager siden

    6:58 who fired my marshal?

  • Michael Ramsey's Transporter Clone
    Michael Ramsey's Transporter Clone4 dager siden

    I love how absolutely psychotic Poki is in this one

  • Rune
    Rune4 dager siden

    Me an intellectual: * *pulls up liveleak* *

  • Sarthak Desai
    Sarthak Desai4 dager siden

    A very wholesome video

  • Mr. Seal
    Mr. Seal4 dager siden

    if Lilypichu broke up with Michael then he would turn into a super villan attacking people with his drones

  • CadeNight
    CadeNight4 dager siden

    Anyone remember when technicals heart rate went to 200bpm for beating Tartarus, GD reference

  • Tarzan Fashionist
    Tarzan Fashionist4 dager siden

    Anyone know what app they used, i wanna play this with my friends

  • Post Apocalypse
    Post Apocalypse4 dager siden

    Toast what the fuck

  • Sam Da Artist
    Sam Da Artist4 dager siden

    Lily getting peeved about Toast leaving is just adorable, like a brother teasing his little sister

  • Ilikeyacutg *slaps head* ahhhhhh
    Ilikeyacutg *slaps head* ahhhhhh4 dager siden

    Toast: how do you get a man’s blood flowing” Me: oh fuck no!

  • notok btw
    notok btw4 dager siden

    5:15 I have been to that site enough to recognize that ui

  • [ytry]asianruto10
    [ytry]asianruto104 dager siden

    I love how in the beginning it’s micheal and lily kissing and nobody else noticed

  • not _ Frizzy
    not _ Frizzy4 dager siden


  • Sami Abdulhamid
    Sami Abdulhamid4 dager siden


  • SpiritSlayer
    SpiritSlayer4 dager siden


  • Zargabaath
    Zargabaath4 dager siden

    I hope that's not Scarra's actual resting bpm, because that's fucking horrible.