ROBOT DOG DARTBOARD - OFFLINETV PLAYS DARTS ft. Pokimane Michael Reeves Scarra LilyPichu Yvonnie

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Scarra | scarra
Pokimane | pokimanelol
LilyPichu | LilyPichu
Disguised Toast l DisguisedToast
Michael Reeves l michaelreeves

Produced / Directed by:
Brodin | brodinplett

Shot by:
Brodin | brodinplett

Edited by:
Dunois | DunoisKR

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Dunois | DunoisKR

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Hyper Potions |

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  • dennis overkamp
    dennis overkamp16 timer siden

    11:52 when Michael hits the bag of doritos i swear that theme is from a zelda game but i cant find it anywhere can anyone help me out here

  • Tuft_
    Tuft_17 timer siden

    Favorite moment 16:16 😃

  • Professor Racc.
    Professor Racc.Dag siden

    i love how a lot of these games is just them taking the piss on broden

  • Aspurgic Genious
    Aspurgic Genious2 dager siden

    Yup lily holding reeves Its spam time.

  • a_big_gamer
    a_big_gamer3 dager siden

    when they it 19 my brain is like: 19 dollar fortnite card, who wants it

  • KidneyFailure
    KidneyFailure5 dager siden


  • GillNabiel
    GillNabiel7 dager siden

    Brodin what have you spawned

  • Cowly
    Cowly7 dager siden

    This episode, Velma was the bad guy

  • Preston Fernandes
    Preston Fernandes9 dager siden

    4:27 They followed the dart perfectly with the shot 👌😑

  • Delle Fe Amor Endrina
    Delle Fe Amor Endrina10 dager siden

    look at lily and michaels hands when it was yvonnie's turn huhuhuhu

  • Dr believe
    Dr believe11 dager siden

    Michael you scare me when you're enslaving dogs

  • Delta The Tv
    Delta The Tv11 dager siden

    so can we apreciate that poki's dart did a back flip mid air 5:23

  • Mikołaj Czarnecki
    Mikołaj Czarnecki11 dager siden

    I used to be an adventurer like you till I took an arrow to the knee

  • crackes EZ_
    crackes EZ_11 dager siden

    omg why is Michael and Lily so cute tf >-

  • Raygen Rupe
    Raygen Rupe13 dager siden

    I expected Michael to have a cannon.

  • Comedy Cut
    Comedy Cut14 dager siden

    A legal slaves name- Robodog Evidence- STAND AND GET BACK TO WORK. Price for ownership- $900,000

  • Darth puglueis the wise
    Darth puglueis the wise15 dager siden

    7000th comment lets gooooo

  • morisawa chiaki lover
    morisawa chiaki lover16 dager siden

    I'm the 7000 comment :D

  • Paul Graf
    Paul Graf17 dager siden

    I like how they use a robodog, worth several thousand dollars, to move a dart board they drew on a piece of styrofoam

  • kwc Lewd
    kwc Lewd18 dager siden

    not poki thinking that the middle of two numbers in one divided by another, she would've gotten more points as well XD

  • rian peeter
    rian peeter20 dager siden

    Michael looks like he is ready to beat the shit out of everything that moves at all times

  • BeeJayy
    BeeJayy21 dag siden

    The way Brodin tracked Poki's first dart on her 2nd turn was quite satisfying.

  • Mystic Fish
    Mystic Fish22 dager siden

    Can we just appreciate the wind Waker music

  • Giggle Widgets
    Giggle Widgets23 dager siden

    Can we talk about how well the camera man tracked the dart at 4:27??!!

  • Doctor Ouroboros
    Doctor Ouroboros23 dager siden


  • Roy bgp
    Roy bgp25 dager siden

    7k comments. Ez dub

  • 8
    826 dager siden


  • 8
    826 dager siden

    Wheres fed

  • Zadin Rodriguez
    Zadin Rodriguez27 dager siden

    Michaels score wait an error

  • Eltin Tand
    Eltin Tand27 dager siden

    Lily: I feel like cosplaying Recently watched scooby doo Lily: yes

  • Tyler
    Tyler29 dager siden

    9:50 get the attic room

  • Adam Hauf
    Adam Hauf29 dager siden

    the boy is love, the boy is life

  • kazino
    kazino29 dager siden

    It's so satisfying hearing lily laugh in that mask

  • Deryk English
    Deryk EnglishMåned siden

    What's the song they play when poki dances

  • Carson Spinks
    Carson SpinksMåned siden

    Velma having the monsters head at the end is very on brand

  • Acolyte6SIX6
    Acolyte6SIX6Måned siden

    the missed shots should've been slowmoed lol

  • Eternal Evening
    Eternal EveningMåned siden

    Why the hell would they do this inside? They have plenty of space OUTSIDE?!

  • Mardin Maroufi
    Mardin MaroufiMåned siden

    These guys playing darts with a $75,000 robot

  • Landon Scott
    Landon ScottMåned siden

    They just be casually using a $10,000 robot as a dart board... Prime content!

  • Max Pearson
    Max PearsonMåned siden

    6,999 comments NICE!

  • Joeri Dumortier
    Joeri DumortierMåned siden

    After round 4 we all knew micheal was the real winner: his points spelled 404, everyone’s favourite error.

  • Xx_Vaughn _xX
    Xx_Vaughn _xXMåned siden

    pokimane is like the daphne

  • Jonas Parks
    Jonas ParksMåned siden

    That Zelda timer noise whenever they make a shot triggers my PTSD from playing OoT as a kid

  • sleepy
    sleepyMåned siden

    14:32 D O R I T O S

  • Arctarus
    ArctarusMåned siden

    Just realized brodins massive

  • Comedy Cut
    Comedy CutMåned siden


  • Logan Shaw
    Logan ShawMåned siden


  • The corni
    The corniMåned siden


  • Corrupted Night
    Corrupted NightMåned siden

    Lily: Dont worry i never miss Literally misses first shot

  • The_Yeet_ Beep
    The_Yeet_ BeepMåned siden

    Mykull 10:23 dart not found

  • Gamer Ryder
    Gamer RyderMåned siden

    2:36 How is a human capable of making that noise

  • Griffen Farnsley
    Griffen FarnsleyMåned siden

    That camera shot on the dot at 4:25 was insane

  • Mr_Fancy
    Mr_FancyMåned siden

    1:56 18+ kids do not watch

  • Anuj Aggarwal
    Anuj AggarwalMåned siden

    13:54 Dunwa absolutely violates Yvonne in every video possible

  • WeatherMansduck
    WeatherMansduckMåned siden

    Dude the look of absolute horror on Michael's face when his beer pisser gets hit by a dart is hilarious

  • ıts Doge
    ıts DogeMåned siden

    Dying Grandma” almost made me die laughing

  • Math-arz
    Math-arzMåned siden

    Thank you for the nightmares, Lily. I wasn't planning to sleep anyway

  • Richard Rappleyea
    Richard RappleyeaMåned siden

    My fight or flight was kicking in when Lily started to laugh in the mask

  • Tavnazian
    TavnazianMåned siden

    4:25 is a phenomenal tracking shot

  • germ
    germMåned siden

    jesus can lily chill w the touching

  • Sam A
    Sam AMåned siden

    what tha dog doin?

  • rainy
    rainyMåned siden

    Imagine hearing: 🌸✨ _hehehehe_ 🌼❤️ Then seeing where it came from: 👹

  • General K E N O B I
    General K E N O B IMåned siden

    kids be like: can i get the yeagermyster

  • Doug Walker
    Doug WalkerMåned siden


  • Josh Kirk
    Josh Kirk2 måneder siden

    The secret music from games like rocket league,Zelda, etc is so awesome

  • Darwinian Glitch
    Darwinian Glitch2 måneder siden

    7:55 4 inches away from the socket and setting the house aflame.

  • Pascal Reumer
    Pascal Reumer2 måneder siden

    first 4 throws: Michael gets 0-4-0-4 Is it just me or am I beginning to see a patern? 10:23

  • Pascal Reumer

    Pascal Reumer

    2 måneder siden

    nvm, he hit the Dorito's and got +16 12:00

  • Trevor Hallett
    Trevor Hallett2 måneder siden

    Not going to lie, Lily does look like Velma from Scooby Doo

  • Chocodel 4
    Chocodel 42 måneder siden

    "or hit on the boy" My mind: hey boy u lookin fine

  • Keithen Woodley
    Keithen Woodley2 måneder siden

    When i saw this video and saw the dog with the dart board I was like,"that dog js going to die

  • William M
    William M2 måneder siden

    Build a dart-throwing robot.

  • horoe nipau
    horoe nipau2 måneder siden

    The temporary measure regularly meddle because brow superficially scare absent a amused letter. mellow, sad raven

  • My Car Is Chaotic
    My Car Is Chaotic2 måneder siden

    Brodin giving Michael alchooool is like literal primary school drug deal and child

  • Abudora Yakobu
    Abudora Yakobu2 måneder siden


  • Jake Tree
    Jake Tree2 måneder siden

    Scarra: *Hits the dog* Michael: U wanna kill the dog, Huh? Michael 5 mins before: get back to work u dog

  • Jake Tree

    Jake Tree

    2 måneder siden


  • Jake Tree

    Jake Tree

    2 måneder siden


  • Cyclo Gaming
    Cyclo Gaming2 måneder siden

    lily just clinging to Michel the entire time lmao

  • MegaSilver75
    MegaSilver752 måneder siden

    I love that they added the gormoth theme from Xenoblade 2

  • FTWGaming
    FTWGaming2 måneder siden

    The referral to "hitting the boy" is gonna get you banned for suuuuure.

  • MonsterCat
    MonsterCat2 måneder siden

    Why is discount harry potter an alcoholic?

  • PrkrY
    PrkrY2 måneder siden


  • WitherWolf33
    WitherWolf332 måneder siden

    This must've taken forever without the double and triple score rings

  • Gamer7Games
    Gamer7Games2 måneder siden


  • Lerina san
    Lerina san2 måneder siden

    13:48 Scarra:Tickets son!

  • Richy G
    Richy G2 måneder siden

    The use of Sonic OSTs in these videos makes them so much better

  • Luke Hildebrandt
    Luke Hildebrandt2 måneder siden

    2:52 Lily's standing behind Michael because she knows how bad of a shot Yvonne is

  • Adrian Doe
    Adrian Doe2 måneder siden

    These guys suck

  • Electrofied Gaming
    Electrofied Gaming2 måneder siden

    They can't afford a dart board but a robo dog.

  • isaac lupie
    isaac lupie2 måneder siden

    13:00 that Xenoblade Chronicles 2 world theme at the first Titan island

  • Isaac Villagoodwin
    Isaac Villagoodwin2 måneder siden

    When Lilly twitched I almost lost it

  • Ruby Garcia
    Ruby Garcia2 måneder siden

    9:22 this looks so cute in the background

  • Weebfox
    Weebfox2 måneder siden

    I get an anxiety attack every time they miss the target and hit smth behind

  • Thunder Turtle31
    Thunder Turtle312 måneder siden

    The only reason that Michael didn’t win is he was too focused of destroying that bag of Doritos

  • Sophie Jordan
    Sophie Jordan2 måneder siden

    8:40 Lily shoots the dog

  • thisisdeep
    thisisdeep2 måneder siden

    Boston Dynamics: We Made a Robot Dog for Construction and Rescue cool right? OfflineTV: DartGame go brrrrrrrrr

  • Jacob Eshleman
    Jacob Eshleman2 måneder siden

    I wonder what Boston dynamics thinks about this

  • iNDiGO DCB
    iNDiGO DCB2 måneder siden

    Song in the intro: Hyper Potions x Nokae - Expedition

  • T.A.K
    T.A.K2 måneder siden

    That camera track at 4:26

  • Joshua Lara
    Joshua Lara2 måneder siden

    the boy ☹

  • Alexandre Silva
    Alexandre Silva2 måneder siden

    Really like the Sonic Adventure background music

  • acErin
    acErin2 måneder siden

    Michael: Jagermeister! Me: immediately looks for it. Damn I loved that too! It tastes like a sweet wine or grape juice!!!