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  • Zeta0013
    Zeta00139 timer siden

    I mean i don't feel like spending like 1000$ on shipping just to send them a gift. But yeah scarra needs more gift makes me sad and worried that he doesn't feel appreseated.

  • Josh Orton
    Josh OrtonDag siden

    Poki craves bloodshed

  • Neo Politan
    Neo PolitanDag siden

    Is that a Barrett M82 in the background lol?

  • VVVin
    VVVin3 dager siden

    16:47 who tf is that girl beside lily

  • neko


    Dag siden

    @VVVin no, she's just helping them film their videos. She's the girl in the "White Elephant" video they gave her a laptop

  • VVVin


    Dag siden

    @neko is she like a manager or smthn

  • neko


    Dag siden


  • Jacob AMV.
    Jacob AMV.4 dager siden

    This was posted the exact day of my birthday.

  • Sxnti
    Sxnti5 dager siden

    Anybody else notice Lilly’s real voice 7:55

  • Eric
    Eric5 dager siden

    does anyone know the song in the intro, please i need to know

  • isaac esparza
    isaac esparza6 dager siden

    Scarra is the beast one

  • KanadaHorseMan
    KanadaHorseMan6 dager siden

    19:06 offlinetv is a boca juniors fan?

  • Luke Craig
    Luke Craig7 dager siden

    8:14 Toast Pogger has entered the chat with a screaming Yvonne

  • Z Hunter
    Z Hunter8 dager siden

    What is DND

  • Pandamonium Bruu
    Pandamonium Bruu9 dager siden

    19:06 BAMO VOCA

  • Retro Rampage
    Retro Rampage9 dager siden

    9:14 yOu'Re ofF bEaT

  • Insert Funny Name Here
    Insert Funny Name Here9 dager siden

    i fucking love toast he just so calm about what he says while he roasts someone its fucking great edit: Yvonnie is 30 toast literally said "in conclusion get fucked"

  • Skrump
    Skrump11 dager siden

    this 80s jpop intro was something i never knew i needed

  • Kib
    Kib11 dager siden

    6:52 Can we talk about how Poki just stole the sexy pen when it didn't even point at her?

  • F Cno
    F Cno13 dager siden

    Literally Nobody: Pokimane every time they Unbox stuff : 😲

  • Andra typhoon
    Andra typhoon13 dager siden

    opening song name?

  • Bruhg
    Bruhg13 dager siden

    Yooooo lily there is smoke coming from you when you are unboxing

  • neko


    Dag siden

    i think it was the candle they got

  • Jesper Aung
    Jesper Aung14 dager siden

    Seeing the OTV group eat bugs brought back an unpleasant memory of a time when I eat a big spoonful of bugs in a soup thinking they were nuts fir some reason.

  • joe mama
    joe mama14 dager siden


  • A. Susanto
    A. Susanto15 dager siden

    offline tv do hot ones, why not?

  • Noah Curby
    Noah Curby15 dager siden

    Isn’t it ironic that Michael use to want to save lifes now he’s destroying them

  • Simon Siebert
    Simon Siebert17 dager siden

    Keanu Reeves, Michael Reeves, Aluminoty confirmed

  • Tikki Tick
    Tikki Tick18 dager siden

    Toast is the dad at christmas

  • Draga Cukina
    Draga Cukina19 dager siden


  • Joe Mama
    Joe Mama19 dager siden

    just wanna say that the editor's choice of music is *mwah* perfecto. Xenoblade 2 is great.

  • Jacob Hood
    Jacob Hood19 dager siden

    Dude, Lily’s voice got deep at 7.57

  • Luka Sarac
    Luka Sarac20 dager siden


  • MeDaMonke
    MeDaMonke21 dag siden

    Remember when they got nothing but swords

  • KevvEh
    KevvEh21 dag siden

    so uhm, you guys have 2.69 million (heh... 69) subscribers, and on this video you guys had 100k subs, 2 mil subs in like between 8-10 months is INSANE!!! and you guys make me laugh so much my jaw hurts xD

  • Potatoe Lord
    Potatoe Lord22 dager siden

    they look like such a happy little family

  • Myst3r10us
    Myst3r10us22 dager siden

    Michael got a crackhead technician suit

  • Dominique Harrison
    Dominique Harrison23 dager siden

    Sees Michael smiling in the back while holding a flamethrower: this is going to be good

  • Connor.exe_Vr
    Connor.exe_Vr25 dager siden

    The simp army is weeping from the title

  • ✨b u t t e r f l y p h i l✨
    ✨b u t t e r f l y p h i l✨25 dager siden

    Is it just me, or does toast seem extra salty in this video? 😂

  • shiratori
    shiratori25 dager siden

    What is the intro music?

  • recent-nowt4
    recent-nowt426 dager siden

    Ah yes the perfect thumbnail pokimane new boyfriend and Michael Reeves because he has infinite subs (well he stopped uploading)

  • Gia Bella Carbone Pagan
    Gia Bella Carbone Pagan26 dager siden

    I thought it said poki unboxed her new bob

  • Somewhere wales
    Somewhere wales 27 dager siden

    wait halloween has a killer named michael he's feared offline tv has a guy named michael he is also feared...... im scared

  • FrostyFox
    FrostyFox27 dager siden

    i can tell alot of simps got pissed over this title

  • KartoonPerson
    KartoonPerson27 dager siden

    Bro I don't know why people think dried bugs are weird in Mexico where I used to live at we ate a lot of dried bugs for protein and especially a bug that only came out during summer called chicatana and they are so good

  • S0ULfinalwarrior653
    S0ULfinalwarrior65327 dager siden

    Toast:now my turn I this made my day (the whole vid did but something about toast saying that reminded me of some stuff)

  • ItsMeWill
    ItsMeWill27 dager siden

    Why is there smoke behind lily 13:31

  • 芽衣子ちぃ〜
    芽衣子ちぃ〜28 dager siden

    7:56 LilyPichu's real voice hint

  • Sway22
    Sway2228 dager siden

    11:47 you did xD

  • vesper _101
    vesper _10128 dager siden


  • Oncilla Gaming
    Oncilla GamingMåned siden

    Jeez i rewatched this and realized how fast they blew up. From 100,000 to 2.69 mil in around a year

  • Crane cane
    Crane caneMåned siden

    18:50 what is this sound effect need it urgently :D

  • Chickennugget #2
    Chickennugget #2Måned siden

    13:32 are we just not gunna talk about the random smoke behind lily 😳

  • Immabluesolocup
    ImmabluesolocupMåned siden


  • soup :]
    soup :]Måned siden

    Otv literally gives chaotic friends and a sibling dynamic at the same time-

  • Gregorius Arthur
    Gregorius ArthurMåned siden

    Michael Reeves with his brother Keanu Reeve

  • Phalanx Doctrine
    Phalanx DoctrineMåned siden

    Sorry simps she's taken

  • GG Viktor
    GG ViktorMåned siden

    Was it only me that saw that michael got a swedish flag

  • Yoonie Mars
    Yoonie MarsMåned siden

    Are we all going to ignore the fact that at 14:52 toast is in that Photo just look at him so so.... scream-y and yea

    MICHAEL MILLERMåned siden

    wow, google really does just have shoe size there for all god and glory

  • J Villain
    J VillainMåned siden

    I was wondering why last august the sky rang out like the horns of 4 horsemen of the apocalypse. Now I know it was just the combined cries of a million basement dwelling simps.

  • still a virgin
    still a virginMåned siden

    Scaara calls the edible part of the banana a fetus of the banana

  • Damien Ilarraza
    Damien IlarrazaMåned siden

    13:59 scarra: what would need to be packaged like this Michael reeves: bombs .come back toast ride or die remember

  • birdie werminsky
    birdie werminskyMåned siden

    14:20 you can tell by the look Michel makes he is convinced its a pipe bomb

  • an amogus
    an amogusMåned siden

    My man scarra is just holding, appreciating the only gift he got He deserves more fucking gifts maybe a ps5

  • Abdullah AL-Hajj
    Abdullah AL-HajjMåned siden

    When you dont have friends so you watch bunch of friends having fun 😶

  • feet lettuce
    feet lettuceMåned siden

    he has a flamethrower now

  • that Weeb
    that WeebMåned siden

    “Michael: The fundamental force of chaos, the primordial state of darkness from which light springs forth into the universe. Your appearance alone thwarted his fear, transforming destinies of those around you in a light of hope.” Michael: *confused stare*

  • that Weeb
    that WeebMåned siden

    I kind of do want to see that boxing match between the off-line TV members

  • Hayden
    HaydenMåned siden

    "Oh they have my ding dings! I'm gonna wear these forever"

  • cat warrior
    cat warriorMåned siden

    i think i know why most of the pens point at micheal

  • A YouTube Channel Who Subbed to Grav
    A YouTube Channel Who Subbed to GravMåned siden

    bruh michael got a sweden flag

  • hellovalen
    hellovalenMåned siden

    “Blow, woman” -Scarra

  • Nolan Belcher
    Nolan BelcherMåned siden


  • Athytical
    AthyticalMåned siden

    The irony that you can really only watch OTV Offline if you buy YT Premium or usr a pirated site

  • Puff
    PuffMåned siden

    2:53 he looks so happy loool

  • Keep Calm3
    Keep Calm3Måned siden

    who else clicked on the video because micheal is in the back with a FLAMETHROWER

  • ChunyGurl
    ChunyGurlMåned siden

    4:35 Toast roast Yvonne 🍞

  • Ben Scott
    Ben ScottMåned siden

    thx moment

  • AYUB 21
    AYUB 21Måned siden

    13.28 toast sound like a villager in Minecraft

  • Roobikz
    RoobikzMåned siden

    7:56 Lily's deep voice.

  • Dot
    DotMåned siden

    And no violence happens. Unless?

  • Eggy
    EggyMåned siden

    15:26 i thought Michael will go crazy with that stun gun.

  • Eggy
    EggyMåned siden

    13:50 Lily mind: Michael "surgery bot" vedio flashback

  • Eggy
    EggyMåned siden

    11:21 Lily at the background : what?

  • El_Lizard_PR
    El_Lizard_PRMåned siden

    Michael’s face when he throws the cards 🤣🤣

  • urmomlol
    urmomlol2 måneder siden

    I clicked because I thought Michael was flame throwering pokimane

  • Tia R
    Tia R2 måneder siden

    when Asami and Mako Dine starts playing at 8:23 my heart stopped

  • Ducky_593
    Ducky_5932 måneder siden

    All of you are very beautiful and cool, I’m talking about the boys btw, no homo or sexist

  • Adrian Isaac-Jimenez
    Adrian Isaac-Jimenez2 måneder siden

    Lily: thank you so much for 100,000 subscribers Me: didn’t y’all hit like 2 mil a year ago?

  • Cori MK
    Cori MK2 måneder siden

    What song is playing during the Merch clip at the beginning?

  • FakeNotAvailable


    Måned siden

    i think its "Peachy Keen - September"

  • I poop a lot I poop a lot
    I poop a lot I poop a lot2 måneder siden

    0:55 it's Floyd Mayweather vs logan paul LOL

  • TrashBoi
    TrashBoi2 måneder siden

    12:07-12:08 A party of rogues and their singular bard.

  • TrashBoi
    TrashBoi2 måneder siden

    That Punch out Wii Music at the beginning. I see you editor. You cant get shit past me Also holy shit more maplestory music. Im on that same aesthetic my dude

  • Asphalion
    Asphalion2 måneder siden

    I'm here because Michael Reeves had a flame thrower in the thumbnail.

  • Pavel Medbery
    Pavel Medbery2 måneder siden

    Yooo Peachy Keen gang in the house!

  • zali pop
    zali pop2 måneder siden

    "you can look at mine" that shit cracked me up and woke up the whole neighborhood

  • LexHubla
    LexHubla2 måneder siden

    Me just seeing Michel in the background with fire: Ooooo must watch

  • Shamus Fiedler
    Shamus Fiedler2 måneder siden

    Rope, lamp oil, 13:59?

  • Arnold Thobias
    Arnold Thobias2 måneder siden

    not even a year. now they have 2.64 sub sheeeeeesh

  • Jakalope
    Jakalope2 måneder siden

    Nobody: Minecraft Villagers: 13:30

  • PieBoi
    PieBoi2 måneder siden


  • F.B.I
    F.B.I2 måneder siden

    Where's the online tv?