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  • Nothing No
    Nothing No2 timer siden

    I watched this video crying

  • Jake Jones
    Jake Jones4 timer siden

    everyone has something special Michael: S P O O N

  • TPTgamer12
    TPTgamer125 timer siden

    im fucking scraded about the hissing bugs i owend 20 of them they killed and ate other bugs

  • Chrisbyyクリスビー
    Chrisbyyクリスビー19 timer siden

    6:26 this face is just gold

  • Haien
    Haien20 timer siden

    You guys were being mad nice about the tag placement hints. I would have let them feel around a bit first XD

  • alex robledo
    alex robledoDag siden

    Tegus are chonky lizards and cute because if their puffy cheeks

  • meme city
    meme cityDag siden

    Battle cats. Simple? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😅🤣🤣🤣🤣😅

  • 바보 소녀
    바보 소녀Dag siden

    9:32 Both Micheal and Peter reacted the same way when the snake stuck it's tongue out lmfao

  • PolandBall
    PolandBallDag siden

    what do u think it is… A FUCKING VELOCIRAPTOR

  • Tori
    ToriDag siden

    I would have loved to hold the snake, I used to own a snake but she died a few years ago :c

  • Booplos
    BooplosDag siden

    why the hell is the fucking snake scary its so cute

  • Shremp The Shrimp
    Shremp The ShrimpDag siden

    Honestly, Michael having a spoon is the most Michael thing I've ever seen.

  • Yin XiaoLong
    Yin XiaoLong2 dager siden

    22:50 "Ah my spoon" lmao I forgot he put that in there.

  • TheRougeDestroyer
    TheRougeDestroyer2 dager siden

    I would hold all off these except the cockroaches

  • Beastmaster
    Beastmaster2 dager siden

    I hav a bearded dragon

  • PenguinDeffender
    PenguinDeffender2 dager siden

    This was freaken hilarious, but the couch helped WAY too much. Everyone got out too easy

  • TheNukedNacho
    TheNukedNacho3 dager siden

    If I'd do this challenge, I'd be super fucked. I love reptiles so I'd have no problem with them. So they'd give me bugs and I'd be dead.

  • MozdiLIVE
    MozdiLIVE3 dager siden

    Teme is so cute just sitting there

  • The Devil
    The Devil3 dager siden

    Imagine they putted a kimono dragon there. Just one bite and they would die if it’s not treated ASAP.

  • Rafael Franco
    Rafael Franco4 dager siden

    brodin is a fukin genius

  • Abigail Pena
    Abigail Pena4 dager siden

    I need another one🤣

  • mai goodness • 35 years ago
    mai goodness • 35 years ago4 dager siden

    21:21 I LOVE HER 😭

  • SFYFARtheGreat M
    SFYFARtheGreat M4 dager siden

    Every time they get scared and wine I keep thinking “I wanna touch it”

  • EloquentPixel lawl
    EloquentPixel lawl5 dager siden

    if only the lizard ate the key lol

  • Cook Iez
    Cook Iez5 dager siden

    Lily: moves an inanimate object* Also Lily: "im sorry"

  • LittleTronus
    LittleTronus5 dager siden

    Micheal sees something big: “ its a dinosaur”

  • Avilion Online
    Avilion Online6 dager siden

    Have you ever noticed that they always use Michael for the thumbnail lol

  • dager siden

    Wait are Michael and Lilly dating?

  • 7sinsofhell
    7sinsofhell6 dager siden

    I feel like I could deal with everything but the roaches.

  • B_R_A_W_R
    B_R_A_W_R6 dager siden

    my biology teacher has some of those cockroaches in his classroom

  • little buster
    little buster6 dager siden


  • Roderick Murdock
    Roderick Murdock6 dager siden

    Ah my spoon

  • edrian delacruz
    edrian delacruz8 dager siden

    Am I the only one who recognizes the pokemon mystery dungeon music?

  • changminfangirl
    changminfangirl8 dager siden

    Can we please have another one of these? PLEASE?

  • KaraTheNeko
    KaraTheNeko8 dager siden

    I don’t know why their freaking out I’ve got a tegu, four snakes and 3 bearded dragons.

  • Scott W Pilgrim

    Scott W Pilgrim

    8 dager siden

    A genuine Tegu? So cool!! 😩

  • ItssLeo
    ItssLeo8 dager siden

    Scarra: A pendant given to him by his mother before he left her. Poki: A journal which she keeps her deepest secrets and mail given to her by her fans and supporters. Michael: SPOON

  • Aмrita Sharma
    Aмrita Sharma8 dager siden


  • Dont ask me why
    Dont ask me why9 dager siden

    Poki white shirt look nice

  • Cardinalfish Gaming
    Cardinalfish Gaming9 dager siden

    It's just a ball python. And it's frickin cute

  • Scarykiller 1
    Scarykiller 19 dager siden

    6:32 6:35

  • Carlos Playz
    Carlos Playz9 dager siden

    "Force leslie card"

  • Yong Zeng Tan
    Yong Zeng Tan10 dager siden

    Micheal:They probably saved the least fucked animal for first. The box: *Tarantula*

  • Smasho Blasho
    Smasho Blasho10 dager siden

    I want more boxes with thingsssss

  • Nathan Saligumba
    Nathan Saligumba10 dager siden

    Bro what michael and scarra get a spider and snake while lily and poki get a mouse and shell.

  • •av0id Tyanna•
    •av0id Tyanna•11 dager siden

    I would literally do all except the worms, tarantula and cock roaches I’ve had a snake around my neck 2 times and everything else wasn’t that bad I think

  • chris wong
    chris wong11 dager siden

    famous last words: they probably saved the least fucked animal for the first

  • Dominic Dillman
    Dominic Dillman11 dager siden

    5:59 to 6:35 Michael doing the Poggers face

  • Geo
    Geo11 dager siden

    I think the guys handling the animals need to be appreciated more. They seemed very nice and were awesome people. They even had some humor and were getting involved with the group themselves

  • LY NX
    LY NX11 dager siden

    unknown cat thats ULTRA LAN PASALAN

  • Charlie Sanday
    Charlie Sanday11 dager siden

    15:18 I hope to be as cool as this guy someday but I know I’m always gonna be the Micheal of that situation of the reacion

  • evil derpy deer
    evil derpy deer11 dager siden

    Funfact tegus make great pets and in fact have the personality of a lazy dog at times.

  • ZackLP
    ZackLP11 dager siden

    Honestly those snakes are more forgiving than you think I remember in the zoo there was an exibit where you could touch the snake, but with my stupidity i dropped the snake but thankfully it didnt care much

  • ZackLP
    ZackLP11 dager siden

    10:25 Pepe's Revenge

  • Deborah Phillips
    Deborah Phillips11 dager siden

    6:30 mykull pog mode activated

  • WalkedCube324
    WalkedCube32412 dager siden

    3:51 Temmie being cute and clueless as always

  • Jayden Roleplays
    Jayden Roleplays12 dager siden

    The funny thing is well looked after pet rats very rarely bite.

  • Night Ninja
    Night Ninja13 dager siden

    They gave Scarra a reptile everytime so he has the highest chance of being bitten

  • ClearConfusion
    ClearConfusion13 dager siden

    “This is a real jade pendant that my mom gave me before I went to college..” “This is.. spoon..”

  • steveee
    steveee13 dager siden

    16:32 is this another ... amphibian?

  • Nickrenki
    Nickrenki13 dager siden

    “Each of you are going 3 times Everyone: * laughs * Poki: *Siren Noises*

  • Dr. Killpatient
    Dr. Killpatient13 dager siden

    I love how the exotic animal handlers mess with em.

  • Aburaihan Ansari
    Aburaihan Ansari13 dager siden

    and Right when the video ended Scarra threw the snake RIP big snake

  • 🧸
    🧸13 dager siden

    I am legit TERRIFIED of cockroaches, i cried at the Madagascar ones...

  • Luis Hernandez
    Luis Hernandez13 dager siden

    I like how a gaming award is more special to scares than a parting given to him by his mom

  • Kib
    Kib13 dager siden

    21:55 - 21:59 I really thought it was Leslie's for a second like: "Damn she's got thicc hands......oh"

  • 16pc Bucket Of Depression
    16pc Bucket Of Depression14 dager siden

    Nice touch with the doom hellwalker track

  • Not Shrimpo
    Not Shrimpo14 dager siden

    I watched this 3 times and just realized when they show gallery that for Yvonne it said you already know this thing

  • anne lumanas
    anne lumanas14 dager siden

    They need to do this again!! 🤣🤣🤣

  • AngelicDreams
    AngelicDreams15 dager siden

    Me trying to hold my laugh to not wake up my brother XD

  • jordy marcoux
    jordy marcoux15 dager siden

    i fking love battles cat x)

  • Senpai Chan
    Senpai Chan16 dager siden

    I feel bad for Yvonne

  • Senpai Chan

    Senpai Chan

    16 dager siden

    In general

  • Buster Duckster
    Buster Duckster16 dager siden

    “Hey guys it me Lily, with my pet cat Temmie here.” Temmie: ? Me: wat? 😂

  • Tee
    Tee16 dager siden

    I know this video is from Oct 2020, but this was hilarious

  • Charlie Big Man
    Charlie Big Man17 dager siden

    Squash is my favourite

  • Mika4569
    Mika456917 dager siden

    I see meal worms and I'm like that's not too bad I used to have to grow meal worms for our chickens but they went away there in zoos now at least they chose the small ones the small ones don't hurt but the big ones hurt like their biting you even thought there just walking on you. The small ones I don't really feel much

  • Ziggs loko de acido
    Ziggs loko de acido17 dager siden

    7:41 This was fucking adorable

  • Alex Lian
    Alex Lian18 dager siden

    Yvonne: professional deflating ballon xD

  • Hinoda niisan
    Hinoda niisan19 dager siden

    I want a pet python

  • Zucco
    Zucco19 dager siden

    Wouldn’t be surprised if there was a gun in the box

  • Yeetmyster
    Yeetmyster19 dager siden

    Why is nobody talking about the roaches like nothing else bothered me but them roaches nah I can’t

  • Zico Zicowo
    Zico Zicowo19 dager siden

    "And when i get drunk my hands get a little sticky"

  • asher steed
    asher steed19 dager siden

    me and peter both have ophidiophobia so when he said, "the speed at which it moves is alarming" i couldn't agree more

  • Midori
    Midori19 dager siden

    Scarra’s little shuffle to look at what’s inside the box was really cute. 16:40

  • Noah Dixon
    Noah Dixon19 dager siden

    I touched a bearded dragon before and ther pretty chill

  • baked fish
    baked fish21 dag siden

    you know if even michael is scared, you're FUCKED.

  • themanwhowaspinkforsomereason
    themanwhowaspinkforsomereason21 dag siden

    20:33 that’s what she said XD

  • Darkmoon Slayer
    Darkmoon Slayer21 dag siden

    The animal handlers were loving it

  • Nathan Mackie
    Nathan Mackie21 dag siden

    I would love this job

  • Minjae Kwon
    Minjae Kwon21 dag siden

    The disturbed trowel commonly observe because staircase primarily provide down a harmonious drop. whispering, organic range

  • Zay MayDust
    Zay MayDust21 dag siden

    Lmao why is no one talking about 15:18 like bruh thats such a content move

  • boardante
    boardante22 dager siden

    so girls get rats and shells while the guys get venemous and lethal animals.. copy

  • iraq lobster

    iraq lobster

    13 dager siden

    None of those animals were lethal. And even if they were i dont get you point considering poki got a bigger python

  • calore s
    calore s22 dager siden

    Rat:*Exists* Michael:*becomes possessed*

  • karstdeviz
    karstdeviz22 dager siden

    that was fun

  • John Smith
    John Smith23 dager siden

    6:09 poki confused

  • TheConfusedEra
    TheConfusedEra23 dager siden

    Favorite youtube channel starting today.

  • Choco
    Choco23 dager siden

    I know the exact song they used

  • Lav Stojanovic
    Lav Stojanovic23 dager siden


  • Chescak
    Chescak25 dager siden

    Am I the only one that thought the pixie frog was adorable?

  • Gamoment
    Gamoment25 dager siden

    the dinosaur was cute

  • Hoàng Lê
    Hoàng Lê26 dager siden