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    OfflineTV3 måneder siden

    Join us in The Walking Dead: Survivors!

  • jonah sweet

    jonah sweet

    14 dager siden


  • Mohammed KHan

    Mohammed KHan

    Måned siden

    @𝕯𝖊𝖕𝖗𝖊𝖘𝖘𝖔 Why

  • 𝕯𝖊𝖕𝖗𝖊𝖘𝖘𝖔


    Måned siden

    No, No i dont think i will

  • Azavier Jones

    Azavier Jones

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  • MrTeethpaste


    2 måneder siden

    Y'all ever thought of hiring Aria?

  • Andre Hinkley
    Andre Hinkley17 minutter siden

    Michael jus built different

  • Phrog
    Phrog6 timer siden

    Robot man is surprisingly threatening

  • H20 - Melons
    H20 - Melons16 timer siden

    Its not an opinion its a fact, Michael was under-detained

  • FlatCola
    FlatCola23 timer siden

    on the second door, could they not have just turned the knobs at the same time to let the chains fall, or am i missing something?

  • Kurumi Tokisaki
    Kurumi TokisakiDag siden

    I would've just stabbed my friend

  • 『Ogawa』
    『Ogawa』Dag siden

    I haven't even started and I can already tell Michael is going to do something incredible.

  • FishyGaming
    FishyGamingDag siden

    Michael is the reason that escape rooms have rules against breaking shit

  • Tanush Bhao
    Tanush BhaoDag siden

    Michael is the type of guy to not only successfully escape a jigsaw trap without losing anything but also to improve upon the trap's design

  • Lino Norman Sampaio Hawken
    Lino Norman Sampaio HawkenDag siden

    I'd do the only fans lol

  • Lordof Music 420
    Lordof Music 420Dag siden

    michael gets out of cage* everyone: thats a surprise tool we can use later

  • Dream SmSimp
    Dream SmSimpDag siden

    Michael got the most unfair trap

  • Dakotah Adams
    Dakotah AdamsDag siden

    Michael isn't built different he's just CRÄCKED

  • Popcorn850
    Popcorn850Dag siden

    the music at the end is genshin impact mondstalt bc lilly pichu did i voice over for genshin impact in the 2.0 update (more usless info ik)

  • Mr. Raccoon
    Mr. Raccoon Dag siden

    They should have put lily in the cage

  • Tùng Nguyễn
    Tùng NguyễnDag siden

    Michael is literally a cheat code if the cheat code took a tazer and literally torture the other players

  • Cat_The_E
    Cat_The_EDag siden

    no one: absolutely no one: Michael: MONKE MODE

  • amoji man 111
    amoji man 111Dag siden

    When scrara was about to say I’m a Guinness a McDonald’s ad popped up

  • Kyler Holman
    Kyler HolmanDag siden

    I have the same exact hourglass

  • Kevpokemaster2.0- Gulag
    Kevpokemaster2.0- Gulag2 dager siden

    I like how Brodin was walking backwards like he was about to get murdered by Michal

  • Crow and Raven
    Crow and Raven2 dager siden

    Michael was way too excited to want to cut Brodin open for some "key" lol

  • [ ADI_ 002 ]
    [ ADI_ 002 ]2 dager siden

    idk why.. don't ask why... miachel reeves reminds me of markiplier

  • Leads Monsoon
    Leads Monsoon2 dager siden

    Alpha male micheal

  • Dragonslayer
    Dragonslayer2 dager siden

    i would subscribe to an of of oflinetv cause i wanna see that massive shloong tha belongs to micheal reeves

  • slimeslime
    slimeslime2 dager siden

    Michael got extra security measures but they neglected to consider one simple fact: Michael is built different

  • EbayUserGreen
    EbayUserGreen2 dager siden

    Michael was given the most disadvantages (Locked Cage, Taped Mouth, Ziptied Hands & Feet, and was wearing Drunk Goggles) and yet he got out of all of them, fairly quickly as well.

  • C
    C2 dager siden

    OfflineTV. Don’t be shy. Make Michael in charge of the escape room

  • Your friendly neighborhood Troll
    Your friendly neighborhood Troll2 dager siden

    If Michael was ever in a SAW movie he'd solve the puzzle, find jigsaw and fuck up his shit this man has crackhead caveman energy and exactly 0 fucks left to give

  • M4x1ME
    M4x1ME2 dager siden

    Poki: eat me first hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  • Just a guy watching anime
    Just a guy watching anime3 dager siden

    Michael is just built different

  • That One Dude
    That One Dude3 dager siden

    Bro Michael had the most debuffs(I guess that's what they can be referred to) in the beginning, man was caged, ziptied feet and hands, duck tapped mouth, and drunk goggles.

  • Vian Oh
    Vian Oh3 dager siden


  • unspeakable's fan sub
    unspeakable's fan sub3 dager siden

    imagine if this is actually a death trap and jugsaw is just there in awe as he see michael break everything to get out

  • JC AMV's
    JC AMV's3 dager siden

    Michael is such a fuckin gremlin its amazing.

  • Ñåęÿ
    Ñåęÿ3 dager siden

    Micheal needs more debuffs

  • The Despacitoian
    The Despacitoian3 dager siden

    They really thought they could trap Ooga Booga Crackhead Man in until the team could get him out with a key

  • Crhys Antony Reyes
    Crhys Antony Reyes3 dager siden


  • Deep fried Lost children
    Deep fried Lost children3 dager siden

    Micheal would survive longer in a zombie apocalypse

  • Gwylr
    Gwylr3 dager siden

    Should have put the cage in a cage

  • Psych O'Chaos
    Psych O'Chaos3 dager siden

    the fuckin feet lmao

  • Krzysztof Figaj
    Krzysztof Figaj4 dager siden

    I like how mickel went full monke mode with cutting zipties with a key, ripping a part of a cage

  • [ytry]asianruto10
    [ytry]asianruto104 dager siden

    Micheal could’ve just made a teleported with 2 cardboard boxes

  • Yawcty
    Yawcty4 dager siden

    They out Michael in the most handicaps because he’s Michael, but little do they know you cannot stop any gremlin forever

  • Bob The Penguin
    Bob The Penguin4 dager siden

    I see why micheal was the most restrained out of them all

  • Mahkus
    Mahkus4 dager siden

    Michael:gets literally chained up and gagged like a fucking rabid dog Also Michael: yOU ThInK THiS WiLL sAVe YoU BRoDin??

  • Chilli A.L
    Chilli A.L4 dager siden

    10:43 thank me later

  • Silvory
    Silvory4 dager siden

    You guys need to do another one of these

  • CupsareEdible2000
    CupsareEdible20005 dager siden

    Bro I'm tucking watching walking dead

  • Everett Norris
    Everett Norris5 dager siden

    I cant wait for part two where Broaden and Toast are in Micheal’s situation

  • red fox
    red fox5 dager siden

    do more like this

  • Mood killer420
    Mood killer4205 dager siden

    why does Michael just not kick the door down

  • dat soldier

    dat soldier

    3 dager siden

    Yeah, you can't really kick the door down when there's locks and chains on top of the door knobs.

  • James Trimbath

    James Trimbath

    3 dager siden

    Cause there was a lock on the door

  • xp_muds
    xp_muds5 dager siden

    Pokimane’s grandma laugh :) 1:27

  • Revan Reveles
    Revan Reveles6 dager siden

    Michael should design the escape room next time

  • Ta aD
    Ta aD6 dager siden

    toast says to get out using your brains brain is a muscle so.....

  • Insert Funny Name Here
    Insert Funny Name Here6 dager siden

    they knew Michael was the smartest of the dumbshits so they had to lock him up smart so his fuckery couldn't help him

  • Ken Kaiser Torres
    Ken Kaiser Torres6 dager siden

    brodin who spent hours setting this up, only to get bypassed without actually following the way he intended it: 🥲

  • That One Guy
    That One Guy7 dager siden

    female asks if you want her only fans, there is only one answer

  • Markell Angus
    Markell Angus7 dager siden

    Monke brain

  • Scarlett Lamar
    Scarlett Lamar7 dager siden

    Lily and Michael are so cute together ❤️ Btw Michael is so op they debuffed him to the max 🤣🤣 Poki was having a blast tbh Scarra tried 🤣 but he got poison gas

  • Sai Namuduri
    Sai Namuduri8 dager siden

    People fail to realize sometimes that everybody in this video is legit really fucking smart lol.

  • Sonic Option
    Sonic Option8 dager siden

    7:20 *The Hero has been unleash to guide his helpless people*

  • James Creations
    James Creations8 dager siden

    Michael Reeves ft. OfflineTV

  • Elias Edström
    Elias Edström9 dager siden

    I have never seen Someone solv an escape room without doing half off the puzzels

  • Batty Wings
    Batty Wings9 dager siden

    16:27 Tik Tok pov, you meet OTV in the wrong place at the wrong time

  • Creepyomg507
    Creepyomg5079 dager siden

    Toast is struggling to finish cd

  • mrtablehandnosepencil 21
    mrtablehandnosepencil 219 dager siden

    wat is freinds?

  • ObamaSphere Gaming
    ObamaSphere Gaming9 dager siden

    yes yes i would

  • 『』
    『』10 dager siden

    otv OF? 50 a month absolutely worth

  • Me Myself&I
    Me Myself&I10 dager siden


  • tonyxforce
    tonyxforce10 dager siden

    i like that micheal is alvays just cavman mode

  • Kyoongin
    Kyoongin11 dager siden


  • Hailey Spring
    Hailey Spring11 dager siden

    Do more like this it was a great episode I would love to see morrrrrrrre

  • shrek
    shrek11 dager siden

    I love that Michael was locked up like a weapon

  • 오버로드
    오버로드11 dager siden

    "the rings were a ruse", scarra: u motherfu. thats the funniest sh*t ive ever seen

  • Andrew Sword
    Andrew Sword11 dager siden

    Michael exploding out of the side of cage and standing stretching while groaning is like an anime villain finally going above 20% in hundreds of years

  • Mr X
    Mr X11 dager siden

    I love how toast can screw around with their heads and not even need to be there to do so

  • Specterseye
    Specterseye12 dager siden

    ok but they literally used your turn to die music in the background, amazing.

  • shoe man
    shoe man12 dager siden

    I'm just like scarra he tries to be funny but gets ignored

  • Brian
    Brian12 dager siden

    10:52 woahhh

  • Denji
    Denji12 dager siden

    oh sorry toast but i don't have any friends so FUK OF WITH YOUR GAME

  • Bryan Pale
    Bryan Pale12 dager siden


  • ペンギンだ!
    ペンギンだ!12 dager siden

    the gremlin truly is the most dangerous

  • Ivor Sabadin
    Ivor Sabadin13 dager siden

    6:53 strengt

  • Zack attack
    Zack attack13 dager siden

    Michael being the big brain this whole video

  • nikolas hapke
    nikolas hapke13 dager siden

    the content tho😍😍😍😍

  • pink beard shrine
    pink beard shrine13 dager siden

    michael is op

  • Arianna Grande
    Arianna Grande13 dager siden

    brodin or toast or something idk: Poki, Mykull, pls use ur smarts to escape your bonds Them: No, thank you. Also fuck you.

  • Joshua Porter
    Joshua Porter13 dager siden

    “It fits inside but it doesn’t turn”

  • Noah Curby
    Noah Curby13 dager siden

    I like how they new Michael would just break the zip ties, and that he could get out of the chains, so they just put him in a freaking dog kennel

  • The mole People
    The mole People13 dager siden

    Why is Michael in a cage

    ME EAT YU WHOLE13 dager siden


  • {“pnfrlEnm”};
    {“pnfrlEnm”};13 dager siden

    I love how Brodin gave Michael the most amount of handicaps because he knew Michael would just go full meth head mode and free everyone instantly. Brodin's main objective in this whole operation was delaying Michael's liberation for as long as possible, and I love it.

  • EMP_ macoton23
    EMP_ macoton2313 dager siden

    Michael at the start was just immobilised because they knew about his power

  • Samuel Yap
    Samuel Yap14 dager siden

    jokes on you Poki, i like Scarra’s feet. Not yours

  • Qro Randoms
    Qro Randoms14 dager siden

    genshin bgm again

  • ava faye
    ava faye14 dager siden

    wait am I hearing Genshin Impact soundtracks?

  • Night Owl
    Night Owl14 dager siden

    It was definitely a good idea to have Michael be the one in the cage

  • Soggy Mustard
    Soggy Mustard14 dager siden

    this woulda gone more escape room like if brodin just said "dont break anything"

  • unaware paper
    unaware paper15 dager siden

    if scarra is in the only fans then yes lol

  • Itschristrim
    Itschristrim15 dager siden

    I fucking love it when scarra farted and told it's over for him XD best laugh of my life