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  • John Johntatan Smith
    John Johntatan Smith11 timer siden

    omg Michael is the real uncle wearing a sweaty tank top to bed

    JӨЯDY2 dager siden

    John looked sick

  • Nate's Life
    Nate's Life3 dager siden


  • Celebrimbor 369
    Celebrimbor 3693 dager siden

    Holy frick I just noticed the guardian music from skyward sword, thanks for the ptsd

  • Raygen Rupe
    Raygen Rupe4 dager siden

    I have Scarra's glasses. They nice!

  • TheGhoulishDude 22
    TheGhoulishDude 225 dager siden

    I'd unlife people for a pomegranate

  • Riffs & Memes
    Riffs & Memes5 dager siden

    Lily just cannibalizing her own children 💀💀💀

  • Coolskelleton95
    Coolskelleton956 dager siden

    11:56 I found the marking on the eggplant Toast was talking about!

  • Neo Dong
    Neo Dong8 dager siden

    michael probably made the gun the bts agent was usin lol

  • MC
    MC8 dager siden

    can we just appreciate the hype music outro as they suffer?

  • Valerie Blell
    Valerie Blell9 dager siden

    Why does toast have no pillows

  • Surabhi Pant
    Surabhi Pant10 dager siden

    ìs no one gonna talk about the ghost sound in between each scene

  • CaedaV
    CaedaV10 dager siden

    John shooting the gun for the first time and his face just screams "I didn't know what it did" lol

  • gomenasiigh
    gomenasiigh11 dager siden

    john do be looking like gojo

  • Fat tater
    Fat tater12 dager siden

    Hi Yvonne it’s me…

  • Dude Uncool
    Dude Uncool12 dager siden

    Why does mykull look fresh out of prison and ready to go back in when he wakes up at the start of this video

  • Saltea
    Saltea13 dager siden

    The intro reminds me of an anime montage of a festival or something

  • Ryan Angeles
    Ryan Angeles14 dager siden

    Why does the enemy spy look like Gojo from jjk

  • dogma
    dogma15 dager siden

    does toast sleep with no pillow...

  • Seth Lovric
    Seth Lovric15 dager siden

    The only way to defeat Michael use his own inventions against him

  • CrowMetic Chanel
    CrowMetic Chanel16 dager siden

    That shutter technique worked for me once and it was when i was reviewing for a quiz

  • Myrkur_CxL
    Myrkur_CxL18 dager siden

    I honestly would have eaten my pomegrante too

  • Joel Kim
    Joel Kim19 dager siden

    Bruh I just noticed the gun used by John was the gun Michael made lol

  • Minjae Kwon
    Minjae Kwon19 dager siden

    The undesirable lawyer bacteriologically tease because warm inevitably invent of a impossible sideboard. guarded, sticky actress

  • Ben Poop
    Ben Poop20 dager siden

    Michal slept with lilly

  • Eric Lazarbeam
    Eric Lazarbeam21 dag siden

    is it just me or does John look like carson

  • ltrobertcole
    ltrobertcole21 dag siden

    The Goldeneye music though. Fuck.

  • 8
    821 dag siden

    Toast is content

  • Freckles Dap
    Freckles Dap22 dager siden

    1:21 had me DYING

  • AndreDaHut :p
    AndreDaHut :p22 dager siden

    wait, i just realized this is the gun that Michael made

  • luca hart
    luca hart23 dager siden

    toast just has no pillows

  • Manly Man
    Manly Man24 dager siden

    Lily and Michael laying the bed k-i-s-s-i-n-g

  • Celery Karp
    Celery Karp24 dager siden

    oooooh, thats what michael was building the co2 nerf gun for

  • adithya roy
    adithya roy25 dager siden

    the pics are soo cute

  • NightFighter
    NightFighter26 dager siden

    Sometimes I wish to myself I was a part of offlineTV anyone else?

  • RASinco
    RASinco27 dager siden

    brodin at the beginning

  • MedvedKuma Ch.
    MedvedKuma Ch.27 dager siden

    Toast is actually so cute when he laughs

  • adam adam
    adam adam27 dager siden

    4:08 michael looks like "thats mine, thats my co2 gun, how could they..."

  • Mandatory Fruit
    Mandatory Fruit27 dager siden

    5:29 Toast is literally just an anime character at this point. He even goes on monologues explaining how he knew which potato was Yvonne's.

  • Ron Allen Garcia
    Ron Allen Garcia28 dager siden

    I'm gonna be honest michael sounded like a dissapointed gordon ramsay when he said "those go bad brodin"

  • Jasmine Tailor
    Jasmine Tailor29 dager siden

    I didn't know pyrocinical and offline tv did a colab

  • Farvabk
    Farvabk29 dager siden

    0:32 brodin looked genuinely confused

  • Bumble Birb
    Bumble Birb29 dager siden

    0:08 poor brodin :(

  • Ssteven playz
    Ssteven playz29 dager siden

    I like how Michael ignored brodin in the intro

  • Alant6305
    Alant630529 dager siden

    Has no one noticed that Toast slept with no pillow?

  • Carl
    Carl29 dager siden

    For those who are wondering what was the song was it was 007 Watch Goldeneye James bond game

  • Zéphyr `
    Zéphyr `Måned siden

    The Air Gun Of Doom

  • Blouble
    BloubleMåned siden

    Did anyone else notice that Michael and Lily were in bed and when he woke up there was children in the basket

  • NosaintFN
    NosaintFNMåned siden


  • Sole Carrot
    Sole CarrotMåned siden

    Ok but I´m more concerned about why Toast´s room looks like a Google stock image 0:52

  • ShiFt gAmiNg
    ShiFt gAmiNgMåned siden


  • Om Emad
    Om EmadMåned siden

    Who is jhon??

  • Slopshit


    Måned siden


  • Wanna Be a Smurt Person Trying
    Wanna Be a Smurt Person TryingMåned siden

    4:08 kyut cat

  • Death rabbit
    Death rabbitMåned siden

    What kind of jalapeño is orange

  • Goofer Cat
    Goofer CatMåned siden

    Just now realized that John was using the Nerf gun that Michael made in his video

  • 8ammi
    8ammiMåned siden

    Yo I don't know this eggplant, lol XD

  • Uriah Stockton
    Uriah StocktonMåned siden

    Knowing yuno bank Busta, he would be god at that

  • Udied77
    Udied77Måned siden


  • namvart
    namvartMåned siden

    we all know those are habaneros, right?

  • Ege uludağ
    Ege uludağMåned siden

    I saw the semi circle he was talking about on the eggplant in the middle

  • Jerry_Berry2
    Jerry_Berry2Måned siden

    Famous last words: I. Trust. Toast.

  • Nathanial Hammar
    Nathanial HammarMåned siden

    Asks Lily which jalapeño is yours has plates with three habaneros like wtf

  • kyle elmore
    kyle elmoreMåned siden

    Brodin: pick one item Michael: R O O T

  • Bianca Salinas
    Bianca SalinasMåned siden

    13:34 just made me laugh

  • Multixgaming YT
    Multixgaming YTMåned siden

    I love how in the intro Brodin is so serious and Michael is just being Michael

  • Silver Media
    Silver MediaMåned siden

    Most these are just dice rolls. No way anyone actually remembered their stupid baskets. All of them just guessed and bullshitted the reasoning... I mean them lying is fun, but don't act like the game is well designed when most if not all guesses were random as shit.

    GOLLDEN GAMERRMåned siden

    Why was micheal and lily in the same bed?

  • Cole Harris 07

    Cole Harris 07

    Måned siden

    They’re dating

  • Will Sprigg
    Will SpriggMåned siden

    Why does john look like a kid from my eighth grade class?

  • Eggy
    EggyMåned siden

    10:20 Lily : awkward stare Scarra : awkward response

  • Iraq Lobster
    Iraq LobsterMåned siden


  • herxules
    herxulesMåned siden

    poki and brodin look like models 0:14

  • frost
    frostMåned siden

    " don't eat the children" Lily: *smacks the pomegranate after cutting it*

  • T̷i̷n̷a̷_̷s̷l̷y̷t̷h̷e̷r̷i̷n̷
    T̷i̷n̷a̷_̷s̷l̷y̷t̷h̷e̷r̷i̷n̷2 måneder siden

    Letter: Do not eat your children Lily: you want sum pomegranate?

  • Apshora Hassan
    Apshora Hassan2 måneder siden


  • Christian Hysom
    Christian Hysom2 måneder siden

    That intro instantly made me soft

    JOSE HERNANDEZ2 måneder siden

    What? Toast-

  • Syed Faisal Hasan Kazmi
    Syed Faisal Hasan Kazmi2 måneder siden

    “I trust toast” Famous last words

  • TdiotRoLen
    TdiotRoLen2 måneder siden

    0:23 michael slav squatting like a fucking LEGEND

  • DavHar27
    DavHar272 måneder siden

    0:18 help me god dammit

  • NoLife :P
    NoLife :P2 måneder siden

    Bruh when the rest were shock by the word perpendicular smh

  • Alejandro González
    Alejandro González2 måneder siden

    Michael are you sure you aren't an engineer? xd

  • Alejandro González
    Alejandro González2 måneder siden

    0:14 Handsome guy in there

  • big big chungus
    big big chungus2 måneder siden

    red spy in the base

  • T JX
    T JX2 måneder siden

    3:11 happy scarra makes me happy :D

  • rexxis
    rexxis2 måneder siden

    What did he say 🤣🤣

  • Evaldas Švambaris
    Evaldas Švambaris2 måneder siden

    7:24 when you shoot a gun for the first time

  • GalaxyWolfScent
    GalaxyWolfScent2 måneder siden

    i love how brodin used the persona 5 letters

  • Dane Roberts
    Dane Roberts2 måneder siden

    honesty, im just gonna say, I ship brodin and poki.

  • Bui Sy Dan
    Bui Sy Dan2 måneder siden

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  • Benjamin Kwok Yue
    Benjamin Kwok Yue2 måneder siden

    The handsomely fold oppositely jump because scallion curiously ignore below a material food. utter, elegant flavor

  • WitherWolf33
    WitherWolf332 måneder siden

    Well, Lily is bound to the underworld for six months a year now.

  • Gerbo Ketting
    Gerbo Ketting2 måneder siden

    Dats not a jalapeno

  • Fuzzy Shady
    Fuzzy Shady2 måneder siden


  • MToyBoy
    MToyBoy2 måneder siden

    michal is the only thing making these photo shoots not cringe

  • Just Some guy
    Just Some guy2 måneder siden

    0:06 Michael is me when someone asks me to smile for a picture

  • Garin Knee
    Garin Knee2 måneder siden

    Michael is my sleep paralysis demon

  • ethelyn saltern
    ethelyn saltern2 måneder siden

    The magical david partly reply because cabinet intralysosomally unpack minus a smoggy chime. mammoth, slimy literature

  • Giovanni Silver
    Giovanni Silver2 måneder siden

    No one I saw mentioned it, but I'm pretty sure the gun john used was the one Michael built

  • ahobby
    ahobby2 måneder siden

    Never seen onions that big WTF