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Pokimane | pokimanelol
LilyPichu | LilyPichu
Disguised Toast l DisguisedToast
Michael Reeves l michaelreeves

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Brodin | brodinplett

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Brodin | brodinplett

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Dunois | DunoisKR

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  • XDGame On
    XDGame On8 timer siden

    I Would Like To See Brodin to Suffer

  • snicks
    snicks9 timer siden

    I swear that slime is literally just cottage cheese dyed green. Prove me wrong.

  • Dylan Matthews
    Dylan MatthewsDag siden

    bruh thats not slime thats vomit

  • Diego Ribeiro
    Diego RibeiroDag siden

    December 31st

  • Liciam
    Liciam2 dager siden

    1 head 1 foot, 4 legs? bed.

  • Games Eu acho
    Games Eu acho3 dager siden

    Why does it look like vomit?

  • saar levin
    saar levin3 dager siden

    Toast’s question had a wrong answer

  • Wong Cayven
    Wong Cayven4 dager siden

    14:30 Dayum Mykull finally making a move

  • JC AMV's
    JC AMV's5 dager siden

    Light actually takes up space. its just so minuscule that its basically non existent.

  • JC AMV's
    JC AMV's5 dager siden


  • HuskyBoy
    HuskyBoy5 dager siden

    I watched this while eating. I am now thinking of my life choices

  • TheBluePill
    TheBluePill6 dager siden

    Guess Brodin really can make them do anything they want

  • Duck Captains
    Duck Captains6 dager siden

    Culsn’t the first riddle also be bread? You make bread, you raise it by cooking it(it literally raises up) you save it by not eating it all at once and change it by turning it into toast.

  • Duck Captains

    Duck Captains

    6 dager siden

    And Lily’s second riddle could also be London, since it has/had the London eye, but a city can’t see.

  • PeachyVibes
    PeachyVibes6 dager siden

    6:08 i'm in fucking tears from watching this bit over and over again, i rewinded the part at least 5 times and laughed myself to tears, the way scarra raised his arms, the scream, and the zoom in were all too perfect

  • Nathaniel Hardy
    Nathaniel Hardy6 dager siden

    Revenge is best served ✨S L I M E Y✨

  • The name I was gonna use was too cringey
    The name I was gonna use was too cringey6 dager siden

    My WiFi sucks so I’ve been staring at scarra’s face for like 5 mins now…

  • Vywern
    Vywern7 dager siden

    I watched the french fry challenge first and now the disclaimer is even more funny to me.

  • KillingKanzaki
    KillingKanzaki7 dager siden

    The blind one could have also been a Storm

  • Matthew Guerrero
    Matthew Guerrero8 dager siden

    So that's the Shamrock Shake recipe

  • Bern Shesh
    Bern Shesh8 dager siden

    brodin: *doing his job otv: fuckyoufuckyoufuckyou

  • 오버로드
    오버로드9 dager siden

    ok what

  • GillNabiel
    GillNabiel9 dager siden

    Damn, Hulk's having a "good" time

  • Pig's Rebirth
    Pig's Rebirth9 dager siden

    the answer is a needle how i thought hurricane btw

  • x4x D. Grizzly
    x4x D. Grizzly9 dager siden

    December 31st is my birthday and I often tell people the same thing just to get them all confused so I kinda knew although at first I was hesitant cos maybe there's a bigger world out there and I was just wrapped up in my bubble, but hey, whatdya know haha

  • BarberGen
    BarberGen11 dager siden


  • Thomas
    Thomas11 dager siden

    6:17 that question was actually easy😹😹

  • boredom is torture
    boredom is torture12 dager siden

    Lily's contestant crying makes me incredibly happy

  • bram ster
    bram ster12 dager siden

    They can call that slime all they want but everyone saw that was just liquid guacamole sauce.

  • Tetow
    Tetow16 dager siden

    fuck brodin tho

  • MrEgg
    MrEgg16 dager siden

    8:49 POV: your lactose intolerant

  • steveee
    steveee17 dager siden

    14:08 the "wha-" is literally hilarious lmao

  • ltrobertcole
    ltrobertcole18 dager siden

    I do enjoy all the Doom music in these videos.

  • talla ajao
    talla ajao18 dager siden

    "Sprayed on sight" 🎯

  • Bombproofdrip 007
    Bombproofdrip 00720 dager siden

    Perfect special guest: slimecicle

  • Plane Jester
    Plane Jester21 dag siden

    that slime looks like a vomit

  • Aditya Hafizh Zaky
    Aditya Hafizh Zaky21 dag siden

    14:41 scarra was like, oh god i hate this, then lily answer it wrong, then like oh shes wrong.

  • baked fish
    baked fish23 dager siden

    i love the widepeepoScarras lmao

  • Andrew7307
    Andrew730723 dager siden

    When the riddle was I have 1 eye and can't see I thought it was a hurricane

  • Da Taternater78
    Da Taternater7823 dager siden

    I was 2000% sure that the one about the eye but not being able to see would be a hurricane

  • Parmesan Killa
    Parmesan Killa25 dager siden

    0:17 anime sauce?

  • Logan Zhang
    Logan Zhang25 dager siden

    A PLANE?

  • Sand Box Sawyer
    Sand Box Sawyer25 dager siden

    Lily never said grandslime master so her answers never really counted

  • Rose S.
    Rose S.27 dager siden

    horror movie where brodin is the villain

  • Name lars
    Name lars27 dager siden

    *uhh don't watch when you eating* .....

  • YouStareAt
    YouStareAt28 dager siden

    i like how the slime looks like chunky guacamole

  • milan wauters
    milan wauters29 dager siden

    i don't care i watched this when i was eating and didn't give a shit

  • kazino
    kazino29 dager siden

    the slime looks like puke noooo

  • 𝗕𝗮𝗹𝗱𝗯𝘂𝗿
    𝗕𝗮𝗹𝗱𝗯𝘂𝗿Måned siden


  • Sebastian Lai and Seb Plays Roblox
    Sebastian Lai and Seb Plays RobloxMåned siden

    Was the slime made out of the bts shake?

  • jack eznee
    jack ezneeMåned siden

    Now that i have baby in our house, its uncanny how much it looks like baby shit.

  • Purple Thing
    Purple ThingMåned siden

    So they got the nickalodion blimp award?

  • Dynamite Eray
    Dynamite ErayMåned siden


  • B Dog
    B DogMåned siden

    0:00 Best intro

  • Grigio
    GrigioMåned siden

    micheal: the perfect day to where a white shirt

  • powersharkinpool
    powersharkinpoolMåned siden

    Avocado toast is ready

  • Lisette
    LisetteMåned siden

    i appreciate wide scarra ty

  • N.O Builds
    N.O BuildsMåned siden

    Brodin really just dyed diharea green and thought nobody would notice...

  • Rutherford • 9 years ago
    Rutherford • 9 years agoMåned siden


  • Er Ty
    Er TyMåned siden

    fire brodin

  • Er Ty
    Er TyMåned siden


  • Simat
    SimatMåned siden

    0:18 Anime sauce ?

  • Joseph
    JosephMåned siden

    11:45 i swear the answer is storm

  • JorelTTV
    JorelTTVMåned siden

    Michael: "what has 4 wheels and flies" Me: "a chinook?" I mean technically its not wrong lol

  • Dwagon
    DwagonMåned siden

    Ngl, I answered every riddles in just 10-20 seconds. I'm not really confident in answering riddles but I answered every riddle correctly

  • Dwagon


    Måned siden

    I mean it's obvious

  • Bread Woods
    Bread WoodsMåned siden

    What has 1 head 1 foot and 4 legs

  • Damien Ilarraza
    Damien IlarrazaMåned siden

    with yours truly the crack head Michael is what he should've said

  • Laffey taffy
    Laffey taffyMåned siden

    Did he put oat meal in the slime

  • Carcool3710
    Carcool3710Måned siden

    Well Brodin is giving us content so i dont know why they are complaining. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • It's Evan Mason
    It's Evan MasonMåned siden

    the funniest part by far was the very end when he just straight up chucks the bucket of "slime"

  • Pabpab XD
    Pabpab XDMåned siden

    When tacobell kicks in

  • Michael Wang
    Michael WangMåned siden

    Is no one gonna mention that at the end when they were playing The Only Thing They Fear is You from Doom during the firing squad to Brodin?

  • Kpop Luver
    Kpop LuverMåned siden

    Does anyone know what lily said at 10:05

  • ParadoxPlant
    ParadoxPlantMåned siden

    it looks a lot like guacamole tbh

  • Dead Orbit
    Dead OrbitMåned siden

    What’s the series at 0:18

  • kumo
    kumoMåned siden

    mmmmm..... im eating fucking lunch to this video

  • Master830
    Master830Måned siden

    Everyone else in pain during the video while toast is enjoying it thouroughly.

  • peliculas reales 344
    peliculas reales 344Måned siden

    Lilly did the kids of Judas lol

  • kyle elmore
    kyle elmoreMåned siden

    the funniest michael falling

  • Phoebe Yin
    Phoebe YinMåned siden

    the slime looks like mushed peas

  • ROS
    ROSMåned siden

    wait what did lily said in 10:06

  • Jei Aly
    Jei AlyMåned siden

    I regret watching this after eating.

  • Richie
    RichieMåned siden

    That shit looks like guac lmao

  • Jaden Parent
    Jaden ParentMåned siden

    Thats not slime it’s old oatmeal

  • Animation Park
    Animation ParkMåned siden

    Every situation is win win for toast

  • Scarykiller 1
    Scarykiller 1Måned siden

    0:50 😂

  • Zaki Bern
    Zaki BernMåned siden

    this is exacly my fetish, thanks brudin

    IAM NÚIMåned siden

    i regret seeing this video after several HUNDRED times i pretend to not see it on my youtube recommendation Oh yeah ad toast is fucked up

  • David Park
    David ParkMåned siden

    The ending is still the best part

  • Sugar
    Sugar2 måneder siden

    Scarra taking hits for the team

  • phazelll
    phazelll2 måneder siden

    1:02 10:15

  • I make animations and stuff
    I make animations and stuff2 måneder siden

    Wow nice 16 minutes of f*ck you brodin

  • Everett Norris
    Everett Norris2 måneder siden

    O this is why McDonalds doesn’t share the secret sauce recipe

  • Lewisdh 2
    Lewisdh 22 måneder siden

    I’m watching whilst eating lunch I feel like a gangsta

  • Joshua S
    Joshua S2 måneder siden

    Scarra be complaining about getting hit in the face, but he's blocking it, with his face

  • VioletFox #004
    VioletFox #0042 måneder siden

    14:28 *screams*

  • Apshora Hassan
    Apshora Hassan2 måneder siden


  • Carlo Beup
    Carlo Beup2 måneder siden

    Hope you do this again LOL but to guests on your show. 😬

  • ビエル
    ビエル2 måneder siden

    how many fuck you brodins did we get from here lmao

  • Jessica Hocson
    Jessica Hocson2 måneder siden

    Lily’s answers shouldn’t have counted she didn’t say she was answering.

  • TheLetsPlayPrincess
    TheLetsPlayPrincess2 måneder siden

    I have NEVER heard of the Chicago one and yet I got that in 10 seconds. That is one of the best riddles I have ever heard.