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  • Ian Hess
    Ian Hess3 timer siden

    Poki’s genjutsu is too strong

  • Brist5536
    Brist55364 timer siden

    Micheals-sasuke Scarra-choji Lily-sakura Fed-naruto Poki-rouge ninja Toast-zabuza

  • Holy lone
    Holy lone5 timer siden

    Fed won the game michael won the coolest moves competition poki won the paychological warfare poke won the ♧□●♧□|♡♤ comepetition and lily won the pervert competition

  • - ZeRoIsTaken -
    - ZeRoIsTaken -7 timer siden

    *Michael: Thunder Breathing First Form, Thunderclap and Flash*

  • Jesua Yechtir
    Jesua Yechtir8 timer siden

    I saw the opening and was like: SMASH BROS?!

  • BigRickP1ckl3
    BigRickP1ckl38 timer siden

    Holy cow Michael just did his finishing move on poki in their final battle

  • Judith Bello
    Judith BelloDag siden

    Its been a year now wow.

  • Ruben Carvalho
    Ruben CarvalhoDag siden

    lil just hit scara with some hitler move

  • Aiden Tilery
    Aiden TileryDag siden

    “Why don’t we not even be here when he gets back” *everybody runs away* Michael: *hides in cabinet*

  • Bas Rinkens
    Bas RinkensDag siden

    Poki no no no the hand

  • roshanda jones
    roshanda jones2 dager siden

    why did scarra look like that one racoon meme 21:41

  • JC AMV's
    JC AMV's3 dager siden

    Bruh this is hilarious.

  • JC AMV's
    JC AMV's3 dager siden

    Toast and Michael confirmed best. Toast has really good reflexes too damn.

  • JC AMV's
    JC AMV's3 dager siden

    Michael is literally the MC of every Video hes in, such chad energy. I think this channel grew a fuck ton since adding michael too.

  • Whiplasher Gaming
    Whiplasher Gaming3 dager siden

    what is the music used when pokimane is distracting everyone?

  • Neo Dong
    Neo Dong3 dager siden

    lily dun tried to murder michael

  • Anwer Razvi
    Anwer Razvi3 dager siden

    "You're buying food" got me

  • Kris_in _the box
    Kris_in _the box3 dager siden

    3:50 everyone just hailing

  • ツ乙DOPE
    ツ乙DOPE3 dager siden

    She repositioned twice xD

  • XxASHEYxX lol
    XxASHEYxX lol4 dager siden

    Poki is the female Itachi and nobody is gonna change my mind.

  • The_arma_drummer13
    The_arma_drummer134 dager siden

    4:01 Scarra looks like a famous world leader during a war giving his most iconic sign, I wonder who it is..........

  • Ben Ballao
    Ben Ballao5 dager siden

    This is a great video, made me laugh for the first time in a while. It wasn’t even a giggle, I laughed so hard

  • kai joseph
    kai joseph5 dager siden

    Lily: * learns kinase dog's name is akamaru* Lily: FANG OVER FANG

  • The Oblivion Ninja
    The Oblivion Ninja5 dager siden

    Ngl I was waiting for someone to do the chidori

  • Eagle
    Eagle5 dager siden

    what was the intro

  • bRaDeNsHoRt
    bRaDeNsHoRt5 dager siden

    this needs to be an anime

  • camille liungman
    camille liungman5 dager siden

    Poki seems drunk...

  • Natrakarn Suanphon
    Natrakarn Suanphon6 dager siden

    I remember playing this in the fifth grade…I miss this

  • Oden Johnson
    Oden Johnson6 dager siden

    Sasageyo sasageyo

  • Sai Namuduri
    Sai Namuduri6 dager siden

    This game turns Poki into a fucking PSYCHOPATH lmaoooo

  • x-Mavrin_blitzgee-x
    x-Mavrin_blitzgee-x6 dager siden

    "I'm going to be the next hokage" - (Hank hill)

  • YeahBoiAdy
    YeahBoiAdy6 dager siden

    This is Fed last vid

  • Zargabaath
    Zargabaath7 dager siden

    Something about Poki cheating is absolutely infuriating me. I don't know why lmao.

  • KapitanWaifu
    KapitanWaifu7 dager siden


  • DeFalt Markowicz
    DeFalt Markowicz7 dager siden

    18:32 Crack Breathing, 1st form, Sonic Boom Slap

  • Arif Ramen noodles
    Arif Ramen noodles7 dager siden

    I'm feeling like Michael joined otv to be their tech support

  • Also Creamy
    Also Creamy8 dager siden

    18:34 “Nothing personal kid”

  • djoga.lofi. pepp.
    djoga.lofi. pepp.8 dager siden

    Mangoku Sharingan

  • Dark Sans
    Dark Sans8 dager siden

    14:12 Damn she out to kill my good gracious god

  • Total FR3AK
    Total FR3AK9 dager siden

    'Cant strike a man when hes down' by fed was pretty good

  • Flairo
    Flairo9 dager siden

    OMFG scarra sliding away at the end made me laugh so hard ahahahhh

  • CuVo
    CuVo12 dager siden

    Michael reeves *... scares everyone*

  • Senpai_YT
    Senpai_YT12 dager siden

    Poki: I'm sorry lily Lily: don't Fed: Don't Lily: STFU

  • The Boss
    The Boss14 dager siden

    It's not right how they did my man Fed, what he did was no doubt wrong. But they kinda black balled him when Poki spread those lies that weren't true.

  • Pineapple Pirate
    Pineapple Pirate14 dager siden

    The Plot is on point. After defeating the antagonist, there is no real threat left. The protagonist have one last battle with his rival and ultimately loosing, setting up new goal for himself. Signaling season 2 Unfortunately season 2 has been cancel due to the one of the cast being absent

  • Ajax
    Ajax14 dager siden

    Amount of poki's psychotic laugh is dangerous

  • Hyper K
    Hyper K14 dager siden

    God poki fuckn laughs too much

  • Kian show
    Kian show15 dager siden

    Poki is a bully

  • Thomas
    Thomas15 dager siden

    Mehn, I always knew Poki would fit into d akatsuki, dat menacing look 15:47

  • thecycloslayer\Raijias
    thecycloslayer\Raijias16 dager siden

    Akatsuki cloak on the thumbnail go brrrrrr

  • Eman
    Eman17 dager siden

    Dude micheal did one of those anime moments where the antagonist is cut in half before they even know it

  • kaylaisnoti
    kaylaisnoti17 dager siden

    Poki is the villian in this anime but Michael is the main character

  • anthony Amaral
    anthony Amaral18 dager siden

    オフラインテレビ=offline tv:the anime

  • Erinえりん
    Erinえりん19 dager siden

    Yo, weebs!! Where are y'all?

  • Beedog907


    12 dager siden


  • EndKing1311
    EndKing131119 dager siden

    Shinoby fed

  • joshua symonds
    joshua symonds20 dager siden

    Michael be using 5that lighting release pretty good tho

  • Panpans Tales
    Panpans Tales20 dager siden

    16:00 poki activates Mangekyo Sharingan

  • Hub Tao
    Hub Tao20 dager siden

    Guys this was the inspiration for Sayu in genshin impact

  • caelyn alexis
    caelyn alexis20 dager siden

    Micheal really became the new deku

  • Bockotaco
    Bockotaco21 dag siden

    Michael is the best anime protagonist

  • Biel Ductavis
    Biel Ductavis21 dag siden

    Poki ngl... Very scary... That laugh... It haunts me

  • 蚩Cene
    蚩Cene21 dag siden

    Do this again 🤣🤣🤣

  • Srinivas Sidhartha Sarma Revanur
    Srinivas Sidhartha Sarma Revanur21 dag siden

    This is the greatest thing on NOprojects. Change my mind.

  • Tace Myers
    Tace Myers21 dag siden

    the final round Micheal won one and fed won one so it is a tie

  • Farian Bänzler
    Farian Bänzler21 dag siden

    Everyone: plays a game Poki: are you having mental trauma? Do you want to? Michael (akatsuki) vs fed (akatsuki) was EPIC tho

  • MR.SharkFrenzy
    MR.SharkFrenzy22 dager siden


  • Umaiza Ali
    Umaiza Ali22 dager siden

    I got a name for Toast now as a Ninja SEXUAL TOAST!!!!!!!!! And Poki’s ninja name is now MANIAC POKI!!!!!! Seriously Poki and Toast made me laugh my frickin ass off god I’m laughing my ass off and I can’t stop!!!!!!!!🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😅😅😅🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😅😅😅🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😅😅😅🤣🤣😂😂😂😅😅😅🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😅😅😅🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😅😅😅😅🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😅😅😅🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂

  • jevil
    jevil23 dager siden

    From the black hair to the pound of makeup to the deceitful strategies, Pokimane is literally orochimaru

  • Qwerty
    Qwerty23 dager siden

    What's The outro song called? i wanna know

  • B.G. Gamer
    B.G. Gamer24 dager siden

    3:47 so poki is a nazi

  • Sumair Kanwal
    Sumair Kanwal24 dager siden

    Dis ma fav vid yet

  • Annie News
    Annie News24 dager siden

    20:57 i will defeat you with friendship love and this gun i found

  • Minjae Kwon
    Minjae Kwon24 dager siden

    The parsimonious hook collaterally repair because printer geographically jam failing a shivering cactus. null, endurable deborah

  • Logan Zhang
    Logan Zhang24 dager siden

    thanks for the anime

  • Hooversom
    Hooversom24 dager siden

    21:39 Scarra looks like he's on a movie set and realises he's standing in the shot

  • Smurf
    Smurf24 dager siden

    21:23 toast with the gang signs 😂😂

  • Suvin S
    Suvin S25 dager siden

    Michael looks like Kabuto🕺🏻🕺🏻

  • Suvin S
    Suvin S25 dager siden

    Michael looks like Kabuto🕺🏻🕺🏻

  • Brenner Wood
    Brenner Wood25 dager siden

    poki fr says look at us because it looks like nazi

  • Mohammed Sahil
    Mohammed Sahil25 dager siden

    This is the last video that has fed in it Just if u were curious 🙂

  • NightFighter
    NightFighter25 dager siden

    Michael reeves looks the coolest and has to be the best fighter on OnlineTV change my mind

  • Layla
    Layla26 dager siden

    I need a part 2 of this

  • José Snuffles
    José Snuffles26 dager siden

    Michael is the greatest ninja memelord ever

  • Matthias _The_Great
    Matthias _The_Great27 dager siden

    Poki is just moving everywhere

  • Mandatory Fruit
    Mandatory Fruit27 dager siden

    Michael really tried Talk No Jutsu at the end there. *He really is the protagonist*

  • Hydro. Drip
    Hydro. Drip28 dager siden


  • Riley Pittman
    Riley Pittman28 dager siden

    21:00 i see now.

  • kaisthebeat
    kaisthebeat28 dager siden

    3:47 uh

  • Ya Boiii Blake
    Ya Boiii Blake28 dager siden

    I wish someone that only had 1 hand did the rock lee pose then the other did the garra pose from teh chunin exams

  • Matteo Lesina
    Matteo Lesina28 dager siden

    Signature Abilities: Scarra: Firm Stance. Scarra sacrifices speed for balance and power, avoiding being unbalanced by over-extension. Michael: Shocking Riposte. After being successfully struck, Michael quickly strikes back with his other hand. Deals lightning damage. Poki: Amplified Tension. When it's Poki's turn, her gloating monologue uneases her opponent, affecting their reaction times. Toast: Burning Passion. Toast can use his turn to decieve his opponent into thinking he wishes to make love to them. Straight men and lesbians are confused. Gay men and straight women are seduced. Toast is immune to similar attacks. Lily: Headstart. Upon the beginning of the match, there is a 50% chance that Lily's initial stance will be an offensive/advancing stance on her opponent. Fed: Smokebomb. In a crisis, Fed can drop a smokebomb to leave the match unscathed. It is theorised that this is how Fed left OfflineTV.

  • 𝗕𝗮𝗹𝗱𝗯𝘂𝗿
    𝗕𝗮𝗹𝗱𝗯𝘂𝗿29 dager siden

    20:52 BRUHH I DIED 😭😭

  • SandwichBoiYT
    SandwichBoiYT29 dager siden

    18:30 Poki be like *Yep, thats me. bet you're wondering how i got here. it all started months ago...*

  • Kuple
    Kuple29 dager siden

    Micheal really was like 5 stages ahead after his training arc

  • 〔iicy〕
    〔iicy〕Måned siden

    Micheal was falling for Poki’s genjutsu lol

  • Ninjaslicer The Guardian
    Ninjaslicer The GuardianMåned siden

    Rewatching this and seeing the struggle to punch that Micheal board… first reminded me of my struggle then the one shot when I just needed to get it over with (context: been doing Ko Am Mu Do/Tae Kwon Do for 10+ years).

  • Blank
    BlankMåned siden

    Poki used the sharingan

  • yuu
    yuuMåned siden

    Bro this game was my childhood

  • Kris V
    Kris VMåned siden

    Unpopular opinion: this is the best era of otv content.

  • BeastEagleGamer Pocket Version
    BeastEagleGamer Pocket VersionMåned siden


  • Landon Barnes
    Landon BarnesMåned siden

    Pause at 0:02 and it looks like the smash bros logo

  • Matteo Lesina

    Matteo Lesina

    28 dager siden

    It is a smash logo, that's the bit they were going for for the intro