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  • OfflineTV
    OfflineTV5 måneder siden

    Join us in 'Genshin Impact' for the NEW Lantern Rite Festival:​ Use code 'GSIMPTq125' for 60 PRIMOGEMS and 10,000 MORA, redeemable at Level 10!

  • Yeet moister

    Yeet moister

    3 dager siden

    The way to make a sponsor, is to do what you do best, right now the sponsor sounds like a puppet being controlled

  • Lee-Anne Madsen

    Lee-Anne Madsen

    5 dager siden

    Yes Yes 🙌🏼🙌🏼

  • Grace E

    Grace E

    2 måneder siden


  • keifer gulaga

    keifer gulaga

    2 måneder siden

    G "SIMP" Tq125

  • AJ Bais

    AJ Bais

    2 måneder siden

    Part 2

  • 3pn5
    3pn5Time siden

    “All the characters in genshin are beautiful” Me staring at amber: hm………

  • HighArtWithVex
    HighArtWithVex3 timer siden

    From the beginning ad/sponsors I feel like poki’s voice could calm anyone after they had a shit day at work

  • anonymous
    anonymous7 timer siden

    18:59 i fkn h8 toast 😭😂

  • Neo Xima
    Neo Xima12 timer siden

    Ahhhh the pudgywoke question didn’t age right

  • Bobus Toogus
    Bobus ToogusDag siden

    Nice vid, just pokis ear grating voice

  • vNxghty
    vNxghty2 dager siden

    i really love the M&S London Olympics: London Party music in the introduction

  • TheSherdaddy
    TheSherdaddy2 dager siden

    Phalanx is a wall formed by sheild wielding troops

  • PsychoMidas Gaming
    PsychoMidas Gaming2 dager siden

    Well we know who Michael's next test subject for his next video is.

  • Psych O'Chaos
    Psych O'Chaos3 dager siden

    yooo i just saw a video on how beauty and the beast was nominated as the first animated film cuz it totally changed the way you could use animation

  • ThatGuy
    ThatGuy3 dager siden


  • Irrelivantmeme
    Irrelivantmeme3 dager siden

    with the phantom question micheal said "silenced m4 from csgo" but its actually called the m4a1-s

  • ThatGuy
    ThatGuy3 dager siden

    Bleach is a cleaning agent, typically used on clothes, manufactured in both powdered and liquid form...

  • Malachi Watanabe
    Malachi Watanabe3 dager siden

    im sad i didnt join during the lantern rite or the windblume festival, but meh

  • Trae McPherson
    Trae McPherson4 dager siden

    Next time, look up crowd control games. They have an internet based buzzer system. With control for not letting ring-in until the prompt is completely read.

  • RiisReborn
    RiisReborn4 dager siden

    One Half of the Video: Toast somehow knowing every answer to every question The Other Half of the Video: Everyone's hopes and souls being crused because they did not say "What is..."

  • henhen7890
    henhen78905 dager siden

    Michael should have gotten silenced M4, the disrespect towards Counter Strike is unfortunate.

  • The Evil
    The Evil5 dager siden

    so no one is gonna talk abt the mathematical errors is the vid lol

  • -_- ._.
    -_- ._.5 dager siden

    part 2?

  • Jayce Traspaderme
    Jayce Traspaderme5 dager siden

    “Might have major brain damage”

  • Neo Dong
    Neo Dong5 dager siden

    michael is just built different

  • Oliverek0420
    Oliverek04205 dager siden

    18:00 michaels Ad revenue

  • Hunt's
    Hunt's6 dager siden

    Scares hella said what is, just sayin

  • Paul Jacyszyn
    Paul Jacyszyn6 dager siden

    Oof man i felt that when you said m4a1-s

  • RedWolf99
    RedWolf997 dager siden

    *Broden asks:* “This was the first animated film to be nominated for ‘Best Picture’ at the Academy Awards” *Me immediately:* “What is Beauty and the Beast. *Me also shocked no one guessed it*

  • Justin Maddox
    Justin Maddox8 dager siden

    This was a shitshow

  • Metalmine
    Metalmine8 dager siden

    What kind of math is -700 + 1000 = 700?

  • Silverninja
    Silverninja8 dager siden

    Mykull is to smart for Jepordy.

  • Umang Patel
    Umang Patel8 dager siden

    jeopardy 2 babyyyyyyyy

  • eya lkhdr
    eya lkhdr9 dager siden


  • Rose Francisco
    Rose Francisco9 dager siden

    is it just me or everyone got fustrated about the rule "what is"

  • Tristitia
    Tristitia10 dager siden

    why'd i start hearing the huniepop when scarra hit us with the sexy face?

  • TheRetiredFox
    TheRetiredFox10 dager siden

    Silenced and controllable spray: MMMMMM VANDAL

  • bronzeplanet 2
    bronzeplanet 211 dager siden

    Why is Borodin kinda hot 🥵

  • knifeking 499
    knifeking 49911 dager siden

    I have to say i dont think it was ever a written rule that you had to say what is lol

  • Madhav Agarwal
    Madhav Agarwal11 dager siden

    At 19:45 poki's score should have gone from -700 to 300.

  • Skippys Tacos
    Skippys Tacos12 dager siden

    Ok Pokimane did a good job with the ad and I'm not that big of a fan. Godd job!

  • hectic storm19
    hectic storm1912 dager siden

    I love the background music

  • Reuben de Wet
    Reuben de Wet12 dager siden

    20:04 poki gained 400 points!

  • Callsign Phoenix
    Callsign Phoenix 12 dager siden

    Toast's interpretation of "Waking up and pretending you never fell asleep" was spot on. I just woke up in the middle of Summer School.

  • Nidal Flame
    Nidal Flame12 dager siden


  • Pannkuchen
    Pannkuchen12 dager siden

    i only have one fav director and its Edgar Wright

  • not shiny furret
    not shiny furret13 dager siden

    lmao they put venti with all the girls in the intro

  • so zao
    so zao14 dager siden


  • Oneguy
    Oneguy14 dager siden

    i fucking love michael

  • Gavin Buckingham
    Gavin Buckingham17 dager siden

    When OTV can’t do math -700 plus 1000 isn’t positive 700 it’s positive 300

  • Tolle44
    Tolle4417 dager siden

    20:05 Aight, I'm not seeing this anywhere, so I'm gonna be that guy: It's "arrow IN the knee" and not "arrow to the knee". If ya don't believe me go play the freakin' game, dude

  • It'sCOOKIE!!!
    It'sCOOKIE!!!18 dager siden

    Bro...yall really living magnificently if yall didnt kno what detergent was😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • It'sCOOKIE!!!


    13 dager siden

    Also very possible

  • corrine stanley

    corrine stanley

    13 dager siden

    @It'sCOOKIE!!! eh true but they could've been faking to make it more funny

  • It'sCOOKIE!!!


    13 dager siden

    No way cuz the brands are even more common knowledge😄

  • corrine stanley

    corrine stanley

    13 dager siden

    i think they knew they just thought it was about the brand

  • bun
    bun18 dager siden

    whys nobody talking about the animal crossing soundtrack pls

    LIZZIE18 dager siden

    did anyone else notice lily was missing a hundred points, cause when she got it right for gestures 400 they only added 300

  • Sush1_bro
    Sush1_bro18 dager siden

    Michael should have won just cuz of the part with a fire extinguisher

  • Theodore Hsu
    Theodore Hsu18 dager siden

    One thing: in the 2001-2002 season of “Jeopardy!” The question values were doubled to $200-1000 for Jeopardy ad $400-2000 for Double Jeopardy. So you’re off score-wise by about 20 years, just saying.

  • Just a Happy man
    Just a Happy man19 dager siden

    let us all appreciate poki hitting the buzzer first but still gets 2nd LMAO

  • July17
    July1719 dager siden

    Toast: I watched two seasons of Jeopardy. Toast in Mogul Money: *Can't answer in the form of a question*

  • HyperMonkEEy
    HyperMonkEEy20 dager siden

    fortnite is always known for great ingame event

  • RDz_Shinon
    RDz_Shinon20 dager siden

    When Scarra not watch both Starwar Movie and Animated Movie .... XD

  • Sindi
    Sindi20 dager siden

    Michael should of answered “this is what good pussy sounds like” like the vine xD

  • Tw1st3dPar4d0x
    Tw1st3dPar4d0x21 dag siden

    Im loving the mario & sonic at the olympic games song in there lol 1:49

  • Manuel José
    Manuel José21 dag siden

    Harry Potter is not General Knowledge, what the hell

  • S -
    S -22 dager siden


  • TheChikenBoi
    TheChikenBoi23 dager siden

    Imagine genshin sponsors another offline tv video and its lily with sayus voice saying the entire message

  • Qwerty
    Qwerty24 dager siden

    1:30 is when poki stops talking about the sponsor

  • AlanTheWizz_08
    AlanTheWizz_0824 dager siden

    0:16 xiao hoa piao piao

  • Madstr
    Madstr25 dager siden

    [6:20] why don't they just take a short recording and replay in slowmo to see who got the mark first!!! much quicker them them redoing it...

  • GamingFreak77
    GamingFreak7725 dager siden

    Michael, please taze Brodin

  • Dragún Motion
    Dragún Motion25 dager siden

    Why am I getting genshin impacts every where!!!! Even in this old video I accidentally pressed!!!!

  • Breezlless Dude
    Breezlless Dude25 dager siden

    Ah yes I love gensin taking 10gb of my 11 GB phone

  • Wild_siegewolf 96
    Wild_siegewolf 9625 dager siden

    wow 20+ year olds don't know how to wash clothes im 16 and now more about household stuff and chores than you do HOWWWW?

  • enby dan

    enby dan

    13 dager siden

    they are rich simply put

  • The Ultimate Rat
    The Ultimate Rat25 dager siden

    10:20 Monkey Bucc doesn't pop lead without the tier two middle upgrade. Lies, Brodin.

  • alessia sergi
    alessia sergi26 dager siden

    lily i knew you were the smartest

  • Ethan's Realm
    Ethan's Realm26 dager siden

    i dont like lisa

  • Jerwin Romero
    Jerwin Romero26 dager siden

    In 19:50 poki score is -700 + 1000 = 700?

  • l3wdwyn
    l3wdwyn27 dager siden

    18:54 scared money dont make money, quote said by both toast and stewie2k both intellectuals in their own rights

  • oum hellu
    oum hellu27 dager siden

    Wait but at 19:50 poki had -700 and only gained a 1000 shouldn't she have like 300? Or i just suck at math

  • oum hellu
    oum hellu27 dager siden

    Wait but at 19:50 poki had -700 and only gained a 1000 shouldn't she have like 300? Or i just suck at math

  • Rayxsoul gg
    Rayxsoul gg27 dager siden

    not me guessing every game sense one correct proud asf gamer

  • Goldfunny09
    Goldfunny0928 dager siden

    Michael got so scared if he was not saying what is that he started saying things like “what is sound affects for 600“

  • Comment
    CommentMåned siden

    Shouldnt Lily get 500 when she did the gesture for 400 on the board while already having a hundred?

  • aladin hudas
    aladin hudasMåned siden

    How the hell did they not know wht detergent is

  • Brianna Goss
    Brianna GossMåned siden

    At 16:53 after Lilly asked for gestures for 400 you guys only gave her 300 and she already had the 100 so the scoring was kinda wrong

  • SumPatti Official
    SumPatti OfficialMåned siden

    this video is just full of cringe

  • Josiah Tierney
    Josiah TierneyMåned siden

    Man should've put Dallas

  • Thomas Rodriques
    Thomas RodriquesMåned siden

    Brodin u should make offline tv do whatever they want to you for 24 hrs

  • MrPanda
    MrPandaMåned siden

    Michaels and scarras description killed me

  • Josh Alog
    Josh AlogMåned siden

    Rewatching this video and hearing Lily’s intro for everyone is crazy!

  • Alberto Romo
    Alberto RomoMåned siden

    Why the fuck is so hard to say "what is" ??????????? holy shittttttttttttt

  • Alberto Romo
    Alberto RomoMåned siden

    i´ve never been so triggered........for an dank boy like michael , he is so fucking stupid for internet culture and saying "what is"

    THE_YOUTUBER20Måned siden

    But mimes don’t speak

  • River She-they
    River She-theyMåned siden

    i feel like it is dumb too have too say "what is ____"

  • Арфир Камуи
    Арфир КамуиMåned siden

    Honestly the rule to say "what is" before a sound effect was fucking dumb

  • Little Nuggy
    Little NuggyMåned siden

    Me: Chilling Background: Animal crossing music me: *Jamming to animal crossing music

  • ArchangelTFH
    ArchangelTFHMåned siden

    I vote we fire the mc

  • Amit Mittal
    Amit MittalMåned siden

    So i am sorry but your math kind of fucked up -700+1000=300 not 700

  • Ronald Lopez
    Ronald LopezMåned siden

    Do these people not wash clothes?

  • DetectiveBreadCrumbs
    DetectiveBreadCrumbsMåned siden

    you can tell how pissed off michael is throughout the whole thing

  • strawberry whipped cream
    strawberry whipped creamMåned siden


  • Dowoon Best Boy
    Dowoon Best BoyMåned siden

    Just noticed that the outro is “it just is”😭

  • Boom Aggro
    Boom AggroMåned siden

    16:53 Lily only get $300

  • Christopher Luke
    Christopher LukeMåned siden

    Part 2 for thissss🤧❤️

  • Sig Bussey
    Sig BusseyMåned siden

    Michael was robbed. A mine doesn't speak, so he shouldn't have said "What is"!