OFFLINETV HAUNTED MAZE [EPILEPSY WARNING] ft. LilyPichu Michael Reeves Pokimane Scarra & Friends

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OfflineTV Roster:
Scarra | scarra
Pokimane | pokimanelol
LilyPichu | LilyPichu
Disguised Toast l DisguisedToast
Michael Reeves l michaelreeves

Special Thanks:
Fuslie | fuslie
Neytiri | NeytiriTV
PeterParkTV | PeterParkTV
QuarterJade | QuarterJade
Sykkuno | Sykkuno
AriaSaki | AriaSaki

Produced / Directed by:
Brodin | brodinplett

Shot by:
Brodin | brodinplett

Edited by:
Dunois | DunoisKR

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Dunois | DunoisKR

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Hyper Potions |

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  • OfflineTV
    OfflineTV9 måneder siden


  • CypherGaming


    2 måneder siden

    this video was brought out on my birthday last year, ive only just started watching you guys a couple weeks ago... the 12 hours in hospital was worth it... yes i am epileptic :)

  • nicky


    3 måneder siden

    if I was there and saw something there would be a literal dead body

  • Class Checker

    Class Checker

    3 måneder siden

    *Seizure warning, not just epilepsy lol

  • Eikuein


    4 måneder siden

    And screaming

  • rolanda12


    4 måneder siden

    Deaf warning

  • anonymous
    anonymous16 timer siden

    17:39 _literally the beginning of every isekai harem_

  • xp_muds
    xp_muds17 timer siden

    2:53 poor sock

  • ContentFunIs
    ContentFunIsDag siden

    Rare compilation of girls screaming at zombie wannabes I love this video

  • algo 2
    algo 2Dag siden

    man they realy no how to over react

  • Tori
    ToriDag siden

    Aria is me basically

  • Helen Hibberd
    Helen HibberdDag siden

    At 16:31 it’s the funniest thing, just two people like walking then a fucking banana

  • Apitorn Thurdsuwan
    Apitorn ThurdsuwanDag siden

    Poki&leslie: scream at body bag Me:why did you screaming at food?

  • Reapers Death
    Reapers Death2 dager siden

    love you broden

  • Wilbur
    Wilbur3 dager siden

    13:08 make memes about this

    FREEMAN DUBSTEP4 dager siden

    "im dealing with a moral dilemma with how much to fuck with her" jesus

  • Fabián Minaya
    Fabián Minaya4 dager siden

    [EPILEPSY WARNING] me with actual jme: gonna watch this uwu

  • anonymous


    17 timer siden

    ayo you good??

  • ash catchem
    ash catchem4 dager siden

    18:47ish, am I crazy I’m pretty sure sykkuno said fuck idk tho, there isn’t any thing to say otherwise

  • zach
    zach4 dager siden

    man a tposing spam would had carried the entire team

  • x-Mavrin_blitzgee-x
    x-Mavrin_blitzgee-x5 dager siden

    Why is no one talking about aria?

  • OnlyTheYanner
    OnlyTheYanner6 dager siden

    amongst the screeching sound of the girls i can here sykkuno's "JESUS! JESUS!"

  • Nate Betham
    Nate Betham7 dager siden


  • Pyhlo
    Pyhlo9 dager siden

    WAIT WAIT so if temmie's ancestors where wolfs and temmie is a wolf, does that mean WE ARE MONKE? (0:54 - 0:57)

  • Kib


    6 dager siden

    Yes. This is common knowledge. You should know this already

  • mrtablehandnosepencil 21
    mrtablehandnosepencil 219 dager siden

    i love the sound of ... SCREAMS!!!

  • The Salsador
    The Salsador10 dager siden

    Rare moment of Sykkuno almost cursing lol

  • OniArts
    OniArts11 dager siden

    jodi should've dressed up as a turkey XD

  • HaniBee
    HaniBee11 dager siden

    I’m very late but… 5:39 - Poki: NAHhHHhhhH

  • Professor Jigglybutt
    Professor Jigglybutt12 dager siden

    Good to know that in the case of a zombie apocalypse, avoid streamers at all costs

  • Soy Milk
    Soy Milk13 dager siden

    Michael: swears at zombie Zombie: somehow I feel delighted

  • A. Susanto
    A. Susanto13 dager siden

    the effort that they put to make this scene is epic

  • The mole People
    The mole People13 dager siden

    I’m at the beginning so I predict that Michael will just hug lily and turn her back

  • Charlene Tan
    Charlene Tan13 dager siden

    I have a feeling that i would either be screaming so loud it could make anyone deaf or i would just be not scared at all XDD

  • Lobstore
    Lobstore14 dager siden

    Sykkuno smile kinda nice.

  • Death Bringer
    Death Bringer15 dager siden

    im gonna throw up at the eyes

  • jackyc3
    jackyc315 dager siden

    yk what Jodi yelling "F you Brodin!" can scare all the demons its fineeeeee lmfao I love how they all just yell at Brodin and surprisingly Sykkuno wasn't very scared that's fun

  • Farah Roslee
    Farah Roslee15 dager siden

    15:21 When you're just tired of translating every single sound Yvonne has made

  • sanaa daoui
    sanaa daoui16 dager siden

    15:30 jodie (sorry if i misspelled her name) is a fucking mood

  • [ Charli253bear ]
    [ Charli253bear ]16 dager siden

    I love the way the last team all the girls screamed and sykkuno was just like what the fuck and Michael was not even fazed

  • povalco
    povalco17 dager siden

    brodin looks like hes about to paint tyler josephs neck with his hands

  • Nightmare
    Nightmare19 dager siden

    This has been Forgotten

  • vip5hawol
    vip5hawol19 dager siden

    Why am I just now getting Corpse Party vibes ?? lmao having to find Lily's eyeballs

  • German Frolov
    German Frolov19 dager siden

    give Michael a tazer next time

  • Shovel Man
    Shovel Man19 dager siden

    This entire video can be summed up with the caption *belligerent screeching*

  • Tega Agbro
    Tega Agbro20 dager siden

    Brodin is a weird man

  • Middle
    Middle20 dager siden

    Me looking at the NICU: 5:56

  • TechSolo11NotLive
    TechSolo11NotLive21 dag siden

    If my family did this i just bring a bag with sandwchs and water and axe body spary to spray the zombies to make them smell not lke a zonmbie and the food i have

  • Pianoman 7717
    Pianoman 771721 dag siden

    Broden's true form revealed

  • Honey
    Honey22 dager siden

    Brodin really be doing the most

  • DeathByRhapsody
    DeathByRhapsody23 dager siden

    Liberals in a real life scenario in a nutshell.

  • DeathByRhapsody
    DeathByRhapsody23 dager siden

    I saw 8 mins... I had no idea we are just starting.

  • Sly Lier
    Sly Lier25 dager siden

    micheal is literally the cutest he didn't even care about the zombie but just lily

  • Wzlee
    Wzlee26 dager siden


  • Ian Hilfiker
    Ian Hilfiker27 dager siden

    Aiaaiahiahaiaha ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok

  • Eimillian
    EimillianMåned siden

    I feel like michael would've been at least 5x more terrifying as a zombie xD

  • Antonio G
    Antonio GMåned siden

    all i can think about at the end when the lights were flickering is nosferatu

  • Kitana Cano
    Kitana CanoMåned siden

    i love how sydney is just CLENCHING to sykkuno 😭🥺💗

  • vierra guo
    vierra guoMåned siden

    3:13 8:35 LMAO

  • Sure, Indubitably!
    Sure, Indubitably!Måned siden

    Asking a zombie while screaming "WHERE ARE YOUR EYEBALLS?" is def not a good idea Also 12:32 Michael: We did it, and all it cost was Aria's entire sanity You gotta love Michael 😂😂

  • Kayleigh D
    Kayleigh DMåned siden

    The whole video is “AHHHHHH oh Lily you look great AHHHHHH”

  • TheCruelestCookie
    TheCruelestCookieMåned siden

    20:10 there is a straw in one of the turtles' noses.

  • Shayna Tang
    Shayna TangMåned siden

    Just be glad that Micheal isn't the monster.

  • Angelxmoon
    AngelxmoonMåned siden


  • hfaaamnixo
    hfaaamnixoMåned siden

    13:09 A wild Brodin is spotted in its natural habitat

  • Tin
    TinMåned siden

    L: "Are you wearing anything underneath that" M: "Absolutely not" Sykkuno's reaction said it all

  • Lincoln Austin
    Lincoln AustinMåned siden

    “Leslie if you die I’m keeping sock” I would too

  • Dannyrus k
    Dannyrus kMåned siden

    16:00 flash bang

  • Mae Anne Binollas
    Mae Anne BinollasMåned siden

    *19:25** The way that Micheal just carried Lily XD*

  • Mark Meyer
    Mark MeyerMåned siden

    Michael should have brought a speaker with him and just started blasting at dooms gate when he got to the zombie section, wiped out a taser and ran at them.

  • Raspberry Mint
    Raspberry MintMåned siden

    "come on, you guys ran so fast...🥺"

  • lolipomfp
    lolipomfpMåned siden

    I just imagine Brodin behind the camera almost shitting himself from trying not to laugh every round

  • Benjamin Hillenbrand
    Benjamin HillenbrandMåned siden

    The screams though

  • Sarah Lile
    Sarah LileMåned siden

    Something about seeing little Michael the Spam can bolt out of frame gives my simple mind so much serotonin. 8:01

  • 💚TMRsimp💚
    💚TMRsimp💚Måned siden

    Haha there are still holes in that bous head in the safe house from the dart video

  • Big Man Frosty
    Big Man FrostyMåned siden

    Omg I am literally dying laughing 🤣🤣

  • Beanster Bean
    Beanster BeanMåned siden

    Anyone else deaf by the end of the video? I think im bleeding from my ears. fun to watch them screaming tho lmao

  • Benjamin Villegas
    Benjamin VillegasMåned siden


  • ThaKiller OfDeath
    ThaKiller OfDeathMåned siden

    Yevonn just yelling at air for 5 mins

  • treatergol
    treatergolMåned siden


  • Call Me Dean
    Call Me DeanMåned siden

    I really want this kinds of friends in my life

  • Kieran Brooks
    Kieran BrooksMåned siden

    Everyone: *constant screaming* Sykkuno: *oh jesus*

  • Anika Larson
    Anika LarsonMåned siden

    in 20:28 when michael is dragging lily by her hand they have the same vibes as when in little nightmares 2 mono drags six

  • DarkXx RebornZx
    DarkXx RebornZxMåned siden

    I legit laugh when Micheal went inside full of confident and then a second later "bitch" LMFAO

  • Giselle Loo
    Giselle LooMåned siden

    Imagine Yvonne, Aria and Sydney going as a team… it’ll be like someone is being murdered

  • Alper KILIÇ
    Alper KILIÇMåned siden

    litearlly nothing happens* aria: screaming

  • Sussy baka noir
    Sussy baka noirMåned siden

    The most cutest moment in this video can't tell me otherwise 🥰 17:32 Peter giving Leslie his outfit to wear 19:16 Michael and Lily re uniting

  • Sussy baka noir
    Sussy baka noirMåned siden

    Michael being a spam folder Halloween is the most Asian thing you can ever do 😩 A fellow Filipino who lived in Hawaii Peace ✌

  • Sussy baka noir
    Sussy baka noirMåned siden

    10:04 Sykunno laughing without covering his face 🥺🥺

  • Kib
    KibMåned siden

    Should have added a POV to Lily ngl.

  • John Sierra 117
    John Sierra 117Måned siden

    6:33 Doom soundtrack woooooo!

  • Zyguard
    ZyguardMåned siden

    I Find this calming

  • DepressingMcNugget
    DepressingMcNuggetMåned siden

    I like how they're using peter as a meat shield

  • Ruboi_YT
    Ruboi_YTMåned siden

    I love how Micheal is hawaiian and his costume is a can of spam

  • DarkPhantomASR
    DarkPhantomASRMåned siden

    was Sykunno bout to swear..🙂

  • Jason Simnov
    Jason SimnovMåned siden

    Epilepsy warning, but no sound warning... ouch, I think I gained tinnitus illegally.

  • Paola Martinez
    Paola MartinezMåned siden

    18:44 BRO

  • Paola Martinez
    Paola MartinezMåned siden


  • Paola Martinez
    Paola MartinezMåned siden


  • Paola Martinez
    Paola MartinezMåned siden

    10:02 agschxzgbjnsab SYKKUNO

  • gnome
    gnomeMåned siden


  • scott 599
    scott 599Måned siden

    Entity/Boss: The SPAM Man Aka: Michael Reeves Location: Level 420 Info: The Spam man can be found on level 420 of the backrooms. He will only leave you alone if you carry SPAM on you. The SPAM man is a 5'5 ft (165 centimeters) tall Filipino male in what is a SPAM costume. The costume under inspection is made out of aluminum but moves like fabric when this entity moves.

  • Cyril
    CyrilMåned siden

    this is kinda creepy at 1 am lol

  • loony poison
    loony poisonMåned siden

    20:52 Leslie in the background making Sykkuno laugh

  • sunken
    sunkenMåned siden

    14:54 best moment by far.

  • LordWriggles
    LordWriggles2 måneder siden

    The hyper potions music makes me happy

    ZORRO GAMING2 måneder siden

    on 18:45 sykunno said the F word LOL