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  • Shäwn Alarde
    Shäwn Alarde3 timer siden

    Snow is Angel's dandruff

  • Luke Lantz
    Luke LantzDag siden

    When they were kissing the house I woulda just headbutt it with my head as a "kiss"

  • Isaac Za
    Isaac ZaDag siden

    "Now It's worth money bois, EBAY.. INSTANTLY AFTER THIS VIDEO"

  • Infinivoid Gaming
    Infinivoid GamingDag siden

    4:48 fun fact, that’s called Marina Bay Sands or MBS for short Sorry got excited there

  • Kyle Haughie
    Kyle Haughie4 dager siden

    R.I.P. Toast's house

  • nava
    nava4 dager siden

    toast looks like his in so much pain

  • Dumpling Man
    Dumpling Man7 dager siden

    ayo why isn't anybody talking about toasts hat at the start. it is literally as tall as mt Everest

  • Egg
    Egg12 dager siden

    Poor toast he didn’t buy fire insurance:(

  • Bad Apple
    Bad Apple14 dager siden

    I have the exact same pajamas Micheal is wearing.

  • Van Gonzales
    Van Gonzales16 dager siden


  • K4Joe
    K4Joe19 dager siden

    11:00 pog maplestory cash shop bgm

  • WutADay
    WutADay19 dager siden

    Love the darksouls music

  • NeonTiger
    NeonTiger23 dager siden

    they made for-closed abandon homes

  • Tobias Nguy
    Tobias Nguy27 dager siden

    Lmao when their houses were burning it was the same vibe as baker's bread being turned into bread bowls,,

  • Joaquin Rodriguez
    Joaquin RodriguezMåned siden

    Go to 00:38

  • The_Unique_Guy
    The_Unique_GuyMåned siden

    7:20 XDD

  • God is Good everytime
    God is Good everytimeMåned siden

    Michael : they say when it rains the angels are crying, what do you think it is when it is snowing ?!! Everyone : 👀👀👀👀👀👀 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Philrizon
    PhilrizonMåned siden

    6:55 scarra was just waitin for the right moment to drop that bahaha

  • Wiliam m
    Wiliam mMåned siden


  • no way
    no wayMåned siden

    its a gingerbread house survival contest at this point

  • Carlos Alvarado
    Carlos AlvaradoMåned siden

    I love the dark souls music while toast’s house just burns

  • Alchemist
    AlchemistMåned siden

    8:28 Gamora, I'm sorry

  • BuffThe Puff
    BuffThe PuffMåned siden

    Not the Firelink shrine 💀

  • Remy Alto
    Remy Alto2 måneder siden

    10:59 My friends when I go back to a person who cheated on me

  • Ayden O'Keefe
    Ayden O'Keefe2 måneder siden

    if they do this again they should add a firing squad punishment

  • danielle
    danielle2 måneder siden

    poor toast

  • Ape _small
    Ape _small2 måneder siden

    God the natural disaster made this video horrible like kinda not enjoyable

  • Dushane Palmer
    Dushane Palmer2 måneder siden

    8:27 naah let it burn🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Espresso Depresso
    Espresso Depresso2 måneder siden


  • Tori Mattia
    Tori Mattia2 måneder siden

    R.I.P. Toast's house

  • Rabid Pixy
    Rabid Pixy3 måneder siden

    Calling it now, Scarra and Poki will start dating at some point.

  • Chady Ways
    Chady Ways3 måneder siden

    OTV - let's bleep out all the "adult" words Michael - *Aggressive fellatio on a candy cane*

  • StarlitCheese 47
    StarlitCheese 473 måneder siden

    To be honest, fire extinguisher Michael is a lot scarier than taser Michael.

  • Voiyz
    Voiyz3 måneder siden

    Poki is fcking toxic😂

    D BALLOON3 måneder siden

    Now this is my favorite holiday video

    D BALLOON3 måneder siden

    8:16 this feels weirdly festive

  • gamerlaw 09
    gamerlaw 093 måneder siden

    Anything:happens Poki:AWWWWWWWW

  • gamerlaw 09
    gamerlaw 093 måneder siden

    Toast is an arsonist

  • epicbig
    epicbig3 måneder siden

    that picture at the beginning is actually really cute

  • James Garner
    James Garner3 måneder siden

    9:34 psycho dwarf

  • Intergalactic Gaming
    Intergalactic Gaming3 måneder siden


  • Aidan Chappelle
    Aidan Chappelle3 måneder siden

    Hearing the DOOM soundtrack during the disaster spinner gives me vibes I never knew existed

  • Carson Paul Lee
    Carson Paul Lee3 måneder siden

    Pokemane, the ultimate home builder.

  • Mr. Seal
    Mr. Seal3 måneder siden

    my screen froze on NUT

  • Shansj Sj
    Shansj Sj3 måneder siden

    Yvonne: *starts to throw ice* Pokimane: can I protect mine? Scarra: no My brain:poki will remember that

  • Cybersauce640
    Cybersauce6403 måneder siden

    yessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss recognition for singapore finally this is why i'm only subscribed to you michael

  • A. Susanto
    A. Susanto3 måneder siden

    why is toast and poki have the same pijamas?

  • Trenton Prather
    Trenton Prather3 måneder siden

    "They say when it rains it's angels crying, what do you think snow is?" Go dammit Michael! Lol

  • Samuel
    Samuel3 måneder siden

    Now Toast cant sell the poki Kissen house

  • DX Assassin
    DX Assassin3 måneder siden

    okay the natural disasters thing kinda ruined this, i wouldve liked to see their houses

  • Sliborg
    Sliborg3 måneder siden

    8:40 "When your parents told you that SANTA isn't real"

    PLAT!NUM3 måneder siden

    I was just waiting until I heard that this entire video was just that you should get Geico because Geico bundles your home and not getting fucking destroyed by yvonne insurance

  • Karmatic Poison.
    Karmatic Poison.3 måneder siden

    Dem, when toast's house was burning michael brought the fire extinguisher. He a real one tbh

  • Big Shrimpin
    Big Shrimpin3 måneder siden

    Ds2 ost hitting me hard

  • Yukihira Soma
    Yukihira Soma3 måneder siden

    Lmao, the way Michael said “is that my blowtorch?”

  • Gregory Redlon
    Gregory Redlon3 måneder siden

    for next time, take some sugar and put it in a pot with a little bit of water and it makes super great glue when it melts down.

  • Miku_Is_ My_Waifu
    Miku_Is_ My_Waifu3 måneder siden

    3:30 Every weeb explaining their waifu

  • L B
    L B3 måneder siden

    Brodin is a f*cking genius at making them curse him (and making videos extra entertaining)

  • Jazzy Lee
    Jazzy Lee3 måneder siden

    brodin is a simp for yvonne and thats why she gets no punishments

  • Vickie Lam
    Vickie Lam3 måneder siden

    I love the earthquake part with lily, 😂

  • Charlie Lichfield
    Charlie Lichfield3 måneder siden

    Whoever tried to do that British accent I’m fucking offended bitch, note sarcasm it was pretty good

  • nathan enos
    nathan enos3 måneder siden

    michael has me in tears

  • fleuph
    fleuph3 måneder siden


  • Liban M.R.
    Liban M.R.3 måneder siden

    "let it burn..." 8:25

  • Rushabh Mehta
    Rushabh Mehta3 måneder siden

    7:19 God that was too good

  • le krump
    le krump3 måneder siden

    I officially declare that Toast's house will be called *THE COOM KINGDOM*

  • SirPretzels
    SirPretzels3 måneder siden

    Poki: Kisses Toast's ginger bread house Her simps: Its photoshop time.

  • Dragontamer9021
    Dragontamer90213 måneder siden

    Toast and his burning house is sadder than the scene where titanic sinks

  • Legendary Detective Wobbuffet
    Legendary Detective Wobbuffet3 måneder siden

    I missed Toast with Michael.

  • Lazarus Villagomez
    Lazarus Villagomez4 måneder siden

    Yvonne is just annoying

  • Adzrock Lel
    Adzrock Lel4 måneder siden

    1:09 lily taking the basement

  • TheGameTrainz HD
    TheGameTrainz HD4 måneder siden

    8:17 the purest form of pain.

  • Daniel Andres Valderrama Tovar
    Daniel Andres Valderrama Tovar4 måneder siden

    Yoyoyoyoyoyoyi music faintly played from around 9:50 to 9:55 I swear is from one of the Xbox 360 sonic games I used to play as a child the one where sonic became a warehedghog ( kinda like a werewolf)

  • HiroBoy
    HiroBoy4 måneder siden

    8:24 let it burn let it burn can hold it back anymore

  • Calvin Huber
    Calvin Huber4 måneder siden

    does everyone hate yvonne now not me I always hated her

  • Calvin Huber

    Calvin Huber

    4 måneder siden

    @swag idk

  • swag


    4 måneder siden

    Lmfao why

  • RyuYumoka
    RyuYumoka4 måneder siden

    Pretty sure angels don't do that but that's pretty hilarious

  • HatDowg
    HatDowg4 måneder siden


  • HatDowg
    HatDowg4 måneder siden


  • Constance L
    Constance L4 måneder siden

    I love the sonic unleashed theme music in the background 👍

  • herbert duran
    herbert duran4 måneder siden

    i didnt know William Osman had another house LOL

  • Hakydsey
    Hakydsey4 måneder siden

    when is the roomtour video for the new house?

  • pulin_
    pulin_4 måneder siden

    9:50 The editor has a very good taste in music

  • Sándor Bordás
    Sándor Bordás5 måneder siden


  • Alexandre Boisclair
    Alexandre Boisclair5 måneder siden


  • Operator idk
    Operator idk5 måneder siden

    is that a dark souls theme when the house burns?! don't ask why im watching this now..

  • OneWeirdGuy
    OneWeirdGuy5 måneder siden

    I’m 75% sure I heard some doom music in there somewhere or have I just been vibing to doom too much?

  • Prince2K5
    Prince2K55 måneder siden

    the house fire was a little op and fucked, but you know, that's life

  • General 71
    General 715 måneder siden

    8:30 "some men, just wanna watch the world burn"

  • xX Julinka Xx
    xX Julinka Xx5 måneder siden

    3:44 did you realise in the backround its a music from Sykkuno's intro? (Sorry for bad English)

  • raiinbowcolorz;
    raiinbowcolorz;5 måneder siden

    the way Michael went running for the extinguisher and gave it to Toast and then Toast's like "let it burn" and Michael's like "wha- but but"

  • MMike08
    MMike085 måneder siden

    "Is that my blow torch?"

  • DragonSlayer
    DragonSlayer5 måneder siden

    tbh, hearing the firelink shrine music during the fires made me wanna go play dark souls again lol


    Ok let clear this upcwhy does Michael look like Harry Potter and Poki look like Hermione omg

  • Megas
    Megas5 måneder siden

    Based dark souls music

  • Miah Echiribel
    Miah Echiribel5 måneder siden

    I guess you could say toast's house was a bit toasty

  • Miah Echiribel
    Miah Echiribel5 måneder siden

    What's the song at the beginning

  • Kaycie With ie
    Kaycie With ie5 måneder siden

    I come back every day to watch toast’s face looking at his burning house XD

  • Tim Howitz
    Tim Howitz5 måneder siden

    Toast is the new william osman

  • Brandon Connelly
    Brandon Connelly5 måneder siden

    Imagine walking outside and seeing them burning something with Christmas hats on. It would look like a cult. 😂

  • MrZeroLife


    Måned siden

    who says it isn't

  • Cafn UwU

    Cafn UwU

    2 måneder siden

    During Noviembre too

  • Rochelle Lobo
    Rochelle Lobo5 måneder siden

    I found one video and now I can't stop