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  • Phrog
    Phrog6 timer siden

    Robot man won by 5:33

  • Anderson Oberle
    Anderson Oberle7 timer siden

    Michael's crackhead phrase really works in this.

  • eupheliaa
    eupheliaa8 timer siden


  • Just a Guy
    Just a Guy12 timer siden

    Michael is a demon LMAO

  • MexicanBirb
    MexicanBirb12 timer siden

    budget cut ninja warrior

  • blurr
    blurr16 timer siden

    this is team 10 if they had talent were gamers and did drugs

  • Pat Liu
    Pat Liu19 timer siden

    The secret is Michael is always drunk

  • Ody W
    Ody WDag siden

    8:30 Michael moment

  • Yes. No.
    Yes. No.Dag siden

    Lily: *falls* Mykull: *”i attacc, i attacc, when she falls, i protecc”*

  • sirbradybuckets
    sirbradybucketsDag siden

    Michael just jumping up and running to catch Lily whenever she looks like she about to fall just brings tears to my eyes... god that's so cute ugh

  • Filipe Vasconcelos
    Filipe VasconcelosDag siden

    8:32 Michael in another peak boyfriend moment, rushes to catch lily thinking she is gonna fall

  • Mantis
    MantisDag siden

    michael came to fucking WIN

  • Ava Bean
    Ava BeanDag siden

    Michael getting a negative time with something like this is pretty on brand

  • Stephen Roi Carpio
    Stephen Roi CarpioDag siden

    You can see how Michael just keeps standing and sitting, its so cutee

  • joie
    joie2 dager siden

    i love scarra

  • nathaniel stafford
    nathaniel stafford2 dager siden

    Scarra proved me wrong when he went through that pipe thing I thought he couldn’t-Scarra you have exceeded my expectations

  • Professor Racc.
    Professor Racc.2 dager siden

    doing this actually drunk probably would have been better

  • TabyCat
    TabyCat2 dager siden

    Michael getting up for anyone about to fall is so cute.

  • Ethan Mata
    Ethan Mata2 dager siden


  • Orvvollyon
    Orvvollyon2 dager siden

    everyone pronouncing monke wrong is the bane of my existence

  • Josué
    Josué3 dager siden

    That was a banger

  • Liciam
    Liciam3 dager siden

    Can we appreciate how cute michael was? everytime where lily could fall or hurt herself, he was right there rdy to jump and catch her xD dang

  • Aman Niyas
    Aman Niyas4 dager siden

    I love the fact that they used pokemon music

  • ThatB0y Rohan
    ThatB0y Rohan4 dager siden

    7:58 awwhhhh thats so adorable- look how Micheal jumps forward to check if Lily is ok.

  • Post Apocalypse
    Post Apocalypse4 dager siden

    Michael really said, yo watch this

  • Visual Effects
    Visual Effects4 dager siden

    I can monke for u

  • Ahrceon
    Ahrceon4 dager siden

    Pokis got that gorilla grip FUCK 🥵🥵

  • Ahrceon


    4 dager siden


  • Manny Thomasson
    Manny Thomasson4 dager siden

    Anyone see Michael make sure lily didn't fall when she started?

  • Viz_Dizzy YT
    Viz_Dizzy YT4 dager siden

    Micheal zooming to save lily is so cutr

  • Rack
    Rack4 dager siden

    The genshin impact music at the start is a nice touch for someone addicted to genshin impact

  • Mango1309 07
    Mango1309 075 dager siden

    toast climbing and the genshin music rlly gives me the vibe of climbing mountains in genshin lmao

  • Eager McBidoof
    Eager McBidoof5 dager siden

    tbh toast looked and sounded in the start haha

  • the boi
    the boi5 dager siden

    Michael be built different

  • TheAudiophile
    TheAudiophile5 dager siden

    Do I see Michael wearing Big Money Salvia merch?

  • Nah, I’m Good
    Nah, I’m Good5 dager siden

    I an surprised they didn’t fucking blur poki’s feet with how fucked up the internet it

  • Jawmilyn Aquino
    Jawmilyn Aquino5 dager siden

    I love how whenever micheal sees lily is about to fall he comes running to catch her 😭😭💳💥💳💥

  • pandan
    pandan6 dager siden

    They’re in California and Scarra, toast, and lily are all in full black 😂

  • WerbyTheAnimator


    5 dager siden

    @pandan auto correct is amazing lol

  • pandan


    5 dager siden

    @WerbyTheAnimator omg i just realized what my autocorrect did xD

  • WerbyTheAnimator


    5 dager siden

    "Scarface" lmfao

  • Ricardo Gonzalez
    Ricardo Gonzalez6 dager siden

    This might just be me with bug feet but I would have taken off my size 13 shoes tied them together put the eggs inside and then rap it around my neck

  • Alluka Zoldyck
    Alluka Zoldyck6 dager siden

    anyone else notice the smo, mariokart wii and botw soundtracks? just me? ok.

  • Mick Plomp
    Mick Plomp6 dager siden

    Ending song track id anyone??

  • Carlos Playz
    Carlos Playz7 dager siden

    I love how michael is always ready to save someone

  • JasmineDragon
    JasmineDragon7 dager siden

    god I wish I could look half as good as Poki

  • Troglodyte
    Troglodyte7 dager siden

    13:21 He looks like a caterpillar.

  • Lilianae
    Lilianae7 dager siden

    Can I just say I love Poki's hair in this video? It's so cute! :D

  • kaburnicas
    kaburnicas7 dager siden

    Y'all forget that Micheal Reeves is Tony Stark with brain damage

  • Justin LI [09N12]
    Justin LI [09N12]7 dager siden

    I see the truth I am a being on another plane the Minecraft plane I see a new realm which is also this realm but we live in this and the other realm and the other realm lives in our mind and it’s called imagination and that’s how drunk goggles work

  • svluurs
    svluurs8 dager siden

    8:32 michael starts running to lily to make sure she wont fall :))

  • Jack Moto
    Jack Moto8 dager siden

    Anyone else notice the dude just standing in the background?

  • Not An Idiot
    Not An Idiot8 dager siden

    Micheal was the lily protection service in this vid

  • James Creations
    James Creations8 dager siden

    Toast became a Yakuza member

  • Lazy Bonez
    Lazy Bonez8 dager siden

    aw michael was trying to catch everyone who was falling

  • A Dictionary.
    A Dictionary.8 dager siden

    8:05 Yo that was actually so cute Michael went to grab Lily as she fell

  • Jason Ollita
    Jason Ollita8 dager siden

    Scarra looks like a colorful caterpillar LOL

  • Jason Ollita
    Jason Ollita8 dager siden

    Michael is like imma save her

  • Its4mi
    Its4mi9 dager siden

    I like how the button is part of the challenge.

  • Triton Demius
    Triton Demius9 dager siden

    Props to Michael rushing over whenever someone looks like they are about to fall

  • Alpha Archer
    Alpha Archer9 dager siden

    I feel like a good way to carry the egs would be to make basically a duct tape bandolier of eggs

  • Alpha Archer

    Alpha Archer

    9 dager siden


  • ParzivalB3
    ParzivalB39 dager siden

    "this is what thanos dreamed of" "this is what thanos was MISSING" lol

  • sergeant big balls
    sergeant big balls9 dager siden


  • beto33487
    beto334879 dager siden

    Tube scarra reminds me of that ace Ventura rhino scene

  • Shesh The0verkill
    Shesh The0verkill9 dager siden

    Michael build diff

  • The ketchup bottle
    The ketchup bottle9 dager siden

    Yo that tunnel of despair is tighter than your girl.

  • Iron3Ethan
    Iron3Ethan9 dager siden

    Michael: “You should’ve aimed for the cock” *snaps*

  • Ehsan Mahmoodi
    Ehsan Mahmoodi9 dager siden

    Michael is the alpha monke

  • Dogefyed Studios
    Dogefyed Studios10 dager siden

    nut nut nut nut nut nut nut nnnnnnnnnnnnnut

  • Words Don't Hurt Me, These Shades Are Gucci
    Words Don't Hurt Me, These Shades Are Gucci10 dager siden

    I only watch these videos to beat to when Poki wears tights

  • Rob Marx
    Rob Marx10 dager siden

    No offense lily but i was choking on my own spit from laughing so hard when it was your turn

  • Nathan Slater
    Nathan Slater10 dager siden

    Scara would be that one kid who everyone hates at party games because he was always fishing for people to lose points

  • quack el pato
    quack el pato11 dager siden

    Amazing how michael tried to rush in every time lily lost balance, so cute

  • 「Joseph Joestar」
    「Joseph Joestar」11 dager siden

    The goggles don't effect Michael because he's a crackhead and is in a constant state of crackhead.

  • alex searcy
    alex searcy12 dager siden

    michael had -27 for a time

  • InsaneBasti
    InsaneBasti12 dager siden

    This is everything and more than i couldve ever hoped for.

  • Emmanuel Castillo
    Emmanuel Castillo12 dager siden

    Have they not learned a thing about micheal XD never challenge him in any kind of sport not even monster drink can match his crackheaded ass

  • Suvin S
    Suvin S12 dager siden

    michael: its what thanos was missing thanos: f*k 👁👄👁

  • Chris Herzog
    Chris Herzog12 dager siden

    “If I die, don’t cover it up. I want you guys playing DaBaby at my funeral”

  • amsfer9
    amsfer912 dager siden

    "You should have aimed for the Cock" ~snaps~ haha that was great!

  • Holly T.
    Holly T.12 dager siden

    How Michael jumps up to catch Lily when she says "ow" 7:58 🥺🥺🥺

  • ernesto carmona
    ernesto carmona13 dager siden

    Song at the end?

  • Shadow Nightmarine
    Shadow Nightmarine13 dager siden

    Micheal might as well be a fucking demon that drank every single fucking energy drink on this damn planet

  • Deizelf
    Deizelf13 dager siden


  • Ryan Lorance
    Ryan Lorance13 dager siden

    I am pretty sure that the drunk goggles completely unfazed Michael from years of crack

  • Nick
    Nick13 dager siden

    I’m surprised Michael didn’t crack an egg in the tube while no one was watching

  • FireRed 2112
    FireRed 211213 dager siden

    theres so much pokemon music i love it

  • anelle
    anelle13 dager siden

    yo if poki was wearing a shirt underneath, she couldve used her hoodie for the eggs

  • swagdaddymarissa
    swagdaddymarissa14 dager siden

    the way michael always gets up just in case lily is gonna fall is the cutest thing ever omg

  • Saint
    Saint14 dager siden

    Michael made the eggfinity gauntlet

  • Alyssa Stack
    Alyssa Stack14 dager siden

    Poki’s super strength ability coming through at the end.

  • Usual Human
    Usual Human14 dager siden

    I love how Micheal gets to the end in 48 seconds

  • Lemons ಠ_ಠ
    Lemons ಠ_ಠ14 dager siden

    9-2 IS NOT 8 LILY!!!

  • Highkie
    Highkie14 dager siden

    Poki is too stronk

  • Uchiha Chaude
    Uchiha Chaude14 dager siden

    Michael got the Sun Sigil

  • Qro Randoms
    Qro Randoms14 dager siden

    bruh genshin bgm for toast ahhaaaa+

  • Soul Knight Boi.
    Soul Knight Boi.15 dager siden


  • Perado
    Perado15 dager siden

    18:07 that arch tho

  • Kiostan
    Kiostan15 dager siden

    the pokemon mystery dungeon theme song was so nostalgic

  • Zachary Westrick
    Zachary Westrick15 dager siden

    Scarra was definitely looking at polish ass while she was going over the dome

  • Basically RANDOM Animations
    Basically RANDOM Animations15 dager siden

    Michael is so fast, he finished the course before he even started.

  • Eugeo


    12 timer siden

    @Kckr he was so fast he invented time travel

  • Kckr


    3 dager siden

    He became 20 seconds younger when he came back

  • Nut Popper
    Nut Popper16 dager siden

    Anyone noticed how in the first part of some one was about to fall he was about to rush in

  • Stupid Blue Goblin
    Stupid Blue Goblin16 dager siden

    The Pokémon Mystery Dungeons music in the beginning just adds that much more to this video.

  • Mika4569
    Mika456916 dager siden

    Michael took more time on getting the eggs than actually doing the course