OFFLINETV BUILD TRUST WITH... EGGS? ft. Sykkuno Michael Reeves Pokimane Scarra LilyPichu Yvonnie

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  • Read this If your stupid xx’-‘ lol
    Read this If your stupid xx’-‘ lolDag siden

    8:54 *Yvonne give him CPR* *One second later* SpLaT

  • Khang Ngọc Chung Nguyễn
    Khang Ngọc Chung Nguyễn3 dager siden

    Subscribe I did it Sykkuno, I comment the word “subscribe”

  • mai goodness • 35 years ago
    mai goodness • 35 years ago4 dager siden

    1:48 i love how all the girls closed their eyes while the boys just 👏 👏 👏

  • Fork1012
    Fork10126 dager siden


  • cHiicKeEenn
    cHiicKeEenn7 dager siden

    If we divert our attention from poor Sykkuno for a second, can we please consider how in the world Lily screamed with the spoon holding the egg in her mouth whilst having no issue?

  • otavio04
    otavio049 dager siden

    Why dont you raycon deez nuts

  • Hisoka’s Bubble Tea 🧋
    Hisoka’s Bubble Tea 🧋10 dager siden

    Michael fucking Reeves.

  • Brandon Perry
    Brandon Perry10 dager siden

    Idk guys. Free Poki toes?

  • HyperMonkEEy
    HyperMonkEEy11 dager siden

    can we just agreed how creative brodin actually is? i mean who else has such creative brain like him? always surprising and unexpected that it always catch the others off guard 🤣🤣

  • Kenji212
    Kenji21211 dager siden

    ... They said Spam Musubi wrong :(

  • Clucker
    Clucker12 dager siden

    I looked up the egg thing It is strange

  • Ant_Attack_07
    Ant_Attack_0712 dager siden

    Polk hugging scarra was so heart warming there all so nice to each other

  • Swadiy
    Swadiy14 dager siden

    What’s the intro song called?

  • Swadiy


    6 dager siden

    @RageSquid RG Thanks :)

  • RageSquid RG

    RageSquid RG

    7 dager siden

    chasing clouds

  • Reza Ghifari
    Reza Ghifari15 dager siden

    I'd buy a "Fuck you Brodin" t-shirt

  • Epic Shadow Boy
    Epic Shadow Boy15 dager siden

    Dude this is hilarious this cut out right after poki says “slender man...” makes me laugh every time XD 7:30

  • A man.
    A man.17 dager siden


  • Seth Lovric
    Seth Lovric17 dager siden

    You know you got a problem when Michael asks what is wrong with you

  • Frog Master
    Frog Master21 dag siden

    Sykkuno looks much taller than thought he was lmao

  • Fulgoravix
    Fulgoravix21 dag siden

    I thought I was straight and then I saw Sykkuno in nurse outfit

  • Wong Cayven
    Wong Cayven22 dager siden

    Tip for balancing eggs on a spoon : try to put the eggs as close as possible to you so that the spoon won't wobble as much, so basically eat the spoon

  • Celservant
    Celservant23 dager siden

    7:59 caught Sykkuno's laugh

  • Johanna Dosenkohl
    Johanna Dosenkohl27 dager siden

    5:40 "It had like fishnets and stuff!" Well, Corpse would´ve enjoyed it!

  • Eduardo III Mapanao
    Eduardo III Mapanao28 dager siden

    6 HOURS6HOURS!!!!!!!1 why are you so surprised about that i have headphones that last 24 HOURS 24 HOURS!!!!!

  • Overseer599
    Overseer59929 dager siden

    Poki “I guess you could say a lot of pent up aggr-“ Scarra quickly cuts in “Fuck you Brodin”

  • SandwichBoiYT
    SandwichBoiYT29 dager siden

    "give him cpr" *I WILL HAVE ORDER*

  • Alias. Nathan
    Alias. Nathan29 dager siden

    5:25 Michael's vibe remind me of Jack from Brooklyn 99.

  • no way
    no wayMåned siden

    the slenderman looking' ass IM CRYING

  • Mkcx
    MkcxMåned siden

    They messed up by not calling it trust eggsercises

  • karl edouard De jesus
    karl edouard De jesusMåned siden

    8:02 welcome to gulag

  • Ben Flatt
    Ben FlattMåned siden

    4:25 I like how "cleaning up eggs" is now in urban dictionary and is actually based from Lily's sentence in this video.

  • midoriya _izumi
    midoriya _izumiMåned siden

    10:24 michael: as simp... i must protecc.. QUEEN EMANE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jojooxx x
    jojooxx xMåned siden

    maybe this is my favourite video

  • Keithen Woodley
    Keithen WoodleyMåned siden

    Brodin isn't a maniac He's a psychopath

  • amb c:
    amb c:Måned siden

    wait what happened w toast

  • Fried Chicken

    Fried Chicken

    25 dager siden

    He was in Canada

  • firekidqqq
    firekidqqqMåned siden

    Ya know can't stop watching this it's funny except ITS FUCKING 3 AM

  • Malachi Reyes
    Malachi ReyesMåned siden

    I like how in 9:17 and 10:30 they put the naruto OST in

  • Michelle Guerrero
    Michelle GuerreroMåned siden

    The only yt channel in which I don’t skip the sponsoring bc of how funny they do it.(extra content)

  • Benjamin Hillenbrand
    Benjamin HillenbrandMåned siden

    The parts that they scram makes this channel better

  • Benjamin Hillenbrand

    Benjamin Hillenbrand

    Måned siden


  • JustADot
    JustADotMåned siden

    3:55 he said piss lmao

  • Vien Andrei Tenorio
    Vien Andrei TenorioMåned siden

    If sykkuno did wear the one with fishnets, i think corpse would be literally be a corpse from the nosebleed

  • AnimeClient
    AnimeClientMåned siden

    OfflineTV script: Intro: Fuck you Brodin Video Topic: Something that can make Brodin fuckable Outro: Fucked Brodin

  • Benjamin Villegas
    Benjamin VillegasMåned siden

    Look at Dankpods review of raycons

  • Benjamin Villegas

    Benjamin Villegas

    Måned siden

    Watch part two also

  • Bob Bob
    Bob BobMåned siden

    The gigachad himself Michael

  • xd sledgi
    xd sledgiMåned siden

    Why does sykkuno up his mouth every single time he laughs

  • ARBEN Kercishtaaa
    ARBEN KercishtaaaMåned siden

    As Lili I love that song too💜💜

  • Sussy baka noir
    Sussy baka noirMåned siden

    5:53 SYYKUUNNOOO 😳😳

  • David Kessler
    David KesslerMåned siden

    13:37 what does it say

  • Alini
    AliniMåned siden

    Poki: as a nurse do you have any advice for lily? Sykunno: Give Up!!!

  • David
    DavidMåned siden

    “Pent up aggression-“ “Fuck you Brodin”

  • Pixel
    PixelMåned siden

    rip unfertilized chickens or smthng

  • Alini
    AliniMåned siden

    5:42 sykunno coulda worn fishnets. Cause even apples look good on fishnets. - Corpse

  • Stun
    StunMåned siden

    Sykkuno looks adorable

  • Ibxki
    IbxkiMåned siden

    wow brodin be tall

  • Envelope
    EnvelopeMåned siden


  • Envelope


    Måned siden


  • Stephanie Moser
    Stephanie Moser2 måneder siden

    RIP siakoono in the nurse outfit

  • Stephanie Moser

    Stephanie Moser

    2 måneder siden

    Should've been micheal

  • Dian Ji
    Dian Ji2 måneder siden

    This reminds me of SAW when they get trapped in the room and Brodin is the guy behind the mask

  • seal boi
    seal boi2 måneder siden

    is it only me or is Sykkuno's voice more seductive that's corpses'

  • Istiqlal Amirah Sugeng

    Istiqlal Amirah Sugeng

    2 måneder siden

    Idk, sykkuno voice sounds more cute and soft than seductive for me

  • Ekansh Shaloo
    Ekansh Shaloo2 måneder siden

    brodin the underrated man in otv

  • Francisco Der Ghougassian
    Francisco Der Ghougassian2 måneder siden

    I didn't get the eggcleaner joke. Care to explain ?

  • Layla
    Layla2 måneder siden

    Be honest, you simp over Sykkuno

  • Fedico7000
    Fedico70002 måneder siden

    Michael is a fucking *God.*

  • Hammarkids
    Hammarkids2 måneder siden

    “Michael is really good at *cleaning up the eggs*” Jesus fuck lily TMI

  • CyberDxD _
    CyberDxD _2 måneder siden

    Brodin is actually a Evil Mastermind more powerful than Micheal and its amazing.

  • Tonitribus
    Tonitribus2 måneder siden

    you would have made sykkuno a member he would have been perfect

  • 13th Evergreen
    13th Evergreen2 måneder siden

    Mickeal knows how to talk to clams................. eggs

  • zyrksies
    zyrksies2 måneder siden

    Michael is one hundred percent a tier three poki sub

  • Onyx Bunny
    Onyx Bunny2 måneder siden

    Who else took a screenshot of Sykkuno nurse to print it out and place it in their shrine???

  • Dylan Lim
    Dylan Lim2 måneder siden

    8:52 - when u try ur best but u dont succeed

  • Makai Tolbert
    Makai Tolbert2 måneder siden

    nurse sykkuno got me feelin some typa wayyyyyyyy

  • Luisanna Lopez
    Luisanna Lopez2 måneder siden

    Wait Why did roast move away to Canada again?

  • Fried Chicken

    Fried Chicken

    25 dager siden

    For a few months

  • Angie Heng

    Angie Heng

    2 måneder siden

    this was 8 months ago lol he's back now

  • H o n e y n e t t ê ɷ

    H o n e y n e t t ê ɷ

    2 måneder siden

    tbh Idk-

  • Flungy Mungy
    Flungy Mungy2 måneder siden

    cleaning up eggs means eating out a girl on her period according to the urban dictionary. And the examples are “Michael’s the best egg cleaner I know” “Ever since last year he’s been cleaning up eggs and I have never met someone whose cleans up eggs as well as he does.”

  • Ayden Chong
    Ayden Chong2 måneder siden

    What does egg cleaner mean

  • Maximiliano Garcia
    Maximiliano Garcia2 måneder siden

    Michael: leave in the comments what does egg cleaning mean?! FETUS DELETUS. That’s what it means

  • Detective_J
    Detective_J2 måneder siden

    The reason Michael was so good for the third step is because of how similar the dimensions of the spoon and egg were to a crackpipe.

  • Jawz-_-
    Jawz-_-3 måneder siden

    Whats the intro/outro song?

  • Sean B
    Sean B3 måneder siden

    "Poki caught on after round 4" Bruh i caught on literally when they said eggs

  • Michael Moriarty
    Michael Moriarty3 måneder siden


  • HiroBoy
    HiroBoy3 måneder siden

    My friend has over 300k channel points on sykkuno twitch but doesn’t watch his content

  • Ayurzana Bujinkhlam
    Ayurzana Bujinkhlam3 måneder siden

    Perition to convince Sykkuno to join offlinetv

  • Beebus


    Måned siden


  • Sheev Palpatine

    Sheev Palpatine

    2 måneder siden


  • Akua Darku
    Akua Darku3 måneder siden

    11:36 "Give up!" *INSPIRATIONAL QUOTE BY NURSEKKUNO!!!* Also me: *"Give up on ur dreams and die"* - Levi

  • Venus Rubrica
    Venus Rubrica3 måneder siden

    7:58 11:33

  • Matthew Orense
    Matthew Orense3 måneder siden

    Because of michael's intelligence and science he was able to perfect the angle of poki's egg position. He even xaught poki's egg in one hand 🙋‍♂️

  • 3yxd
    3yxd3 måneder siden


  • Aguilera Household
    Aguilera Household3 måneder siden

    8:35 a moment before disaster

  • Venusu Games
    Venusu Games3 måneder siden

    I need the world to know i love sykkuo with a fucking passion

  • Abby Torres
    Abby Torres3 måneder siden

    Sykkuno is like the wholesomeness we didn’t want but we got and now we need

  • Bar Woy bar
    Bar Woy bar3 måneder siden

    I legit came back here to see sykkuno in maid outfit

  • MiloGOSH Mhm
    MiloGOSH Mhm3 måneder siden

    "ever since last year micheal has been really good at cleaning eggs" -Lilypichu 2020

  • toga
    toga3 måneder siden

    Sykkuno looks adorable on a nurse outfit

  • Too Monkey Productions
    Too Monkey Productions3 måneder siden

    0:52 Just leaving a note for when the sponsor message ends because I’m going to rewatch this video for sure

  • Cyber
    Cyber3 måneder siden

    Everyone: Complimenting Michael Lily: He's hella short

  • yort
    yort3 måneder siden


  • shayi
    shayi3 måneder siden


  • Rotaku Rotaku
    Rotaku Rotaku3 måneder siden


  • Degenerate With a side of tide pods
    Degenerate With a side of tide pods3 måneder siden

    Sykkuno is the definition of “Sometimes it takes a real man to become best girl”

  • Maxine Gallo
    Maxine Gallo3 måneder siden

    Nurse sykunno: *walks out * Girls: *screaming covering their eyes * Boys: *clapping * Me: *having a heart attack *

  • Carson Paul Lee
    Carson Paul Lee3 måneder siden

    Cleaning eggs - fertilizing infertile eggs. Birth control is nice, huh Michael?

  • Jacklyn Cervantes
    Jacklyn Cervantes3 måneder siden

    At first I didn't recognize Sykkuno with nurse outfit in the thumbnail..and I'm surprised Sykkuno would wear like that..🥰

  • Aidan REID
    Aidan REID3 måneder siden


  • Lei Folkerson
    Lei Folkerson3 måneder siden

    Oh my gosh it's so funny how michael is clapping so hard for nursekkuno HAHAHAHAH