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  • Mramazing 2468
    Mramazing 2468Time siden

    I only know what the Mcdonalds ones taste like cause i've never had any of the others

  • Sewer beans07
    Sewer beans07Time siden

    imagine being a little baby shitter

  • Anima King
    Anima King2 timer siden

    I love the pokemon music bg

  • Tanuj M
    Tanuj M6 timer siden

    Lily the whole video said 2 and "3"

  • Briseida Quemada
    Briseida Quemada7 timer siden

    Nobody:.. Michael:JIMIN SHAKE!?

  • coryn m
    coryn m7 timer siden

    Bruh I thought I was going crazy because I kept hearing genshin music and then I realized it’s literally in the background of the video

  • McIronVip
    McIronVip11 timer siden


  • A Random Bacon
    A Random Bacon21 time siden

    camera man: BTS most of the filipinos: B T S B I O T

  • Eddie Hernandez
    Eddie HernandezDag siden

    poki is a real one for that lol "its not that bad".

  • Depression
    DepressionDag siden

    Would you consider human's as food

  • Epic Gamer
    Epic GamerDag siden

    The genshin music makes me think i left genshin on in the background

  • nihjol2
    nihjol2Dag siden


  • Crush
    CrushDag siden

    Wtf poki..

  • insanity 2
    insanity 2Dag siden

    Huh so thats how fire keeoers are made. Dark souls weird

  • wolf gamerr
    wolf gamerr2 dager siden

    19:20 NOW PLAYING OFFLINETV TOAST ESCAPE ROOM ft. Michael Reeves DisguisedToast Scarra LilyPichu Pokimane OfflineTV 3M views 3 months ago 7:35 NOW PLAYING Your Robot Ideas Are Stupid Michael Reeves 15M views 2 years ago 16:06 NOW PLAYING Teaching a Robot Dog to Pee Beer Michael Reeves 10M views 3 months ago 11:12 NOW PLAYING 2 guys 1 taco Disguised Toast 1.8M views 1 month ago 8:10 NOW PLAYING Extreme Try Not To Laugh Challenge! Beast Reacts 6.4M views 1 day ago New 12:55 NOW PLAYING Smash Bros Drinking Game! Ft. Michael Reeves LilyPichu 5M views 1 year ago 23:30 NOW PLAYING OFFLINETV WHATS IN THE BOX CHALLENGE ft. Michael Reeves Pokimane LilyPichu Scarra OfflineTV 6.2M views 9 months ago 35:43 NOW PLAYING little nightmares 2 with michael :D LilyPichu 1.7M views 5 months ago 27:16 NOW PLAYING HE PUT WHAT IN THE FOOD? - OFFLINETV COOKING SHOWDOWN OfflineTV 6.9M views 1 year ago 18:22 NOW PLAYING HEY BABY! HEEEEY BABY!!! | Cards Against Humanity Markiplier

  • Atlantic Nova
    Atlantic Nova2 dager siden


  • Sophia Pagliawan
    Sophia Pagliawan2 dager siden

    wait--- aint that the music from genshin at around 9:47 onwards-- adkfsdjgsakf idk i just find it cool bc i thought i had my game open while watching this

  • Shoto Todoroki
    Shoto Todoroki2 dager siden

    I have a question please, did pokimane comeback in the offlinetv?

  • Alex Vogt Vlogs
    Alex Vogt Vlogs2 dager siden

    Dave’s hot chicken listening to this: ☹️

  • Fumaltje
    Fumaltje2 dager siden

    The fun thing about franch fry is that is was originally made in Belgium XD

  • Exsecror
    Exsecror2 dager siden

    Lilly droopping the F bomb early i see

  • LemonRoaster
    LemonRoaster2 dager siden

    I don’t eat food. I just forget sometimes. I forget even though I am hungry. Look man, 100 percenting legend of Zelda botw and it’s taking a while so no time for food!

  • Shienoux
    Shienoux3 dager siden

    Poki lowkey thirsty of michael lmao

  • Cae Rule
    Cae Rule3 dager siden

    wait how much did burger king pay you guys lol

  • S0M3 *
    S0M3 *3 dager siden

    This was released on Saturday

  • Liciam
    Liciam3 dager siden

    im sry i would be like poki xd just eating it, its just fast food in small lul

  • promit chakroborty
    promit chakroborty3 dager siden

    Does anyone know the music in the intro? And the rap bit in the middle?

  • Russull
    Russull3 dager siden

    Michael looks like and acts like a kid with steroids

  • Killua
    Killua4 dager siden

    nigahiga viewers be like bts "behind the scenes"

  • Gryphon Blazier
    Gryphon Blazier4 dager siden

    I'm with pokimane, just drink the protein shake it won't be that bad

  • Jason Yang
    Jason Yang4 dager siden

    OTV: You can clearly tell by the levels of sodium and how it curves slightly but not too much Me: Hold up is that BoTW music omg that's BoTW music isn't it I love BotW music rEEeE

  • テンペスト
    テンペスト4 dager siden

    9:46 am i the only one who heard genshin impact sound?

  • Ann Apologue
    Ann Apologue4 dager siden

    I appreciate Katamari music being put over that horrible blending segment. ahaha.

  • NK GAMING2017
    NK GAMING20175 dager siden

    ive ever heard of jack in the box my entire life until two days and the first video I watch after was this man I'm certain I'm jumping between reality but the differences are really small

  • Papaintion
    Papaintion5 dager siden

    ffs Fast Food Saturday

  • Josh Catindig
    Josh Catindig5 dager siden

    Where mr beast burger???!!K

  • Hayden Brooks
    Hayden Brooks5 dager siden

    Why is no one talking about how Michael was messing with lily’s hair to make her scratch the back of her head

  • McLoven not McMuffin
    McLoven not McMuffin5 dager siden

    Do you like Wendy’s Wendy’s nuts hit your face

  • Xion Enma
    Xion Enma5 dager siden

    I love you guys but hearing y’all smacking while eating fries with my headphones is just nooooooo

  • 87vivix
    87vivix6 dager siden

    Was that song from jet set radio at the end ?

  • Mr.Derpzter
    Mr.Derpzter6 dager siden

    I can't for the life of me figure out what game the music in 21:49 is from...

  • PapiJumpman
    PapiJumpman6 dager siden

    wonder where popeyes went

  • zack satcher
    zack satcher6 dager siden


  • Samid
    Samid6 dager siden

    Michael's weakness: Jimin shake

  • mahim ahmed
    mahim ahmed6 dager siden

    Offlinetv vs Sidemen

  • Lazy Bonez
    Lazy Bonez6 dager siden

    lily: if i lose will you- michael: no that’s true love right there

  • illumil
    illumil6 dager siden

    Bro forgot kfc fries:(

  • lemooniii `
    lemooniii `6 dager siden

    Lily is enjoying that baked potato😭

  • Michael Kovalik
    Michael Kovalik7 dager siden

    The pokemon sound effects bringing me back

  • Pokemoelover500
    Pokemoelover5008 dager siden

    Me a Genshin sweat hearing genshin music playing in the background: I am at peace

  • Diala Vinze
    Diala Vinze9 dager siden

    The bottom two losers will share a bts Michael: :o Shake.. Michael: =_=

  • Mark And his SADNESS
    Mark And his SADNESS9 dager siden

    The tattoo is trash

  • Kenji212
    Kenji2129 dager siden

    Is Michael from Hawaii? If so he’s at a disadvantage we don’t have chick-fil-a here

  • Xilo_ Infinite
    Xilo_ Infinite9 dager siden

    Actually I’m not eating food I’m just starving 😐

  • Slimy Corgi
    Slimy Corgi9 dager siden

    That Mario kart lick tho

    GREGORY JONES10 dager siden

    1:13 The Mario Kart Lick XD

  • Thomas Furret
    Thomas Furret10 dager siden

    Poki, ever the strongest of wills.

  • RASinco
    RASinco10 dager siden

    Canada has baked potato too from Wendy's... no one orders it tho

  • OutMagic
    OutMagic10 dager siden

    Fuckin awesome XD

  • Ostrid Everon
    Ostrid Everon10 dager siden

    I relate with poki here Iron stomach. I also think that that shake was not so bad lol

  • Jasmine
    Jasmine10 dager siden

    bts shake recipe: medium coke 20 chicken nuggets sweet chili sauce cajun sauce put all in a blender until desired consistency

  • J G
    J G10 dager siden

    Getting some Nier: Automata vibes from yvonnie in a blindfold

  • Penguin
    Penguin10 dager siden

    watching this again and I'm still kind of disappointed that they went to chickfil-a and that they all knew it was chickfil-a because that means they eat there a lot and that business donates to transphobic and homophobic politicians and companies

  • Big Beng

    Big Beng

    5 dager siden

    @Penguin no, just a normal sure

  • Penguin


    5 dager siden

    @Big Beng is this like a snarky "sure" like you're mad at me for being disappointed in people I really respect for going to a bigoted corporation?

  • Big Beng

    Big Beng

    5 dager siden

    @Penguin sure

  • Penguin


    5 dager siden

    @Big Beng yeah and I'm allowed to be disappointed in people with where they go for food

  • Big Beng

    Big Beng

    5 dager siden

    Food is food

  • MJ
    MJ10 dager siden

    Moral of the story: Burger King is massively under rated

  • ClaymanV
    ClaymanV10 dager siden

    Poki built different

  • GreeceOSU
    GreeceOSU10 dager siden

    1:51 what happened with michael

  • Dominic Pizzey
    Dominic Pizzey10 dager siden

    51 seconds in and all ready feel like it’s been 5 minutes

  • DarkBerries
    DarkBerries10 dager siden

    McDonalds is proud

  • DragonSlayer
    DragonSlayer11 dager siden

    i love the pokemon music they use, brings back nice memories of hg/ss

  • kirito amantai
    kirito amantai11 dager siden

    8:25 I thought genshin was on

  • Dr Blob
    Dr Blob11 dager siden

    Poki eating that BTS food combination reminds me of Joey from Friends when he eats Rachel's food in Thanksgiving lmao

  • Rayaya
    Rayaya11 dager siden

    Was it on a friday?

  • Nezuko Kun
    Nezuko Kun11 dager siden

    They keep using genshin impact music and I don’t blame them

  • MrOldPal
    MrOldPal11 dager siden

    I got them all right (including the burgers) by looking at them.

    K. O JUNAID11 dager siden

    What's sad is that i love them all vibin' but i can't tell them🥺

  • Papo
    Papo11 dager siden

    This video was, dare i say it... Never gonna give you up Never gonna let you down Never gonna run around and desert you Never gonna make you cry Never gonna say goodbye Never gonna tell a lie and hurt you

  • BoostedToD5
    BoostedToD511 dager siden

    9:46 i thought i had genshin running in the background

  • Cotton Banshee
    Cotton Banshee11 dager siden

    Yvonne lowkey looks like a Yorha with that mask on

  • Watwat


    11 dager siden


  • Erik Ramirez
    Erik Ramirez11 dager siden

    scarra we eaten too much mcdonalds: no you just ate too much mcdonalds

  • Nathan Randomized
    Nathan Randomized12 dager siden

    The BTS shake looks rather edible...

  • Gamerfox 09
    Gamerfox 0912 dager siden

    Brodin will never be replaced

  • Vincent Prajogo
    Vincent Prajogo12 dager siden

    9:21 close your eyes and listen to that

  • Daniel Pruitt
    Daniel Pruitt12 dager siden

    1:04 You crazy sun of the bitch you did it!

  • FA SA
    FA SA12 dager siden

    why no beast burger

  • Michael Tian
    Michael Tian12 dager siden

    God StepBrodin is dady

  • TheHunter 12207
    TheHunter 1220712 dager siden

    is the bts shake a twomad thing? does michael watch twomad?

  • DaSpiderling
    DaSpiderling12 dager siden

    We found Micheal reeves only weakness

  • AMScottie
    AMScottie12 dager siden

    Poki is a BOSS!!! hahaha

  • JAHohmann
    JAHohmann12 dager siden

    gaddamn these content houses truly starve their members

  • Gladiatorgod13
    Gladiatorgod1312 dager siden

    Poki is just built different

  • Gravelord
    Gravelord12 dager siden

    where is toast and why is offline tv with someone from the yakuza?

  • Memo Makil Uchiha
    Memo Makil Uchiha12 dager siden

    i hate brodin

  • Jonny W.
    Jonny W.12 dager siden

    Everyone else: EWWW GROSS **vomits** Poki: delicious, absolutely wonderful.

  • Vielt Barrios
    Vielt Barrios12 dager siden

    Ivonne with the Nier Automata look 🔥📛

  • Jana Al Farsi
    Jana Al Farsi13 dager siden

    I just love how poki said “ Can I have some you guys r taking so long “ and just enjoying this drink 😂😂

  • Omega3HP
    Omega3HP13 dager siden

    This brings me back to Funnel Vision 🙁

  • StardustAegis
    StardustAegis13 dager siden

    damn, Poki was really selling me on the BTS shake

  • Drakonical
    Drakonical13 dager siden

    My mans Michael from Hawaii the land where Chick-Fil A doesn’t exist.

    ME EAT YU WHOLE13 dager siden

    F EU

  • Kim Nam-Joon
    Kim Nam-Joon13 dager siden

    20:34 me meeting another ARMY