OFFLINETV BECOME RADIO DJs ft. PeterParkTV & Masayoshi

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Special Thanks:
PeterParkTV | PeterParkTV
Masayoshi | ItzMasayoshi

OfflineTV Roster:
Scarra | scarra
Pokimane | pokimanelol
LilyPichu | LilyPichu
Disguised Toast l DisguisedToast
Michael Reeves l michaelreeves

Produced / Directed by:
Brodin | brodinplett

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Edited by:
Dunois | DunoisKR

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Dunois | DunoisKR

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  • SilverMarble
    SilverMarble2 dager siden

    dood that outro was smooth doe lmaooo

  • iiRedskull -_-Dot
    iiRedskull -_-Dot3 dager siden

    what's the rap songs name or title

  • Litezout 56
    Litezout 565 dager siden


  • Barracuda
    Barracuda6 dager siden

    Peter has a great voice! He could totally be a voice actor

  • Lee Xin
    Lee Xin6 dager siden

    Lily: it’s ur girl burger whore John: it’s ur boy pizza slut Scarra: ur boy Steven

  • sila
    sila7 dager siden

    poki's one was sickk

  • Mr Spades
    Mr Spades9 dager siden

    Is it me or Nice day by lightboys is so good for doing stuff

  • Gregary Paul
    Gregary Paul11 dager siden

    I want to know the whole track list you guys used!!

  • Thomas
    Thomas12 dager siden

    We need more of fav Ps:not because i love music

  • proxic gamer
    proxic gamer12 dager siden

    tbh,in the first rounds,the left team had chance to get more points,it felt kinda unfair to me .I also think that the right team did allot better.But it probably doesn't matter because it's banter

  • crescent
    crescent12 dager siden

    brodin did that shit so well omg 1:40

  • Kyle Atchedillo
    Kyle Atchedillo13 dager siden

    this is such awesome content hihihiih

  • AceFlaz
    AceFlaz13 dager siden

    Imagine Michel talking about the kid being brutally killed and he just says” THE ARTIST KID WAS KILLED BE SOME CO*K AND BA[LS”

  • Abhinav Patil
    Abhinav Patil14 dager siden

    Is the Michael's room a garage

  • shadow 56
    shadow 5616 dager siden

    0:22 ęąťš řąÿçöñ

  • Ak47 Knight
    Ak47 Knight18 dager siden

    Scarra turned into a discord mod in the sponsor

  • Shaylem Kogan
    Shaylem Kogan18 dager siden

    can i please have the names of these tracks lol

  • Bradynotfound
    Bradynotfound21 dag siden

    'FUCK IT GOES LONGER' - Mykull Ree 2021

  • yoni591
    yoni59121 dag siden

    I expected at least lily to count off how many bars until the song started.

  • Chyl Bartosz
    Chyl Bartosz22 dager siden

    why poki sounds like poki btw 11.07 be like

  • Chyl Bartosz

    Chyl Bartosz

    22 dager siden

    bruh my brain is destroyed*Why Poki Sounds Like Robot xddddd

  • Meemeleem
    Meemeleem24 dager siden

    poki is worryingly good at this

  • lycanz dukpa
    lycanz dukpa24 dager siden

    Brodin is a God 🔥🔥🔥

  • Oliverqueen555
    Oliverqueen55526 dager siden

    brodin how tf do you know so much

  • Sparky_Sparkes
    Sparky_Sparkes26 dager siden

    I know I am late but can we mention that Brodin just came up with random points 😂

  • Adrian Macias
    Adrian Macias28 dager siden

    I feel like this video is so underrated. I loved this one. The members are trying something new and interesting.

  • CrazymanWnT
    CrazymanWnT28 dager siden

    The funniest thing is that actually poggers won bcs in one round they got 1 point lower task?

  • star why
    star why29 dager siden

    8:32 DJ C&B

    JOSH ARRAKALMåned siden

    i did not expect this to be this entertaining coming into this

  • Caden Jones
    Caden JonesMåned siden

    I'm stealing these songs for my Spotify jam playlist IF they are on it

  • SumPatti Official
    SumPatti OfficialMåned siden

    I hate when radio stations talk when the music is playing, why not just talk before and hit play when they shut up

  • Trevor Adam
    Trevor AdamMåned siden

    Na the game was rigged... In the beginning he gave extra points to Lillies team if you add this into your intro. He never gave Michaels team any extra points or anything to add to their story. Then the last team didn't even introduce themselves and they still went over. Michaels team won 100%.

  • foxarmpit
    foxarmpitMåned siden

    dont be shy brodin, drop the album

  • Arcitek
    ArcitekMåned siden

    peepee and cocknballzs duo vamp was fucking amazing

  • Jonathan Delrosario
    Jonathan DelrosarioMåned siden

    This was so good!

  • Calla Lind
    Calla LindMåned siden

    I'm dying when I saw the Scarra face pillow at the back

  • Bryan Rodriguez
    Bryan RodriguezMåned siden

    does anybody know the name of the song that lily called “bunny hop”?

  • Skyeispog
    SkyeispogMåned siden


  • Wiliam m
    Wiliam mMåned siden


  • Ivan
    IvanMåned siden

    Hmm they all are wearing headphones but no one is wearing Raycons...

  • Inkling Boi2910
    Inkling Boi2910Måned siden

    This sounded like it was a Podcast

  • Brillian Elang
    Brillian ElangMåned siden


  • Aayush Mishra
    Aayush MishraMåned siden

    Would love more videos like this, new concept, for me atleast

  • RASinco
    RASincoMåned siden

    can we get a playlist of brodin's music lol

    ADITYA A. GODBOLEMåned siden

    It would have been crazy if Michael had done the get some help meme at 8:45

  • Edwin Makri
    Edwin MakriMåned siden

    What's the name of the song that Michael did

  • HardCaseLJ 111
    HardCaseLJ 111Måned siden

    At 15:50 it would've been funnier if she said "speaking of small defenseless things I got a new puppy"

  • LanTCM
    LanTCMMåned siden

    Peter’s sub alert going off during the beat had perfect timing. 5:08

  • Victor
    VictorMåned siden

    Why didn't they get a deduction of points for going over time at the end. They got full points even though the judge said out loud how they screwed up at the end, like what?

  • Lyron Aguiar
    Lyron AguiarMåned siden

    Why did bad biches FM get an extra point for a round😅

  • Lyron Aguiar
    Lyron AguiarMåned siden

    19:37 he said he has a stolen car like he just stole it😂

  • An Kuredo
    An KuredoMåned siden

    I love this

  • Orisou
    OrisouMåned siden

    I just realized that at 12:00 in, you can find the song at Microsoft's video editor. wtf did you do Brodin?

  • Your Local Ghostie
    Your Local GhostieMåned siden

    As someone who's friends with a DJ I can confirm DUO Vamping is weird.

  • Niston M
    Niston MMåned siden

    Imagine if Lily went into deep voice

  • Aitor Leal
    Aitor LealMåned siden

    Scarra lost the oportunity to call himself "Hotdog Hooker"

  • Salehin Khan
    Salehin KhanMåned siden

    I just realised in the beginning poggers fm got deducted 1.5 points even though it was supposed to .5

  • Nathan Darivemula
    Nathan DarivemulaMåned siden


  • MandoPando


    28 dager siden

    +The other amigops

  • Nathan Darivemula
    Nathan DarivemulaMåned siden


  • Tom J.
    Tom J.Måned siden

    okay, thats way to amusing, DJ SS, the intro from dj cb, poopy and lil pp... too good rn

  • zab wasted
    zab wastedMåned siden

    I love mykuls turns so much i would listen to poggers fm featuring c n b

  • Punkln 04
    Punkln 04Måned siden


  • Andrea
    AndreaMåned siden

    5:08 i cant stop laughing

  • Floofbal
    FloofbalMåned siden

    why poki sounding like a robot the whole time

  • Pascal L
    Pascal LMåned siden

    Lily: This video is sponsored byyyy Me wh thinks in -1 sec : Raycon

  • Jessie Gregg
    Jessie GreggMåned siden

    This reminds me off radio host from GTA San Andreas in a good way

  • Ludiotic
    LudioticMåned siden

    Starting to realise that Broden is some kind of savant media genius...

  • Grant Knaver
    Grant KnaverMåned siden

    Great idea for content. Crazy original.

  • Scotmen51
    Scotmen51Måned siden

    On the duo one with scarra and Lily they should've lost a point because Scarra was suppose to say the artist was bullied and not that the artist was the bully

  • Maspatri
    MaspatriMåned siden

    ref is a simp

  • Wesley Isaiah Fortich
    Wesley Isaiah FortichMåned siden

    Brodin: Poggers fm can i get 2 representative to you Michael:.........Yes

  • bali jack
    bali jackMåned siden

    i'm from tennessee so i can do a really good country voice, so the hootinany part would;ve been perfect for me


    michael : "f*ck, it goes longer" the music : "stop that"

  • Esai Jimenez
    Esai JimenezMåned siden


  • Solared618
    Solared618Måned siden

    Poki's compression is on point.

  • Analysia Limon
    Analysia LimonMåned siden

    I thought this one was super funny. Would love to see this done again

  • Supersoto5
    Supersoto52 måneder siden

    Everybody: in their bedroom Micheal: hey my garage looks like a good place to do this

  • VioletFox #004
    VioletFox #0042 måneder siden

    11:18 "nice"👌

  • Unsolved clue
    Unsolved clue2 måneder siden

    This reminds me of the gta radio so much

  • Sebi
    Sebi2 måneder siden

    god i hate how much peter looks like my gym coach from elementary school

  • Bekfatht
    Bekfatht2 måneder siden

    hey brodin, michael's "Fuck it goes longer" can be considered as part of his vamp therefore you should give him full points

  • BST spadez
    BST spadez2 måneder siden

    i thought mikul would say lil com

  • Garblesnarps
    Garblesnarps2 måneder siden

    14:15 is still my favorite

  • Random Dils
    Random Dils2 måneder siden

    When you forget brodin has other skills other than torturing OfflineTV 💀💀 💀💀

  • Aster
    Aster2 måneder siden

    KEKW this video is amazing

  • Bui Sy Dan
    Bui Sy Dan2 måneder siden

    The sophisticated weather relatively flood because pharmacist ecologically peck amongst a pink wilderness. hoc, wicked legal

  • WongTheHyper -Gaming
    WongTheHyper -Gaming2 måneder siden

    Does scarra have tics for a moment or something

  • Rashed is the man
    Rashed is the man2 måneder siden

    11:50 SIMP

  • Suikage Kagetsu
    Suikage Kagetsu2 måneder siden

    Did anyone notice the $100000 behind michael just sitting like that?

  • GreenStuDIOs
    GreenStuDIOs2 måneder siden

    *insert cute footage of my friends doing exactly what I just said* Michael: haha, catching earbuds with mouth funny

  • Danny DeVito
    Danny DeVito2 måneder siden

    I got raycons because of u guys, I’m wearing them right now.

  • Kineta Nara
    Kineta Nara2 måneder siden

    Jfijsuxjenshfs can anyone pls tell me the soundtrack for le songs TwT i need it it sounds too good

  • ok ok
    ok ok2 måneder siden

    Brodin at 6:51 I'm dying

  • The Emerald Fire
    The Emerald Fire2 måneder siden

    3:16 - 3:30 🤣🤣🤣

  • TheFanBoy
    TheFanBoy2 måneder siden

    5:08 THE TIMING

  • Kickbottomarlito 2
    Kickbottomarlito 22 måneder siden

    After scarra said his name I got an ad straight away cutting him off

  • Aarav Rahtole
    Aarav Rahtole2 måneder siden

    kinda not feeling good about the songs they didn't chose but brodin has them ready, wanna know what those were.

  • Leonhard
    Leonhard2 måneder siden

    Did anyone notice that this was a none legal battle poggers possible points: 3 + 3 + 4 + 4 + 5 bad bitched pos. points: 3 + 4 + 4 + 4 + 5 sus >.>

  • Weebfox
    Weebfox2 måneder siden

    3:23 I NEVER woulda expected to say Lily say something like that Man quarantine REALLY hit huh

  • Stepfenie Loi
    Stepfenie Loi2 måneder siden

    I love how micheal just funny mics it

  • yiban di
    yiban di2 måneder siden

    PEENER sounds real pro!!!