OFFLINETV $10,000 WHITE ELEPHANT ft. Valkyrae Fuslie Myth Starsmitten


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  • JoNan
    JoNan2 timer siden

    ill be honest, out of all these gifts the oil drums is the best for sure!

  • Conor Burke
    Conor Burke6 timer siden

    Michael was the only one who played white elephant right

  • Danny B
    Danny B18 timer siden

    Michael is good a bluffing

  • Jayden King
    Jayden KingDag siden

    Michael just got given $1000 to spend on himself 💀

  • Riley Welch
    Riley WelchDag siden

    When Leslie said "there is one worse than the kayak". And Michael is like OH YEAH with evil smirk @9:06

  • Rack
    RackDag siden

    Micheal is the type of guy to give you 500 chargers

  • Appetizer _Egg
    Appetizer _Egg2 dager siden

    When they show the little jingle with the gifts before the semi final and poki's says 25 BARRELS OF OIL

  • Salutations
    Salutations2 dager siden

    “*gasp* it’s an android” We don’t allow heretics here

  • Jakit Sol
    Jakit Sol2 dager siden

    Michael, honestly, what the unholy demon fruitcake are you going to do with 1,375 GALLONS OF CRUDE OIL?!?!?

  • BlueCorvette
    BlueCorvette2 dager siden

    Valkyrae: can I hold it Everyone:.....

  • Cb Phantom
    Cb Phantom3 dager siden

    I’m surprised there house wasn’t raided by the United States of American Government to steal the oil.

  • Neo Dong
    Neo Dong3 dager siden


  • Mr.Unknown 04
    Mr.Unknown 043 dager siden

    its just like them helping someone

  • Supp Men
    Supp Men3 dager siden

    Do this again next christmas

  • Soy
    Soy4 dager siden

    Bruh who tf said 900 for a ps5

  • Esmond Goh
    Esmond Goh4 dager siden

    8:20 "yay! Lily can steal the PS5!" 8:31 "wait... what"

  • Esmond Goh
    Esmond Goh4 dager siden

    Is it 25 barrels of 55 gallons of crude oil? Or... 55 gallons of crude oil split into 25 barrels?

  • kirby chu
    kirby chu4 dager siden

    The Obama stand up died just like nightwing in injustice

  • Christian Ancheta
    Christian Ancheta4 dager siden

    The lopsided leg phongsaly avoid because gray latterly describe around a handy idea. married, cowardly ball

  • White Boi gaming
    White Boi gaming4 dager siden

    bro knowing that oil is at least 10,000 in oil right there

  • BeefKahuna
    BeefKahuna4 dager siden

    Im not gonna lie if I see Michael reeves in the tittle or thumbnail im watching it. So good for them for putting him in so I know what to watch.

  • Lesley Whitley
    Lesley Whitley4 dager siden

    i would buy a bird i wnat a bird

  • Nate Dubs
    Nate Dubs5 dager siden

    I wish I got that toilet

  • Pengladiator 35
    Pengladiator 355 dager siden

    Everyone: Ipad

    BIZZAR5 dager siden

    i would take the kayak definitely

  • salvador cerda
    salvador cerda5 dager siden

    Me sees the 1k ps5 in the video before clicking: 0_0 you son of a bitch YOU PAYED THAT MUCH?!?!?!??!?!?!

  • 𝐀𝐄 // 𝔻𝕚𝕘𝕚𝕥𝕚𝕫𝕖𝕕
    𝐀𝐄 // 𝔻𝕚𝕘𝕚𝕥𝕚𝕫𝕖𝕕5 dager siden

    The most wholesome lies and deceit of all time. Great video, OTV!!!

  • Kn1ghtz
    Kn1ghtz5 dager siden

    I feel like Micheal got the crude oil so he could just sell it and not have to send 1,000$ on the video

  • Peaker’s Lab
    Peaker’s Lab6 dager siden

    It’s a miracle the governments isn’t come and steal the oil from Michael

  • Isabella Tan
    Isabella Tan6 dager siden

    lol I never got a gift thats was worth more the $100

  • Luthfiarani Khuzaimah
    Luthfiarani Khuzaimah7 dager siden

    Don't know why nobody is mentioning this 11:30 everyone was very wholesome 👍

  • 9B Michael CN
    9B Michael CN7 dager siden

    ahh yes 2020 a bad year for offlinetv:they lost two members(one member cheated on lily(sleightly musical/Albert),and(Fedmyster/fed) who's sexuually attacked yvonne(because he's drunk and immidiately got kicked),poki had to moves because of fed and they have to move again maybe cuz of fed.but there's some nice thing though in 2020,like Lily dating Michael,and have new friends like Ryan(Nigahiga),and jae(from Day6 KPOP band)

  • minerliton
    minerliton7 dager siden

    12:49 legend says, rae was wrong

  • lucayaki
    lucayaki7 dager siden

    Ngl, I want a Kayak

  • MrMoonsox
    MrMoonsox7 dager siden

    @12:38 he just picks it up, it's 1000% just an empty barrel

  • Pixel
    Pixel7 dager siden

    ngl i wouldnt be mad if i got 25 barrels of crude oil for christmas

  • Lached Spoon7
    Lached Spoon77 dager siden

    I want the kayak

  • Anni G
    Anni G7 dager siden

    They NEED to do this again!

  • piyo!
    piyo!7 dager siden

    lily's face when she goes "did you actually get 25 barrels" is pure fear

  • Floorgang!
    Floorgang!8 dager siden

    14:19 ~Kayak~

  • Eiji
    Eiji8 dager siden

    Did Toast switch with Yvonna at the end- His face at 20:46 , he thought he was smooothh

  • Lone Fighter Pilot
    Lone Fighter Pilot8 dager siden

    Narrator: And Micheal gave the best gift of all…..capitalism.

  • ISN Destr0yer
    ISN Destr0yer8 dager siden

    15:03 when he yelled it sounded like xQc

  • S1AYER Gaming
    S1AYER Gaming9 dager siden

    Poor lily XD

  • Aztra Nine
    Aztra Nine9 dager siden

    I feel like yall were being mean to lily in this.

  • tree music
    tree music9 dager siden

    it's all fun and games until the us army breaks into your house to get the oil

  • Goat MC
    Goat MC9 dager siden

    “You g *ei* t feefty feive gallons on crude oil! :D”

  • zach Heckart
    zach Heckart9 dager siden

    900? Ps5s are 500

  • Hello there
    Hello there9 dager siden

    I know this is late but I'd like to actually get something for christmas...

  • Kyoongin
    Kyoongin9 dager siden


  • brandon zhang
    brandon zhang9 dager siden

    Scarra is definitely the #1 dad of the year. He took one for the team so his children can be happy

  • Mr_F1sh_
    Mr_F1sh_9 dager siden

    I wish I had money

  • Smite
    Smite9 dager siden

    Who doent want kayak wtf

  • Togerino-Senpai
    Togerino-Senpai10 dager siden

    Step 2: Cover yourself in oil

  • Rhinos r neat
    Rhinos r neat10 dager siden

    They really just gave the camera man something to use to make their videos but better

  • Yeehaw Taw
    Yeehaw Taw10 dager siden

    Ah yes classic Christmas gift, 25 barrels of crude oil.

  • nautical brick
    nautical brick10 dager siden

    Why do y’all hate the kayak, kayaks are so much fun dude. Would’ve taken that any day of the week

    BOBROSS THE BOSS!!!10 dager siden

    What if Micheal sold the crude the Arabs.

  • Bulbot 26
    Bulbot 2610 dager siden

    i did the math and pokimane got 1375 gallons of crude oil which is approximately 4.47 tons of oil

  • ziltoid for prz
    ziltoid for prz10 dager siden

    What is wrong with a fucking kayake

  • Kj Barrieault
    Kj Barrieault11 dager siden

    I WANT O I L

  • ZVB73
    ZVB7311 dager siden

    Ludwig's song being the outro was a huge Ludwin

  • Mozzie
    Mozzie11 dager siden

    Does Michael still have some of the oil

  • boi
    boi11 dager siden

    Quietly crying* I go kayaking

  • coolhorselover234
    coolhorselover23411 dager siden

    BREAKING NEWS: Local crackhead Harry Potter seen with 25 barrels full of 55 gallons of crude oil near turtle nursery!

  • Nicolas Leth
    Nicolas Leth11 dager siden

    Can anyone explain to me the story why Michael gifted oil?

  • Gnome Boi
    Gnome Boi12 dager siden

    Poki: Michael would I like your gift? Michael and his 25 drums of crude oil: *perhaps*

  • Christian Woodhouse
    Christian Woodhouse12 dager siden

    I'm confused why Lily didn't steal the ps5 and permanently lock it in as hers, but chose to open another gift and get a kayak

  • EbayUserGreen
    EbayUserGreen12 dager siden

    I'm scared for what that gremlin is gonna do with a barrel of crude oil. I know he's gonna sell (probably already did) the other 24 barrel's for a profit but I know damn well he kept one.

  • Min Yoongichu
    Min Yoongichu12 dager siden

    And I still wonder to this day if Scarra has gone kayaking

  • Callsign Phoenix
    Callsign Phoenix 12 dager siden

    Toast is the ultimate anti-simp.

  • Vessel Of Organs
    Vessel Of Organs12 dager siden

    This calls me poor in several different languages

  • Nathan Cochran
    Nathan Cochran12 dager siden

    I want that kayak. I love to go out on the lake.

  • The British Inquisition!
    The British Inquisition!13 dager siden

    That 1000$ kayaks not getting the love it deserves

  • Resoyushi
    Resoyushi13 dager siden

    This is my favourite OTV video. Even though I haven’t watched all.

  • Reece Magele
    Reece Magele13 dager siden

    if sarrae went kayaking he wood senk XD

  • Martin Beats
    Martin Beats13 dager siden

    3:31 hmmmmm

  • Wade Wats
    Wade Wats13 dager siden

    Micheal single handedly raised the level of comedy in offline tv

  • ramses bams
    ramses bams13 dager siden

    i love michael's dance

  • DianeArtsss
    DianeArtsss14 dager siden

    The last couple minutes of this video is basically everyone passing the kayak around (praise Scarra for ending the hot potato game)

  • Lewis95xp
    Lewis95xp14 dager siden

    "You get 55 gallons of crude oil!": Michael Reeves confirmed *true neutral* "Dump it into the ocean for fun! Throw it in a lake!": Michael Reeves confirmed *neutral evil* "Oh I don't want it!": Michael Reeves confirmed *chaotic evil*

  • walnuts
    walnuts15 dager siden

    Who said I’m fat

  • BarnacleBread


    13 dager siden


  • Andres Bob
    Andres Bob15 dager siden

    We need to see more white elephants

  • Cheaty
    Cheaty15 dager siden

    Michaels oil drum had to be empty or at the least Michael picked up 400 pounds like it was 80 lbs

  • Matthew Flooren
    Matthew Flooren15 dager siden

    my best gift would be to be albe to make vids with you guys you are the best and i hope you guys see this and smile :)

  • The Teuton King
    The Teuton King16 dager siden

    Michael is the only one to really get the white elephant challenge for 2 reasons: 1) no one in the OTV house can actually use oil in this sense, let alone 25 barrels of it. 2) its _crude_ oil, and so is useless unless fractionally distilled, which is really hard to do. Basically, its good for nothing.

  • TeddyTrainGuy
    TeddyTrainGuy16 dager siden

    am I the only one who would love to have a kayak?

  • Innocent AKA Lage
    Innocent AKA Lage16 dager siden

    17:29 Ye wtf that's weird!

  • Arthur
    Arthur17 dager siden

    Hm, What If Welyn was here?

  • Jelly
    Jelly17 dager siden

    music at the beginning ?

    LIZZIE18 dager siden

    idk why but... lowkey i kinda resent leslie for for taking the ps5 from lily lol but at the same time she couldve stolen it back too.

  • Lyron Aguiar
    Lyron Aguiar18 dager siden

    What does valkyrae have against barrels?😓

  • God Supports Abortion. Numbers 5:11-31
    God Supports Abortion. Numbers 5:11-3118 dager siden

    Funny enough, Michael's present is the most true to the spirit of a white elephant. The white elephant was a gift given by a king meant as an insult and a burden. If you were a noble merchant who pissed off the king, he would literally give you a white elephant. It was expensive as hell to take care of, and you can't let it die or give it away or the king will chop your head off.

  • God Supports Abortion. Numbers 5:11-31
    God Supports Abortion. Numbers 5:11-3118 dager siden

    Video starts at 12:02

  • Zucco
    Zucco19 dager siden

    Imagine you wake up for Christmas and you know you’ve been bad, you’re dreading the day Christmas comes around, but it’s here. You go to look under your Christmas tree and expect coal, but there is 25 barrels of oil there

  • Jotaro Kujo

    Jotaro Kujo

    5 dager siden


  • Jackson P
    Jackson P19 dager siden

    Next episode the government raids Michael's workshop

  • Hikaru
    Hikaru19 dager siden

    wait........i thought dumping oil in ocean was a crime !!

  • Maik Dreijer
    Maik Dreijer19 dager siden

    Man Rae even is too nice to steal in a game where you steal. Bless her heart.

  • Kenen Chang
    Kenen Chang20 dager siden

    lily's "kayak?" line has me DYING

  • Patch•Red Velvet
    Patch•Red Velvet20 dager siden

    why do I find the fact that scarra kept it so wholesome- DAD SCARRA JUST ACCEPTING IT AND EVERYONE CHEERING PLS-