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  • manchi
    manchi3 timer siden

    everyone had perfect roles.. like literally the yvonne one pls

  • E
    E3 timer siden


  • Nicholas Nguyen
    Nicholas Nguyen5 timer siden

    Ludwig tried so hard for them to call the Robo-Dog a "Piss Baby" LOL

  • yaboimarkie 27
    yaboimarkie 276 timer siden

    I thought Masayoshi was xell 🥲

  • Lobstaguy 1
    Lobstaguy 17 timer siden

    Ayo those purple crocs are sexy

  • this aster
    this aster10 timer siden

    binge watching OTV as if they don't upload regularly hehe

  • madsinnit
    madsinnit10 timer siden


  • Stravical
    Stravical11 timer siden

    8:22 Damn that was an incredible roast. I guess you could say it was... Trial by fire.

  • tomioka Giyuu
    tomioka Giyuu11 timer siden


  • Noah
    Noah11 timer siden

    Damn... Ludwig is the best lawyer i ever seen

  • UntrainableWizard
    UntrainableWizard12 timer siden

    God, it's definitely been a while since I laughed as much as I did at this video. The "Ludwig died of a Heroine overdose 10 minutes later" caption got me good.

  • Blayne Ahern
    Blayne Ahern12 timer siden

    What a twist!

  • Logan cook
    Logan cook12 timer siden

    What happend to Michelle's three bibles

  • Jackie Gibson
    Jackie Gibson12 timer siden

    I was laughing my head off when Michael fired the bottle cap

  • Samurai Tuff
    Samurai Tuff12 timer siden

    What about the pea

  • Just a Guy
    Just a Guy13 timer siden

    35:26 phenomenal

  • Unattractive Melon
    Unattractive Melon17 timer siden

    17:04 Corpse??

  • Samantha Sofia Rojas
    Samantha Sofia Rojas21 time siden

    toast - what the heck are they doing this time

  • S.C.P- Foundation
    S.C.P- Foundation21 time siden

    Damn are they really playing Andrius's battle theme in the background at the end? That's some great taste they got there.

  • FlatCola
    FlatColaDag siden

    ludwig wearing pink crocs

  • Drawer
    DrawerDag siden

    sometimes i forget lily is a voiceactor

  • charizoom
    charizoomDag siden

    ludwig is wearing purple crocs in court

  • ItsDarke
    ItsDarkeDag siden

    Editor really made this annoying with the odd placed music

  • Stride
    StrideDag siden

    Lily : How long am i in for judge? Judge : LIFE HAHAHAHAHA i love OTV

  • hi im beta
    hi im betaDag siden

    "Simply put, my client is built diffrent" thats going in the quote book

  • Charlie Google Assistant Account
    Charlie Google Assistant AccountDag siden

    At 37:09 scarra does the Hitler salute lmaoooo

  • Anime Mafia
    Anime MafiaDag siden

    Why did I watch this whole thing

  • JJBEATS 1127

    JJBEATS 1127

    Dag siden

    @Anime Mafia Because your comments was pointless and seemed rude

  • Anime Mafia

    Anime Mafia

    Dag siden

    @JJBEATS 1127 why did you reply

  • JJBEATS 1127

    JJBEATS 1127

    Dag siden

    Why did you comment?

  • A_Bot
    A_BotDag siden

    I feel like Ludwig and Pokimane are the genderbent versions of eachother (Both very attractive)

  • Tree Gorilla Tag
    Tree Gorilla Tag2 dager siden

    "playing valorant and cranking 90s on fortnite" *shows apex on the screen*

  • Ronin
    Ronin2 dager siden

    For anyone wondering, the outro music is "Koven - Gold (BMotion remix)"

  • Chrynx
    Chrynx2 dager siden

    The acting in the black and white bits were so fucking bad its hilarious. Scarra shows no sign of emotion in them at all

  • Bill Poter
    Bill Poter2 dager siden

    Ludwig is shit at this. His job is to find Michael guilty not find out who did it

  • Dablack Panda
    Dablack Panda2 dager siden

    35:35 Kaeya's theme

  • Sakik0
    Sakik02 dager siden

    Try this again, but with real lawyers, i wanna see how it will go

  • Logan Prophet
    Logan Prophet2 dager siden

    24:46the way Jodi spelled yvonnes name 😂

  • Just Another Dood
    Just Another Dood2 dager siden

    each day michael reminds me more of danny devito

  • Erik Doornbos
    Erik Doornbos2 dager siden

    i love ludwigs purple crocs

  • nicole64
    nicole642 dager siden

    why doesn't this have more views

    DOG EL CRACK2 dager siden

    22:25 ive played too much ace attorney to ever trust a nice women with pink hair

  • Legend G
    Legend G2 dager siden

    Poki look thicc boys

  • RinOkumura YT
    RinOkumura YT2 dager siden

    i think this will be my new favourite otv vid Lol

  • Lost Soul
    Lost Soul2 dager siden

    when the gardener brought up dark pink hair, I was thinking of Yvonne cause micheal said she likes to drink alot

  • fire_ice36 burst
    fire_ice36 burst2 dager siden

    Best movie ever

  • Meme Machine
    Meme Machine3 dager siden

    Why did Scarra throw a shakkah

  • Zank
    Zank3 dager siden

    “It’s not me, you said it was you”

  • Jose Guajardo
    Jose Guajardo3 dager siden

    yo why does toast look so badass with the tattoos

  • Th
    Th3 dager siden

    I thought toast would come out last and say "I finally found you guys"

  • Epoxy Rainbow
    Epoxy Rainbow3 dager siden


  • Yeet moister
    Yeet moister3 dager siden

    Idk wut the hell just happened in this video

  • AARON plays
    AARON plays3 dager siden

    why does micheal and ludwig just circle around each other and with the power of friendship get lily arrested

  • BriJBo
    BriJBo3 dager siden

    Where's Legal Eagle when you need him?

  • Thomas Sanchez
    Thomas Sanchez3 dager siden

    "Even tho h may or may not have pissed to quell his anger" *Micheal pops the bottle*

  • TabyCat
    TabyCat3 dager siden

    I want Lily's skirt

  • Liciam
    Liciam3 dager siden

    SW player here since 2013, ur too late for that XD

  • Jaden Londono Ruiz
    Jaden Londono Ruiz3 dager siden

    I just realised just now that this man is wearing crocs

  • Zoo MIX
    Zoo MIX3 dager siden

    if Valkyrae was here, there will be a gasping sound effects in the backround

  • AntiPhantasm
    AntiPhantasm4 dager siden

    26:43 amogus? dead meme

  • •
    4 dager siden

    The sexual tension between Ludwig and Pokimane >>>>>>>>

  • Sai Namuduri
    Sai Namuduri4 dager siden

    This is more realistic than most legal dramas. LMAO. Also: counterpoint, can a bailiff be called to the stand in the same courtroom they serve? Or would there need to be another bailiff since the bailiff (as a witness for either side) may not be able or even obligated to remain impartial?

  • SAK1
    SAK14 dager siden


  • John B
    John B4 dager siden

    30:50 looks like she’s peeing not drinking lol

  • PingShortex
    PingShortex4 dager siden

    Is it just me or did genshin sound tracks start playing at one point of the song 😂

  • BatCat
    BatCat4 dager siden

    I need LegalEagel to react to this now

  • FBI
    FBI4 dager siden

    13:53 He is playing valorant and fortnite. But in the screen it shows "Apex" so he's Guilty!

  • TheSneezingBision
    TheSneezingBision4 dager siden

    Ludwig and Michael at the end made me die

  • Akua Darku
    Akua Darku4 dager siden

    *Just me who is so into this?* (When Lily was typing loud,I was somewhat suspicious of her,but not really because I would do that to. But then when I heard pink hair was found and the camera zoomed on her face she was laughing not only that,Micheal noticed it to) (This is the part: 32:27 - 32:33)

  • PleXquared
    PleXquared5 dager siden

    Netflix: "Are you still watching?" Some girl: 7:47

  • Keshav Jamnasingh
    Keshav Jamnasingh5 dager siden

    This turned from a court session to a Michael and Ludwig police interrogation

  • Travis Ray
    Travis Ray5 dager siden

    Bruh if you could get DNA from piss millions of people would be outta their job 🤣

  • Alarmseeker48
    Alarmseeker485 dager siden

    Lilly: "It's not my fault!" Lilly also 25 seconds earlier: "IT WAS ME!"

  • xyrone loyd lanorias
    xyrone loyd lanorias5 dager siden

    My god this was extreme i love it every single secon and the TWIST!

  • Juriette
    Juriette5 dager siden

    Ludwig’s crocs though…

  • Eli Milleman
    Eli Milleman5 dager siden

    I got one thing from this entire video, Michael is clearly a good influence on Lily and her actions

  • Big Aces
    Big Aces5 dager siden

    Credit to smosh (actually BOZE) for the idea?

  • Seafaring Simon
    Seafaring Simon5 dager siden

    I love this. And Michael Reeves is innocent

  • Megas
    Megas5 dager siden

    This video is incredible

  • CaedaV
    CaedaV5 dager siden

    If only court was this fun... What makes Ludwig a good prosecutor is that he isn't concerned with being "right," but finding the culprit.

  • Ethan fermin
    Ethan fermin5 dager siden

    Lillys hair looks like nezukos from demon slayer

  • John Smith
    John Smith5 dager siden

    The purifying chamber music made me not skip the ad, well done

  • rayse yes
    rayse yes5 dager siden

    I just noticed Ludwig wearing crocs

  • Multy 2222
    Multy 22226 dager siden

    Wait ludwin has crocks?

  • Revan Reveles
    Revan Reveles6 dager siden

    Pokimane has actually more subscribers than michael

  • Revan Reveles

    Revan Reveles

    5 dager siden

    @J. Т. oh right, I forgot

  • J. Т.

    J. Т.

    5 dager siden

    but she doesn't live with them

  • Sew Ma
    Sew Ma6 dager siden

    Am I the only one who knew it was Lily from the beginning because of how she throws the painting in the bin or not? I have watch too much otv

  • Sage
    Sage6 dager siden

    We need a Lud and Michael lawyer duo now

  • Katy Diaz
    Katy Diaz6 dager siden

    Why is no one talking about how awesome Poki was!!! She knew her stuff!

  • Gamba Drawing
    Gamba Drawing6 dager siden

    Can we take a moment to appreciate the genshin music used lol

  • PhilMarlowe
    PhilMarlowe6 dager siden

    I love this, please do more like this

  • LapisVR
    LapisVR6 dager siden

    i think Michael is sus

  • Doctor Ouroboros
    Doctor Ouroboros6 dager siden


  • Abri Rich
    Abri Rich6 dager siden

    Imane should be a lawyer

  • i am a pg-rated lolicon
    i am a pg-rated lolicon6 dager siden

    i genuinely thought Poki was boutta bribe the judge with a sTeAmY pic.

  • Ethan Ye
    Ethan Ye6 dager siden

    toast's sunglasses kinda look like gojo's from kaisen

  • Mitchell Villanueva
    Mitchell Villanueva6 dager siden

    Went from a court session to a whole investigation 😂

  • Nic C
    Nic C6 dager siden

    Scares lookin like a priest ssjsjsjsjsjsjjs

  • DeFalt Markowicz
    DeFalt Markowicz6 dager siden

    Fckin love how Michael went from Defendant to Lawyer

  • DeFalt Markowicz
    DeFalt Markowicz7 dager siden

    Poki: Objection, leading question Hon. Peter: Overruled Lud: Thank you your honor, cuz she was saying words I didnt know IM DEAD

  • Aditya Mishra
    Aditya Mishra7 dager siden

    20:20 *Objection:* He uploads like one a fucking year *Overruled:* The videos are good. IM FUCKING DYING LMAOOOO

  • Izzy- chan
    Izzy- chan7 dager siden

    Everything about this is fantastic but DUDE FREAKING LUDWIG????? 11/10

  • xgreengamingx
    xgreengamingx7 dager siden

    Michael Switches role when lily was the witness.