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  • Fasya 77
    Fasya 7721 time siden

    is michaels dad 69 now?

  • Ian MAsnic
    Ian MAsnic23 timer siden

    how did michael kissed someone the same gender doe

  • brookedoesstuff
    brookedoesstuffDag siden

    i went to the village school but it was preschool n kindergarten so i don’t remember much of the experience

  • HaGoodJoke
    HaGoodJoke2 dager siden

    Bro did the man turd on my home town of Niagara Falls?!!?! How rude

  • HaGoodJoke
    HaGoodJoke2 dager siden

    I love seeing micheal just being a psycho around poki. Like it’s the funniest thing seeing him give her 25 big tubs of oil

  • Kono dio da---------------------------------------
    Kono dio da---------------------------------------3 dager siden

    7:54 If iggy did not like to fart while destroying hair

  • TheMonsterNMe Music
    TheMonsterNMe Music3 dager siden

    Loved the video! What's the song playing in the outro?

  • Len
    Len3 dager siden

    Yeah but like Ukraine isnt that cold. (Also **Russian taxi** thats kinda bad. Ukraine and Russia are almost enemies)

  • Matthew Yap
    Matthew Yap3 dager siden

    I guess 2021, Malaysia does not exist anymore cos dumb leaders. Can you be our Prime Minister, Micheal?

  • Muhamad Syazwan
    Muhamad Syazwan4 dager siden

    Not one but 3 asian over there... didn't know where is Malaysian is..how rude

  • Thunderbolt Haiqal
    Thunderbolt Haiqal4 dager siden

    I am from Malaysia

  • Knife Guy
    Knife Guy4 dager siden

    “I don’t conceal, I just carry!” -Micheal Reeves

  • Thegroovy2
    Thegroovy24 dager siden

    IS MYKULL DOES EQUAL GAY????????????????

  • TechIGuess
    TechIGuess4 dager siden

    The doom music was perfect

  • pr094m1n9
    pr094m1n95 dager siden

    I'm in Malaysia right now MICHAEL!!!

  • Rían Phillips
    Rían Phillips6 dager siden

    scarra has to say amongst us now because it is not considered cringe

  • Landon Harrold
    Landon Harrold6 dager siden

    Poki: is attracted to people who have black and brown hair Me who has a brown and black hair: I HAVE A CHANCE BOISSS!!! P.S. I’m not a simp, please don’t flame me, I did it purely for the joke.

  • Kreppt
    Kreppt7 dager siden

    Did he say... AMONG SUS? 15:27

  • Pawn Cube
    Pawn Cube7 dager siden

    My dad was 49 when I was born, so I feel called out. Before anyone asks, my mom was 43.

  • lazzu
    lazzu8 dager siden

    Malaysia its not real, we actually asian America

  • Butter
    Butter8 dager siden

    I thought toast wouldve said that its illegal to get married if the two people are ten years of age apart but me dum he smart idk

  • George and Harold
    George and Harold8 dager siden

    I don't think anyone notices this but Toast had a Dallas fuel shirt on.

  • mr. silvernator
    mr. silvernator9 dager siden

    Toast spell negara falls wrong

  • Elias Avalos III
    Elias Avalos III10 dager siden

    8 trigrams 💯 palms

  • Sean
    Sean10 dager siden

    Michael: Malaysia is not really Malaysian: are we a joke to you

  • Тайшир
    Тайшир10 dager siden

    they labelled the ukrainian taxi "russian taxi"

  • shawn
    shawn11 dager siden

    michael: i've kissed someone of the same gender toast: i'm just gonna write gay

  • Spike715
    Spike71511 dager siden

    Straight up Poki cheated by not letting them ask about the appendix thing

  • C
    C11 dager siden

    Amazing how Micheal manages to advertise a product without actually advertising it

  • Leon tan Hy
    Leon tan Hy11 dager siden

    to all the people like me that live in malaysia i respect you

  • Bvv Bbbb

    Bvv Bbbb

    11 dager siden

    See even autocorrect agrees it doesn't exist

  • Bvv Bbbb

    Bvv Bbbb

    11 dager siden

    Stop lying my laser told me too

  • Ghostdeath777
    Ghostdeath77712 dager siden

    Why did they integrate a dog

  • MackAttack 0193
    MackAttack 019312 dager siden

    7:00 you guys have no clue of how many weirdos out their you just fueled with that one sentence

  • Dogetree
    Dogetree12 dager siden

    yo what is the intro song

  • salvador cerda
    salvador cerda12 dager siden

    I remember watching a video, and there was a part were toast said he shit on a highway 11:03 ezzzz

  • Paulius Misiukevicius
    Paulius Misiukevicius12 dager siden

    Michael: "My father is 68 years old" Me: Oh come on, not 69? Also Michael: "I gave a presentation to the NSA." Me: WHAT FUCKING PRESENTATION

  • Radeo Weeb
    Radeo Weeb13 dager siden

    13:12 This is exactly what my father is doing and I don't know if I should be ok with it or not

  • Maddux Lofton
    Maddux Lofton13 dager siden

    10:52 Malyasia is real but it doesn't allow duel-citizenship.

  • Complex Middle
    Complex Middle14 dager siden

    I feel like Michael's ad for afk arena is better than the usual "happy fun, friendly tone" advertisement

  • Ярко Назарко
    Ярко Назарко14 dager siden

    Ukaraine is not cold, or at least that cold. Winters here can be from -10 to -24 C° and it can be realy hot at summer +20 +30 C°. Thete are colder and hotter regions but its how it is in my region

  • Jotlz
    Jotlz15 dager siden

    uh well my dad was 50 something when I was born. So people DO have the deed at older ages.

  • the cuter dio brando
    the cuter dio brando16 dager siden

    I lived in morocco and yes we eat every part of the animal

  • Jonah Gibson
    Jonah Gibson16 dager siden

    Scarra now knows that the truth hurts

  • ClawsOverGames
    ClawsOverGames17 dager siden

    I mean my dad is like 23 years older than my mom so, and im even younger than micheal

  • action Bros
    action Bros17 dager siden

    I kissed a girl and I liked it!!! Taste of her cherry chapstick!

  • Raygen Rupe
    Raygen Rupe17 dager siden

    So now I know Michael is 23!

  • Reece Campbell
    Reece Campbell17 dager siden

    I have blond hair… 😢

  • Mr rat
    Mr rat17 dager siden

    When the doom music kicks in

  • Tan Yi Zhang
    Tan Yi Zhang17 dager siden

    Micheal said my country ain't real but idc

  • N1K0
    N1K017 dager siden

    10:53 *angry Malaysian noises* also fun fact, you can't have a dual citizenship in Malaysia

  • Cooldotzip
    Cooldotzip18 dager siden

    My dad screwed for me at 60..

  • Taki kun
    Taki kun19 dager siden

    we malaysian be like: yeah we not a country, we are actually aliens from space come to earth to steal your coco

  • AltName7
    AltName719 dager siden

    9:24 He's gotta be lying, Canada doesn't allow for more than dual citizenship.

  • Becca Wolfgang de Paredez
    Becca Wolfgang de Paredez20 dager siden

    15:02 Micheal: *I DONT CONCEAL I JUST CARRY*

  • KuhakuGaming
    KuhakuGaming20 dager siden

    Is it toxic if I say its cringe to see poki sit beside micheal.

  • Demonchilde666
    Demonchilde66620 dager siden

    I blew up malaysia

  • Captainfundy☻シ
    Captainfundy☻シ20 dager siden


  • Captainfundy☻シ
    Captainfundy☻シ20 dager siden


  • Poor People
    Poor People20 dager siden

    The jumbled shock acly tie because journey ultrastructually nail from a abiding feature. ripe, crazy column

  • King Foxy Gamer
    King Foxy Gamer21 dag siden

    Micheal kissed a guy...more intel plz?

  • YoteyYotey
    YoteyYotey21 dag siden

    *sans voice "L I L Y I S S A D"

    HIRO . ZERO TWO22 dager siden

    Micheal malaysia is a country

  • seeki busterson

    seeki busterson

    21 dag siden


  • TripleDeVibes
    TripleDeVibes22 dager siden

    At least it wasn’t paintball

  • Alexcia Simpson
    Alexcia Simpson23 dager siden

    I'm 13..my dad is 60 lmao

  • Aj Shields
    Aj Shields24 dager siden

    5ghv try 64u 4uyjj6t8 r6 8i k7i quality

  • SpyPlayz
    SpyPlayz24 dager siden

    bruh i live there so im just sayin i hate there diet I AM MORROCAN THO

  • Rafael Calderín Costas
    Rafael Calderín Costas25 dager siden

    Ok so went to a cult

  • 8
    825 dager siden

    Fed couldve easily won here

  • Acura TL GTLM
    Acura TL GTLM26 dager siden

    10:52 "Idiot, Malaysia's not a country" had me laughing harder than I should have been.

  • Levi Kazama
    Levi Kazama26 dager siden

    Michael: Malaysias not real Me: Has my existence been a lie all along?

  • Lay Potvin
    Lay Potvin27 dager siden

    Toasts side of the highway story sounds very Canadian lmao (Canadians don’t get mad, I’m Canadian too lmao)

  • The Supermola
    The Supermola27 dager siden

    Toast is a fan of the Dallas Fuel from owl

  • RJ 1580
    RJ 158028 dager siden

    Michael: "Malaysia's not real!" True, Malaysia hasn't been real since Mr. Black blew it up

  • Goddam Meme
    Goddam Meme28 dager siden

    15:26 no dear god it can't be

  • Vivs
    Vivs28 dager siden

    Am I the only one noticing Toast's Dallas Fuel shirt? oh yeah Overwatch is dead forgot

  • Godless Voice
    Godless Voice29 dager siden

    And somehow, just because it's Michael Reeves (the national treasure), a tazing occurs

  • Matuili
    Matuili29 dager siden

    15:27 AMONG US?!

  • Mason Adams
    Mason Adams29 dager siden

    When they were interrogating the dog I was surprised Micheal didn’t slam the table and shout “28 STAB WOUNDS!”

  • Luke Johnson
    Luke Johnson29 dager siden

    Why does poki's head look so big and small at the same time

  • ThatOneKid
    ThatOneKidMåned siden

    Idk about you guys, but I just watch this channel for Micheal.

  • Gameing Man
    Gameing ManMåned siden

    I have gamer

  • ge0de
    ge0deMåned siden

    😳 👉👈 Michael out of context

  • Ryan Marshall
    Ryan MarshallMåned siden

    Toast makes this so funny

  • abody ghgre
    abody ghgreMåned siden


  • keegan butler
    keegan butlerMåned siden

    afk arena like your not getting paid

  • dinodon donny
    dinodon donnyMåned siden

    I love that Michael feels human while doing an ad read

  • Donut Senpai
    Donut SenpaiMåned siden

    You need to love the maple story music

  • Box Head
    Box HeadMåned siden

    First impressions title: Dogo interview

  • Roger Wood
    Roger WoodMåned siden

    Wait so Michael kissed a guy!?!?!?

  • Nic gamez
    Nic gamezMåned siden

    michael:IDIOT MALAYSIA IS NOT A COUNTRY me:wait then where am i? im living in malaysia tho......... is my whole life a LIE???

  • Liaw Yong Jian
    Liaw Yong JianMåned siden

    Im from Malaysia😢

  • Madly Crazy
    Madly CrazyMåned siden

    I just love how at the end as scarra says this is America doom music starts to play in the backround XD

  • The Siren
    The SirenMåned siden

    My apendex was also removed

  • Pirate McDavey
    Pirate McDaveyMåned siden

    If toast didn't have citizenship in the USA, his lie about having citizenship in three countries had a chance to be true. Otherwise it would be citizenship in 4 coubtries.

  • Iman Mukhlis
    Iman MukhlisMåned siden

    Michael: Malaysia is not real. me: so, what am I?

  • Carl croissant
    Carl croissantMåned siden

    2 truths one lie I've been raped I've thought of suicide early in life Or in a sociopath Fun fact I'm a Male:)

  • Carl croissant

    Carl croissant

    Måned siden

    Its 3

  • Broadway Butterfly
    Broadway ButterflyMåned siden

    I thought the tri-citizenship one wasn't real because he didn't say he had an american citizenship. So I thought either he had 4 citizenships or replaced america with one of the other ones... but then toast never explained how his statement was a lie.

  • Sanchu
    SanchuMåned siden

    why did no one question michael kissing a boy tho, like I wanna know the full story

  • TapWater
    TapWaterMåned siden

    "I'm just gonna write gay" -Toast 11:32

  • CloudBomb3r
    CloudBomb3rMåned siden

    What happened to the title?

  • Dhev 7
    Dhev 7Måned siden

    I guessed toast lie as soon as he revealed he has a tri citizenship, coz as a Malaysian I know Malaysians cant have more than 1 citizenship. So if u want a canadian citizenship u have to cancel the Malaysian 1, and if u want a Malaysian citizenship u have to cancel ur other citizenships