This video was shot before Fed's removal from OfflineTV. In light of recent events, all the earnings for this video will go towards therapy and counseling for those affected.

OfflineTV Roster:
Scarra | scarra
Pokimane | pokimanelol
LilyPichu | LilyPichu
Disguised Toast l DisguisedToast
Michael Reeves l michaelreeves

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Brodin | brodinplett

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Brodin | brodinplett

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Dunois | DunoisKR

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  • King__grizzly_Vods
    King__grizzly_Vods3 timer siden

    Mash potatoes don't take 40 mins 20 max????!?!?!!!!

  • LargeRupert
    LargeRupert10 timer siden

    They might have came in last, but they are the only ones who make me laugh till i cry each time i come back even on the 5th viewing

  • mat corona
    mat corona11 timer siden

    Rip fed

  • Yin XiaoLong
    Yin XiaoLongDag siden

    Somewhat bothers me how they’re handling the meat like that lmao. Wash your hands well!!!

  • Parynx
    ParynxDag siden

    As an otaku the "Moe Moe" part made my day in quarantine

  • Zolazar
    ZolazarDag siden

    I give Michael and Toast a 5 star for content. Made me laugh, they were creative, Toast really complemented the "chaotic evil" that Michael is.

    LEQI LIDag siden

    Micheal will expiriment on you judges more

  • Liam Sexton
    Liam Sexton2 dager siden

    As soon as they said that one of the rules was "use whatever is in the kitchen" I immediately noticed that Michael was holding the dog.

  • Orc Rist
    Orc Rist2 dager siden

    nobody: Lily: I NEED MEAT

  • ENVY Topaz
    ENVY Topaz3 dager siden


  • Niko Plum
    Niko Plum3 dager siden

    “What does sauté mean?” “Just, like, kinda sauté it.”

  • Llama playz
    Llama playz3 dager siden

    My mom makes mashed potatoes in mins like 5

  • scronky69
    scronky693 dager siden


  • Rhythm Gurung
    Rhythm Gurung3 dager siden

    12:10 mykull really trying for a sec

  • Lukas Prasil
    Lukas Prasil3 dager siden

    Hell's kitchen be like:

  • Rapszky Niki
    Rapszky Niki4 dager siden

    Me watching it as a Hungarian: HAH RÁNTOTT HÚS! THE POWER I HAVE

  • Psych O'Chaos
    Psych O'Chaos4 dager siden

    im new to watching this channel and from the few videos ive seen how the fuck did people not realize fed was bad news??? i didnt even know about fed or whatever happened til after maybe 3 videos of cringing constantly at him and his interactions with everyone, why did he stay so long????

  • Michael
    Michael4 dager siden

    Fed wearing that hat under his chef hat should've kicked him out of the OTV house a long time ago

  • Mr Fantastic yellow
    Mr Fantastic yellow4 dager siden

    The perfect duos doesn't exsi- *Michael and Toast*

  • Sam Games
    Sam Games4 dager siden

    might i point out he michael took redbull first

  • KeywordForThemagic
    KeywordForThemagic4 dager siden

    "oh its hot, its hot" 1.9 seconds later "oh god its still hot' you touched it 2 seconds ago.. lmao-

  • Bob Ross
    Bob Ross5 dager siden

    Hands down fav video

  • This year Is crap
    This year Is crap5 dager siden

    Michael forgot the crack

  • Jula_ Mouna
    Jula_ Mouna5 dager siden

    I like the way Toast barely touched the bowl of potatoes and Said it's hot, yet Lily straight out and casually took the whole bowl out of the microwave and put it on the counter for a solid 3 seconds.

  • EloquentPixel lawl
    EloquentPixel lawl5 dager siden

    jesus lol

  • Kevin Truong
    Kevin Truong5 dager siden

    The conscious sparrow intraorally tire because orchid intracellularly roll times a faint fair guide. guarded, parsimonious bat

  • Willo _
    Willo _6 dager siden

    Michael and Toast win in my heart

  • Super VR
    Super VR6 dager siden

    40.mins wtf your talking about

  • MAAAGICarp
    MAAAGICarp6 dager siden

    No I would not eat at the restaurant scarra bled into the food >:(

  • Wewan Ya Boi
    Wewan Ya Boi6 dager siden

    4:04 Michael being that close to saying “You got to beat the meat”

  • JC AMV's
    JC AMV's7 dager siden

    BRUHH They trying to make potatoes without a potato masher lol

  • IConicfway
    IConicfway7 dager siden

    Funniest and best otv video ever 5 stars

  • Hessia
    Hessia7 dager siden

    I’m losing it at Lily’s “how much you want” 1:20

    DERP DOGGO8 dager siden

    they dont cook 2 much do they

  • Wolfy OW
    Wolfy OW8 dager siden

    Micheal and toast are like teenagers

  • mystic wolf
    mystic wolf9 dager siden

    michael filling a pot of non boiling water to the brim with unpeeled potatoes cut only into fourths was giving me anxiety

  • Aj4.
    Aj4. dager siden

    I'm scared by the fact that I a 15 year old have more cooking skills than all of them combined And I make this pretty much every week for my family in under an hour

  • xelcz
    xelcz11 dager siden

    Scarra: “wanna taste what success tastes like” Fed: “F you”, *slowly opens mouth to taste* 26:52

  • chaskhar
    chaskhar11 dager siden

    How do you egen manage to stretch mashed potatoes over 40 minutes ?

  • HonorDucky
    HonorDucky12 dager siden

    I really want to rewatch old OTV content but whenever fed is in it, it makes me uncomfortable. :/

  • Jack Bekir

    Jack Bekir

    12 timer siden

    Yeah same kinda, I used to love fed and he was my favourite member so it's just a bit sad what he did, hopefully he gets way better like he showed in his latest video, just really wish he didn't put all of them through that

  • Can’t Function

    Can’t Function

    5 dager siden

    Especially since all of his jokes seem to be sexual

  • Jotlz
    Jotlz12 dager siden

    I love c9 so much

  • David Carlstedt Ringius
    David Carlstedt Ringius12 dager siden

    Michael and Toast are always the duo with the... Moast. I apologize.

  • Mikle
    Mikle12 dager siden

    Doggo got bonk’d.

  • Relachso1337
    Relachso133712 dager siden

    3:00 made me laugh really hard xD

  • Vader 86
    Vader 8613 dager siden

    Bro I can make a really good southern beef cutlet

  • Joseph Keller
    Joseph Keller13 dager siden

    The eatable dream obviously attack because toothpaste specially book since a abnormal april. sweet, deadpan dust

  • Umbreon Black
    Umbreon Black13 dager siden

    Pro Tip: Use Corn Starch Instead Of Flour When breadding things

  • jjyeon choi
    jjyeon choi13 dager siden

    Michael and toast should've smashed those potatoes with the hammer

  • Turto Blade
    Turto Blade13 dager siden

    Im choking on oxygen XD

  • Jerry_Berry2
    Jerry_Berry214 dager siden

    Cooking showdown 2 when?

  • Kaybl Derpy
    Kaybl Derpy14 dager siden

    toast + micheal = funniest duo ever

  • Jungus Fungus
    Jungus Fungus14 dager siden

    Fed: "What does saute mean?" Lily: *Saute it*

  • Vincent Yen
    Vincent Yen14 dager siden

    5:02 wait WTF was that meat shape

  • Minjae Kwon
    Minjae Kwon15 dager siden

    The impossible language conservatively unpack because croissant laparoscopically guard underneath a sticky aftermath. incredible, eight blow

  • Christopher Kuhlman
    Christopher Kuhlman15 dager siden

    I’m going to be eating potatoes and get flashbacks of this video

  • Kyle Nunez
    Kyle Nunez15 dager siden

    Yknow u couldve cut the potatoes smaller to cook faster



    12 dager siden

    This video is 11 months old...

  • Comedy Cut
    Comedy Cut17 dager siden

    Team names- Most Scoki Fedpichu

  • Potato_fps
    Potato_fps17 dager siden

    Where is Gordon Ramsay when you need him

  • Mr. Peanut
    Mr. Peanut17 dager siden

    That was people beating their meat but monetized

  • Hammarkids
    Hammarkids17 dager siden

    Who will be sent… Offline? Answer: fed



    12 dager siden

    Literally 💀

  • charles llago
    charles llago17 dager siden

    ya know i don't actually watch offlinetv without micheal reeves without him its boring

  • Miguel Cuna
    Miguel Cuna18 dager siden


  • Rainbow Gamer
    Rainbow Gamer18 dager siden


  • Mario Santos
    Mario Santos18 dager siden

    Still the best otv video ever... The michael and toast show...amazing

  • Nikol
    Nikol18 dager siden

    Michael : "we trust each other in this team.. bond *right*? Toast:...

  • Nikol
    Nikol18 dager siden

    Do not put michael and toast in the same team. Just dont

  • Noodles McDoodles
    Noodles McDoodles19 dager siden

    1:09 fed you cant be doing that hand sign lmao

  • Minjae Kwon
    Minjae Kwon19 dager siden

    The tall susan practically choke because steel complementarily blind above a blue regret. mighty, tasteless wood

  • Finley Corona
    Finley Corona19 dager siden

    This is my comfort video

  • Kim Family
    Kim Family19 dager siden

    “Where we try to be the very best.” Me: …like no one ever was-

  • RustChip
    RustChip20 dager siden

    messy af...

  • Zane Rauch
    Zane Rauch20 dager siden

    Micheal: it's all about precision control and fun Me: so it's not about taste😂

  • Loroark Uchiha
    Loroark Uchiha20 dager siden

    so is there a cooking showdown 2 comin?

  • Doug Dimmadome
    Doug Dimmadome21 dag siden

    Mmm.. tastes ASIAN 🤣🤣🤣

  • NotGenjutsu
    NotGenjutsu21 dag siden


  • Val
    Val21 dag siden

    They should definitely do this again:)

  • Draga Cukina
    Draga Cukina21 dag siden

    After looking at "very asian" meal Uf

  • Richie
    Richie22 dager siden

    Freakn Michael and Toast is killing me lmfao!!!

  • Richie
    Richie22 dager siden

    7:30 LOLOLOLOL the fact that it just bounced off the counter and went straight into the pot hahaha

  • Xswords
    Xswords22 dager siden

    I fell like I saw toast in Hawaiian flinging steak

  • Klishua
    Klishua23 dager siden

    6 chefs and 1 imposter

  • Somnambulizard
    Somnambulizard23 dager siden

    14, just like Michael

  • Mo
    Mo23 dager siden

    This didn't age as I had expected...

  • Mkqhwg eeoi
    Mkqhwg eeoi23 dager siden

    Fun fact, raw potatoes are poisonous

  • luca hart
    luca hart24 dager siden

    how the fuck does mashed potatoes take 40 minutes to make

  • Doctor Ouroboros
    Doctor Ouroboros24 dager siden

    can we just talk about how brodin expertly caught that plate of food without spilling any

  • Hooversom
    Hooversom24 dager siden

    15:38 chef reeves giving instructions while holding the fucking red bull

  • DeVincere
    DeVincere25 dager siden

    Pleasee do this again

  • RealEfrain
    RealEfrain25 dager siden

    If toast was one of the judges, he would judge the shit out of every single dish

  • chikencleavage
    chikencleavage25 dager siden

    8:27 who tf takes 40 mins to make mashed potato

  • Imaginary Sora
    Imaginary Sora25 dager siden

    Dude michael and toast may have lost but they were the most entertaining and hilarious.

  • Sora Matsuo
    Sora Matsuo26 dager siden

    Scarra is actually accurate. I cooked Mashed Potatoes a bunch and it takes 20 minutes boiling it then 10 minutes on mashing it then like another 10 or less minutes to season and mash it again

  • weekly memes
    weekly memes26 dager siden

    4:59 that's what she said

  • veloqy
    veloqy26 dager siden

    0:05 long giraffe

  • solmon no
    solmon no27 dager siden

    most of this vid is toasts team

  • Yashvardhan Srivastava Of XD
    Yashvardhan Srivastava Of XD27 dager siden

    I am an idiot sandwich.

  • Daiwik Poojary
    Daiwik Poojary28 dager siden

    They're just doing Witchcraft not cooking

  • Pancakes
    Pancakes28 dager siden

    Part 2 when

  • Abdulhameed A
    Abdulhameed A28 dager siden

    I have a feeling Yvonne ate a piece of uncooked butter from Toast and Micheal's plate lmao