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Michael Reeves






  • Tuft_
    Tuft_16 timer siden

    Favorite moment 16:16 😃

  • anonymous
    anonymous16 timer siden

    michael reeves pitching this idea : it will pAy fOr iTself

  • Relja Isailovic
    Relja Isailovic16 timer siden

    Umm my average is 120 bpm soo...

  • Mohamed Kh7alidd
    Mohamed Kh7alidd17 timer siden

    ahh capos toast

  • Danny B
    Danny B17 timer siden

    Michael is good a bluffing

  • Enhalo ex
    Enhalo ex17 timer siden

    Bro lily the rap god

  • Enhalo ex
    Enhalo ex17 timer siden


  • muzan kibutsuji
    muzan kibutsuji18 timer siden

    Editor lives matter

  • KogiMod
    KogiMod18 timer siden

    whats the intro song?

  • J. Hide
    J. Hide18 timer siden

    6:36 im vegan now

  • anonymous
    anonymous18 timer siden

    no other girl does a shirt dress like Poki , ya cant change my mind

  • president cat
    president cat19 timer siden

    Idiots, fastest and always saves way to put someone's heart rate up is with fear and the easiest way and always working way is with Co2 intake

  • Pat Liu
    Pat Liu19 timer siden

    The secret is Michael is always drunk

  • The Bone Man
    The Bone Man19 timer siden

    11:42 , that didn't age well.

  • jackie marquez
    jackie marquez19 timer siden

    Not toast reading off his phone for the scripts

  • Mateusz G
    Mateusz G19 timer siden

    8:03 Lily, Toast and Michael all in 1 Go

    CUZ IM BATMAN19 timer siden

    7:53 , guesses on who this person is??

  • Samantha Sofia Rojas
    Samantha Sofia Rojas19 timer siden

    toast - what the heck are they doing this time

  • Chrisbyyクリスビー
    Chrisbyyクリスビー19 timer siden

    6:26 this face is just gold

  • Read this If your stupid xx’-‘ lol
    Read this If your stupid xx’-‘ lol19 timer siden

    Tampons are like parachutes they *Expand*

  • TYPHOON100
    TYPHOON10020 timer siden


  • Haien
    Haien20 timer siden

    You guys were being mad nice about the tag placement hints. I would have let them feel around a bit first XD

  • Łukasz Tokarski
    Łukasz Tokarski20 timer siden

    Umm, why did they react so strangely to those porn categories? Those weren't even extreme...

  • عارفه مزروعی
    عارفه مزروعی20 timer siden

    "Sarcastic darkhair Asian gentlemen" ah yes the start of a beautiful bromance

  • S.C.P- Foundation
    S.C.P- Foundation20 timer siden

    Damn are they really playing Andrius's battle theme in the background at the end? That's some great taste they got there.

  • عارفه مزروعی
    عارفه مزروعی20 timer siden

    oh how the turn tables XD

  • Diego Ribeiro
    Diego Ribeiro20 timer siden

    Lily won

  • Fasya 77
    Fasya 7720 timer siden

    is michaels dad 69 now?

  • A Random Bacon
    A Random Bacon21 time siden

    camera man: BTS most of the filipinos: B T S B I O T

  • Kermit the frog
    Kermit the frog21 time siden

    In a alternate universe yvonnie dies and goes to 0

  • Amanda Pommerenck
    Amanda Pommerenck21 time siden

    I can see that toast is reading a script for the racons

  • Ian MAsnic
    Ian MAsnic22 timer siden

    how did michael kissed someone the same gender doe

  • FlatCola
    FlatCola22 timer siden

    on the second door, could they not have just turned the knobs at the same time to let the chains fall, or am i missing something?

  • ItssLeo
    ItssLeo22 timer siden

    Anyone else binging like every otv video?

  • FlatCola
    FlatCola23 timer siden

    ludwig wearing pink crocs

  • Sonny
    Sonny23 timer siden

    300k likes, you are now trapped toast

  • FireMageBraixen
    FireMageBraixen23 timer siden

    12:30 ya did Micheal dirty. L, plus, and light blues are landmines. that's a purple X hes on. that should have been safe.

  • MaxCE
    MaxCE23 timer siden

    "is that a fist" "is she using a leg in that one" "why does it look like a fucking octopus" "I don't think things are supposed to open like that" boys what the hell did they see

  • Sonny
    Sonny23 timer siden

    Oof imagine all the fed shit they’ve gotten and just haven’t opened 😬

  • Kierandyk
    Kierandyk23 timer siden


  • Kyle Haughie
    Kyle HaughieDag siden

    Michael needs a haircut, I can hardly see his eyes.

  • Yin XiaoLong
    Yin XiaoLongDag siden

    Somewhat bothers me how they’re handling the meat like that lmao. Wash your hands well!!!

  • Defender_dragon
    Defender_dragonDag siden

    Love how Michael when he won went monkey scream

  • Ody W
    Ody WDag siden

    8:30 Michael moment

  • ContentFunIs
    ContentFunIsDag siden

    Rare compilation of girls screaming at zombie wannabes I love this video

  • Read this If your stupid xx’-‘ lol
    Read this If your stupid xx’-‘ lolDag siden

    8:54 *Yvonne give him CPR* *One second later* SpLaT

  • Peter Boylan
    Peter BoylanDag siden

    Summoning Salt

  • alex robledo
    alex robledoDag siden

    Where is this place I want to go there cause I love archery

  • Drawer
    DrawerDag siden

    sometimes i forget lily is a voiceactor

  • Yes. No.
    Yes. No.Dag siden

    Lily: *falls* Mykull: *”i attacc, i attacc, when she falls, i protecc”*

  • Parynx
    ParynxDag siden

    As an otaku the "Moe Moe" part made my day in quarantine

  • alex robledo
    alex robledoDag siden

    Tegus are chonky lizards and cute because if their puffy cheeks

  • The CEO
    The CEODag siden

    Toasts hair looks like fucking levi and I hate it, well before he did the thing.

  • Kurumi Tokisaki
    Kurumi TokisakiDag siden

    I would've just stabbed my friend

  • Eddie Hernandez
    Eddie HernandezDag siden

    poki is a real one for that lol "its not that bad".

  • Jayden King
    Jayden KingDag siden

    Michael just got given $1000 to spend on himself 💀

  • Logan862
    Logan862Dag siden

    Michael reeves lord of some random square foot of Scotland and a tree

  • Judith Bello
    Judith BelloDag siden

    Its been a year now wow.

  • Who'sThatKobold ?
    Who'sThatKobold ?Dag siden

    Commenting just for toast rn

  • Block basher
    Block basherDag siden


  • My life
    My lifeDag siden

    Get the dog sound like fucken Morgan Freeman

  • charizoom
    charizoomDag siden

    ludwig is wearing purple crocs in court

  • BlueBird
    BlueBirdDag siden

    13:34 we aint gonna talk about that

  • Firestarfish 762
    Firestarfish 762Dag siden

    1:30 My jaw Dropped

  • My life
    My lifeDag siden

    I just love how every time she said fire, Michael just dumps his entire mag

  • pitbully 6666
    pitbully 6666Dag siden

    Who does poki hate ??

  • meme city
    meme cityDag siden

    Battle cats. Simple? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😅🤣🤣🤣🤣😅

  • Ñåęÿ
    ÑåęÿDag siden

    Later did he know the shy one become 5he dated one

  • Fahmid Islam
    Fahmid IslamDag siden


  • Doug
    DougDag siden

    Holy shit I didnt notice toasts new ink

  • Riley Welch
    Riley WelchDag siden

    When Leslie said "there is one worse than the kayak". And Michael is like OH YEAH with evil smirk @9:06

  • Dexter
    DexterDag siden

    Can tell this dude is a weirdo by the beginning

  • AB
    ABDag siden

    Brodin got that uchiha clan drip

  • ItsDarke
    ItsDarkeDag siden

    Editor really made this annoying with the odd placed music

  • Kalimari
    KalimariDag siden

    6 months later, Michael made it piss beer

  • Depression
    DepressionDag siden

    Would you consider human's as food

  • よしYoshi
    よしYoshiDag siden

    what is the song from the intro and the outro?